Scam Letter(s) from Maria Bushmeleva to David (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello! My name is Maria . To me of 29 years. I live in Russia, in the city of Pyatigorsk. By a trade I the doctor. I have finished rates of the English language and I can freely communicate in English. I am fond of sports - volleyball and tennis. I like to listen to music. I raise flowers. I want to find the man for joint home life. The answer send by e-mail.

Letter 2

Greetings my new friend David. I very much was delighted, when have received the answer to the letter from you. It was very pleasant for me, that you have paid attention to the simple Russian girl who wants to get acquainted with the man for creation of family. I have paid attention to you because on your structure you create impression of the pleasant, decent person. I would like to get acquainted with the person who on the present will love and respect me, will appreciate my human qualities with which I can overcome all vital barrier on which I can rely a difficult minute. My new friend I when it was not married, but prompts internal feeling to me, that there has come time to find the partner in life with whom I can give birth and bring up kind and decent children, give them good formation and give and a correct direction in a life. To have children it is my dream. I very much borrowed the person and I do not see other way of acquaintance to the future husband, as soon as through the Internet. To all I cannot find among Russian men of the worthy husband. My friend I want to tell to you a little about myself. My full name Maria Bushmeleva, me of 29 years, I was born and I live in Russia with parents in the city of Pyatigorsk. It is fine resort city which is on Northern Caucasus. Our city very beautiful, here many improving bases of rest, medical dispensaries, due to a favorable climate and very pure to mountain air from all ends of Russia people go to us in city to correct health. In our places much useful to health of sources of curative water, and also a medical dirty. It would be desirable to learn, whether much you know about Russia? My friend I shall continue to tell to you about myself. My growth of 173 sm, weight of 57 kg, volume of a breast of 91 sm, volume of a waist of 61 sm, volume of hips of 94 sm, I was born on December, 23, 1974, I work as the doctor - pediatrist in a children's improving complex during 3 years, me have directed there on a direction, after the termination of the Krasnodar Medical Academy in 1997. I very much like my trade because I very much love small children. I very much like to play, discuss with them different questions, from their point of view, in fact each of us was the child, it were the happiest and joyful years of our life which we recollect with the big love and a smile on the person. At leisure I very much like to read books, my favourite writers Michael Bulgakov, Alexander Djuma, me creativity of the Lion Thick is nice. Also at leisure I go in for sports to support the health and to watch a condition of the figure. I like such kinds of sports as tennis, volleyball, I very versatile person in sports, on the days off I visit tennis court and I play in volleyball on a volleyball platform. I also have hobby, I very much like to be engaged in floriculture. I would like to correspond with you. Send me more than your photos. Write about itself, I want to learn more about you, than you are engaged, what interests at you, a hobby. It would be desirable to learn about your plans for the further life. I want to be fair with you... I very serious person and I do not search for the friend on correspondence. I need in loving and devoted to me to the man which becomes to me the husband, the friend and beloved. I send you my photo, I hope she to you it is pleasant. I wish you good day and good mood David! I wait for your answer, Maria.

Letter 3

Greetings my friend David!! I so am happy to receive your letter. My pleasure was not a limit when I have received your letter. I not once with pleasure read it, in fact as it is pleasant to have the friend whom so it is far from you, but nevertheless wishes to communicate with you. I very much worry for this dialogue because I have not enough friends. It will be pleasant for me to communicate with the man from the USA, especially in Russia speak, that the American men - the most beautiful men. But for me the external beauty is not the main criterion of an estimation of the person. It is important for me, that the person would be formed, intellectual, that at us some interests in music coincided, sports, a manner to put on, policies. I want to be pleased in dialogue with such person, I hope to us it will be interesting to learn more about the friend the friend, can be from our friendship something will turn out the greater. In fact we have started our correspondence to find second half for creation of family. It would be fine!

I want to tell about myself more. I live in Russia in the city of Pyatigorsk with the mum, the daddy and with the younger sister Lena. It is very beautiful and picturesque city in the south of Russia. Here it is a lot of health resorts, in one of which I work as the doctor - pediatrist. Our city beautiful also has beautiful mountains and woods, valleys and the rivers. Through them the city flows picturesque not the big river Podkumok, a lot of fish is found in it. Around of Pyatigorsk there are cities of Kislovodsks, Zheleznovodsk, Minvody. As you have noticed the name of these cities is connected to water. It because here is a lot of sources with the mineral water very useful to an organism. This water has no analogues all over the world. She has normalizing an effect on all bodies of the person. And also there is a medical dirty of lakes, very effectively have anti-inflammatory an effect on an organism of the person. A fine environment, and also the cleanest air, curative water and a dirty render surprising treatment to sick people. I am engaged in one of ways of such treatment, only I fly exclusively children. Though I also studied as the traditional doctor - pediatrist, I very much like to treat children without tablets, having pricked and droppers. I to me deliver even more pleasure that to children very much is pleasant to be treated in such a way. In fact it not how many is not hurt, and on the contrary very interesting. I like my work. I seem has taken a great interest telling about the city and work. I hope that in my life this too will come is time. I would like that, that whom I required was with me, fair, kind, sociable. Unfortunately in Russia about these values of the man already overlook, it is especial after disintegration of the USSR when it became much more difficult to live, and the lie and a deceit have risen on the first place for achievement of any purpose. It seems to me that men of that time when the USSR prospered were more fair, had self-respect and were kind as my father. Present young guys not such, I cannot communicate with them, then that I am afraid to be deceived by them. I wrote to you the letter because I think that you correspond to my needs and I hope, that I shall correspond to yours. I work and for me not enough time, but every evening I shall come in the Internet of cafe and to write to you. I with impatience wait for your letters! Good-bye. Yours Maria.

Letter 4

Greetings my fine friend David!!! I am very happy to receive your letter, I waited for it with impatience, I very strongly would like to receive news from you and my dream was carried out, I read your letter.... I sit a present minute behind a computer, and I look in a window. I very much would like to be pleased lives from this simple natural beauty. To my pleasure the pleasure of the letter received from you increases, the combination of all it gives to me huge pleasure and I feel happy, but to me my happiness would seem that to the deepest if near to me the loving person was. As each person has angel the keeper, a star accompanying success and love, also I assume there is a person a "favourite" guardian angel and protection with which it would not be terrible a difficult minute. Feeling a hand also it would be warm which easily to live and be pleased lives. I think, that it is necessary to search for such person and possible to find is not dependent on distance between people loving and looking for the destiny. The satellite of all life, I am sure, will soon find me, as well as I shall find it. I feel it, about it I am am prompted with my heart, my soul. I feel it all body. I feel, that to me have come it is time to find second half, that I am ready to make such important and responsible step in a life, as creation of family. Unfortunately I had some reasons, from for which I am not yet married. First of all, I yet did not meet the worthy person, I was is profound is borrowed with study in student's years, except for that I have grown not in rich family and I had to earn additionally every day after study by the medical sister to support the material condition, to not ask money parents. To tell the truth at this time I did not think at all of the young man and creation of family, I have been completely borrowed with study. Now, when I have received good medical formation, was employed, at me more free time has appeared, to me ideas about creation of family and about the favourite person which can divide with me my destiny began to occur.. Since a youth you live one hopes, you wait for that that great, fascinating, and during one moment you will regain consciousness and you will see, that at you that did not remain, except for memoirs and melancholy on the past and itself you will not understand, when your present life has passed. I continuously think of it and I want to tell to you fairly - I search for the husband, and I want that my present life has passed together with it, with all pleasures and disappointments, happiness and troubles. That in an old age, having turned back back and having glanced in the past - I have smiled and have understood, that it is my present life was interesting and full. In this life I would be obedient to the husband. Perhaps I have taken a great interest in the ideas, and meanwhile already late and it is time to me to go home. Tomorrow I shall wait again your letter. Good-bye my fine friend David! Yours Maria.

Letter 5

Hi my lovely friend David!!!! I become the happiest girl on light when I come in Internet - cafe and I see your wonderful letters, I would like to re-read them again and again. My friend, I want to tell to you a little about my work. I today have come for work joyful, full of energy and forces. I with the big hobby performed any work, even which I should not carry out that, helped girlfriends, colleagues from the medical personnel. Nobody could understand - why I such. Girlfriends ask me a question - that with you happened?, but I do not give out them of the personal secret that at me the friend has appeared behind ocean, they and now at all do not suspect me when did not see in a society with the man of the fine country SSH.Ved, that I have found to myself the friend. They do not know, that it is possible to find the friend through the Internet. Let it will be for them a surprise! Today at me heavy day was, but I droplets am not tired, during all day I carried in myself an idea that in the evening I shall come to Internet - cafe and again I can communicate with you the my dear, lovely friend. I like my work, but I do not want that nevertheless she prevented my private life. Today I the chief, the deputy director of sanatorium Olga Fyodorovna has asked me to remain after work and to perform work which any employee from our personnel can execute, the medical worker can execute her not. The state from the budget has allocated on new furniture for sanatorium. After one hour after the working day there should arrive the lorry and bring this furniture. Olga Fyodorovna asked me that I have accepted furniture, has copied each name and marks, but it will borrow very much a plenty of time I began to explain it, that at me the free time is not enough, that I need to hasten. And she does not trust me and surprised asks: " Where to you to hasten? " To me it is certainly very insulting, that people surrounding me have got used to think, that I do not have friend to the man, besides it is not pleasant for me, that me simply use, as person without private life. I explained Olga Fyodorovne that I can not remain, that instead of me it is possible to charge whom with that to another, but she speaks, that it is more responsible and more reliable than I was not present the person. I explained, but could not tell, that I hasten in Internet - cafe somewhat quicker to receive the letter from you, could not because it is my personal feelings and who will not dare to concern them. Only after I have burst into tears from a hopelessness and when began to explain the chief that have the right to private life, she probably has understood something having smiled to she has released me. I have soon overlooked about incident, but it has postponed the print. The ambassador I have understood, that who cannot prevent my private life, but for this purpose I should show the firm character and confidence of. Now I shall not put work on the foreground, on the first place I will have private life. My friend excuse, that has very much gone deep into the story to you about the problems. The matter is that the today's case has forced me to reflect on the further life. My friend to me except for you it is simple any more with whom to share events from the life, to open the soul. On it I shall finish the letter. I very much wait for your answer. Your friend Maria.

Letter 6

The my dear foreigner,again evening and again I am in Internet - cafe, with huge pleasure I read your long-awaited letter. In fact I again with impatience waited approach of evening to receive huge pleasure from dialogue with you and this moment has come!!!!!! My lovely friend at me is not the big request to you, tell please more about itself, about work, family, your hobby, about any significant events from the private life. It seems to me, that at acquaintance of the man and the woman, each of them should know as much as possible about each other. Yesterday my mum has asked, why I some days so late come after work and I could not keep silent and furthermore to tell lies to it as is closer and more native, than she at me is not present anybody. In fact since the childhood my mum was to me that person before whom I could open the small secrets, share the experiences and impressions. She has given me all best, she has imparted to me such human qualities as kindness, honesty, decency and respect for senior people, has brought up me how dreamed to bring up. I have shared with it the secret, about that that at me you have appeared are my friend. My mum with understanding has considered this news, even on the contrary she has approved my friendship with you, in fact she understands, that in due course when we learn each other better, our friendship can develop in something the greater..... I think, that you will not take offence having learned that mum knows about our friendship. She knows about it only one. My fine friend I finish the letter, I today need to come home earlier and to help mum in preparation peep. I wish you happy day! With the best regards your Maria.

Letter 7

Hello my loved David ! It is possible for me you so to name? That you very good person too seems to me! I too start to fall in love with you, yes I likely have already fallen in love with you! I too feel that we start to approach with you!!!!!!!! I did not begin to search for the person here in Russia because at us not steady economy, people simply are not necessary for the government!!!!!!! I think that if we shall be in a place we shall pass through all difficulties which will trap us on our way! Let I is not rich, but I have achieved all in a life itself when I studied, I also worked!!!!!!!!! Still I since the childhood was brought up so I by the woman and mother, And that I should obey the husband! I with pleasure would leave Russia! I have nothing to do in this country! And so we could come some times to one year to my relatives! I heard that in the USA well earn the doctor! We could live well at us there would be children the girl and the boy, the boy would be similar only to the most beautiful father, and the girl on me! All right I have already strongly fallen into a reverie, already it is time to me to go home!!!!!!!! With love Masha!!!!!!!!

Letter 8

Hello my beloved David! At once I want to thank you for flowers, they such wonderful I have not begun to cry nearly when I have looked at them! You such close person!!!!! I have fallen in love with you, I love you my loved as it is a pity, that we are divided with such big distance!!!!!!!!! I with pleasure have arrived to you, but I do not have such means, I even would not have visa that, to arrive to you, to me to you I very would liked to arrive not to time did not travel! I for the sake of you am ready to go though on edge of the ground!!!!!!!!! Love at me is not present phone but as soon as I shall save up money I I shall necessarily call you! Loved give me your phone number on which I in the future I can call you and hear your fine voice!!!!!!!! My love if you really want, that I would arrive to you I from the beginning should make the visa. I heard that in America doctors well earn, good money if it so if we shall be in the future family that we could work and love together each other and to us quite would suffice on maintenance of family! You want to have the true and careful wife??? Which will love you up to the end of our life???????? I love you my loved I with impatience I shall wait for your letter!!!!
Your loving you all soul Maria!

Letter 9

Hi my loved! It is very pleasant for me to receive from you such tender letter. Thanks for your promise about the help. I am simply happy to receive such letters from you. My favourite David, my precious if you really would want that I have arrived to you that to me, means will be necessary for such trip. It is very a shame to me to speak about it but I have no such means. You the most beautiful person and the man, it so is fine when speak, about you, that you already almost the wife! I love you!!!!! I want you!!!!!!!!! I want to be your wife!!!!!!!! Also that you would be my husband I shall be the most good and most careful wife to the, most beautiful and sexual husband!!!!!!!!!! Love is required to me for the beginning our meeting the American visa. At me she is not present. I tomorrow shall go to travel agency and I learn how many it is all will cost!!!! I love you my loved, I want you!!!

Letter 10

Hi my loved David I so for a long time did not receive from you letters, that I already was frightened, can at you that that happened, but when you have written that at you all well I very much was delighted also to me became very good and quiet! I very much love your short but very careful and full letters to me it very much it is pleasant! And still I most of all like only you my loved! You believe me? You loved in the last letters spoke, that very strongly want me to see and will meet me! But we and have kept back about it, I write to you because I think that you that person which are necessary for me and for the sake of which I am ready to go though on edge of light! You so for a long time did not write to me, you the prankish! What for you force me to worry? And so in the last letter I wrote to you that I have no opportunity to arrive to you, but I very much want it! I want to prove to you that it not simply words! But I do not have monetary opportunity!! You have told that will help me, it is the truth? You know I in you have strongly fallen in love when you have told, that you cannot without me and you would want that I have arrived to you! I to you shall tell three words which speak all in love each other, all over the world understand these words I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I want to be with you and only with you and not when to not leave with you, it is a pity that I have no opportunity even to call you my loved! Fur-trees I would be a bird I have arrived to you and sat on your strong shoulder and have kissed you very gently and directly in lips and we would lead with you the most sweet days and nights while we would be capable of it!!!!!!!!! Your loving you all soul and a body Maria!



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