Letter(s) from Galina Fesler to Tom (UK)


Hello dear Tom!
I ask to forgive me, that I to not write long time.
At me very big to mountain.
My mum has died, and all this time I was in a shock, I could not work and there were houses all this time.
I have remained absolutely alone, with me in soul the big wound from loss.
I just now could come a little in myself.
It is very strong shock for me.
I very much to love my mum, she always helped me, and I always tried, that she felt like well.
And when it happened, for me as though the world has turned over head over heels.
I in full despair, I absolutely alone.
My friends did not try to help me at all.
I could not anything.
As soon as I have come a little to myself, I at once was directed to the Internet of cafe to write to you, and hope that you can to support me your kind words.
Very much to wait your answer.

Letter 2

Hello my lovely Ray.
I am very glad to see your letter.
Your words have installed in me thirst of life.
I knew, that I can be trusted you, you always understood me and could find the necessary words.
I now here have remained absolutely alone, I could not be supported here.
I feel here myself very alone, I am absolutely defenceless.
I shall try to make all that from me depends to fly to you because I want to be always with you, you the man of my dream.
You can always support me.
I always knew it and now nothing holds me here.
You will meet me when I shall arrive to you?
Very much to wait your letter.
All my love to you.
Kisses your Elvira.

Letter 3

Hello my lovely Tom.
I am very glad to see your letter.
I ask to forgive me, that I to not write to you earlier, I to come to the senses after strong burning.
Yes, I am valid very much to want to fly to you.
I to learn everything, that for this purpose it is necessary for me and to order the visa to you.
To me have told, that it will be ready next week if all will be good.
I cannot be here, absolutely alone, I very much to want to appear near to you, I was very much helped by your support in a difficult minute and I want to meet you and I shall try to make for this purpose all necessary.
Very much to wait for your letter.
Kisses, your Elvira.