Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Cherepanova to David (USA)


Dearest David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Excuse that so long on wrote, I had problems with money, I had no enough money to go in the Internet of cafe.The large thank for a perfect photo, me very much was pleasantly when I have received them.On a photo my mum and my girlfriend. I very much would want that we have met, but Do you understand that here in Russia you will be in danger and I will be in danger too. As russian peolple don't like foreners who come to girls. Do you understand what they can do with you? I will be heart too. Do you understand we won't e in safety? Think about me please. I don't want anything happen.I know, that the heavens grieve without the angel, and I have found him, here and he is so remarkable!!!!!! I some times think, I was born in the wrong country, I should be born somewhere about you. These days I thought only concerning you. You - my prince, whom I so long waited. I dreamed of you, it is a pity, that you can not see, how I smile, can not see pleasure on my person, when I think of you. My charm, I want, that our life was pleasant in every respect with long happiness. Each time, when we go to sleep or we rise, I want to kiss you and to say, that I LIKE YOU!!! I wait our meeting, when I can kiss you. My feelings to you are wide as the sea, boundless as the sky!!!! I want to be with you very much. My love so large. Even the nature, seems, has the same mood what and I. But the sun shines brightly, and my heart is complete by hope and Happiness. I understand all very well. Though I - young woman, I feel, what is it - correct time for me, to create new family. I think, that the main part of any woman in this life should be the wife and mother. I want, that you were convinced of my feelings and intentions. I understand, that we - various people of various cultures, and it will be natural, if we have some problems, but I think, if two people like each other Also want to be together, any problem can be overcome. The love does miracles. Agree? I think, that you feel, that I write you my letters with open heart and soul. I know, that the life is not easy, and all of us require family, warm and liking house. If something goes not as it is necessary, we shall make all together, and our family will be happy. I'm very patient man, I know how to overcome difficulties. I believe, that we have chance to be happy together, that we shall never disappoint each other, that our feeling will be strong and is deep.I kiss you, think of us each minute of life.
KISS YOU ELENA!!!!!!!!!!!!
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