Scam Letter(s) from Anna Chehova to Deon (South Africa)

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Letter 1

Hello my dearest Deon

I now on work. I asked my friend to start up me in a cabinet of director to write to you the letter. I did not know what to do to me and whence to write therefore I write to you from a cabinet of director. You think that this letter will help? I spoke about it. It refers to as the invitation. He has told that I have the tourist visa and it hardly will help. He speaks that at customs house hardly will want to look at it. If you will send that to me it is necessary to wait some weeks while it will approve. It too for a long time. Also there are no guarantees that will let out me from the country. He has told that they can not let out me from Russia. And if it will take place that to me some days is necessary to remain in Moscow. I do not want it. Because Moscow frightens me. It is the big city where it is a lot of criminals.
Dear Deon write to me as soon as possible. I shall wait your letter.
Your Anya.

Letter 2

Hello my dearest Deon

I have already received the visa. Therefore your bell will not help. I do not know what to do. Dear Deon you speak about western union. I do not know that this such. Andrey spoke about moneygram. May be it will help. He has told that this money will not take away from me at customs house. It should be shown only to them and then they will let out me.
Andrey has ordered tickets on Saturday. Oh, I worry. I am ready to cry. Dear Deon why it happened with me? Why it occurs?
I shall wait your letter.

Letter 3

Hello dearest Deon

Whether I do not know I can meet whom or in Moscow. It is the big city and I am afraid to be lost there. I cannot speak by with you to phone from work. Because to director the account about the long distance call will come. Then I will have big problems. Deon let's speak tomorrow in the morning. You can call to me at 7:00 on time? Tomorrow I shall write to you a phone number. And you will call to me. Then we shall speak.
Tomorrow I once again shall go to travel agency and I learn all about moneygram.
Now I shall go home. At us here already late. I shall take a taxi.
I ask you to not throw me during such moment.
Your Anya.

Letter 4

Hello dear Deon

I hope that you do not sleep any more. I spoke in 7:00 (morning). I shall call to you in 30 minutes.
I was in travel agency. Andrey apologized. I see that is a shame him.
He has learned about moneygram. It is to the address:
Phone: 27413685890
He has told that there you can make transfer, which will reach in 15 minutes.
I yesterday could not fall asleep. I constantly thought of you about trip. I crossed fingers that all has turned out.
Now I shall go to take phone.
I shall call you soon.
Your Anya.

Letter 5

Hello dear Deon

Andrey has told that in bank should give you any number. Under this number I can receive yours transfer. Write to me when you will return. Now I again shall go to travel agency and then I shall send the schedule of flight.
Your Anya.

Letter 6

Hello dear Deon

My address: Tomsk, Tomsk area, Chernih street 83-1.
Number of the passport: 8694445965
My name and surname: Chehova Anna
Dear Deon I worry, why at you it is impossible to make transfer? Write to me more likely.
Your Anya.

Letter 7

Hello my dearest Deon

At me again bad news. When I yesterday have received your letter, at once has run in bank to receive yours transfer. But it was already closed. I had not time all on some hours. Today I went in travel agency and asked to change date of a start to Monday. He has said that will make it. But on it I shall lose 10 % from cost of the tickets. Andrey has said that the agency will pay for it. I think what is it correctly. They have forced us to be nervous. I shall go to Monday in the morning in bank to receive yours transfer. Then I shall go to the airport and I shall treat in Moscow and therefrom I shall treat to you. Dear Deon I think that all these problems were tests of our relations. And we have sustained it.
You can not present at all as my mum worried. She went with me in travel agency. All friends sympathized with me and spoke that all will be in the order.
When I have talked to you yesterday that I has calmed down a little. I heard your quiet vote and it became better.
If you will buy much ice-cream, I shall be very kind:-). You apologize. But I think that you in anything are not guilty. In all is guilty Andrey. He could not organize trip.
Dear Deon in 2 days I shall sit near to you and we shall laugh at that that has taken place. Tomorrow I shall inform you the schedule of flight.
I kiss you!!!
Your Anya who counts hours see you.

Letter 8

Hello my dearest Deon

Oh, my God!!! I do not know as to tell to you. I have big problem. I do not know the destiny can does not want that we have met you. I today have gone to bank to receive your money in the morning. I do not know why I have gone there one. Mum spoke that I have gone with her. Why I did not listen to her??!!! I such silly!!! When I have left bank that have gone on a bus stop. And when I have turned for a corner. The guy has approached to me. He has asked mobile phone to call. I have told that I have not it. Then he to splash to me any gas in eyes. I saw nothing. He has pulled out at me a bag. I heard as he sat in any automobile and have left. I damn myself for nonsense. When I began to see that have approached to the militiaman. I was in militia, there I wrote the application. But he has told that most likely will find nobody. I have described that guy. Only I badly saw him because it was dark in the morning.
Dear Deon write to me please.
Your Anya.

Letter 9

Hello my dearest Deon

I do not know that to me to do now. I cried 2 days. I cannot eat, I can not sleep. I am very tired from all these problems. I do not know why Andrey to me did not allow tourist checks. Probably it is not used in Russia. Whether I do not know can Andrey change my ticket. I did not go there. I could make nothing. My mood is lower 0.
I thought of that that waited for me this the man specially. But may be it was casual. Because at my friend in the same way have stolen phone. I do not know what now to think. The militia cannot help. I do not hope for their help. You think that Andrey could tell to somebody about that that I receive such amount of money? I do not know what to think of it.
Dear Deon you speak about the new visa. If I shall make it, I do not want to go in travel agency. I think what better to make it most.
Your Elia.

Letter 10

Hello my dearest Deon

I do not know what now to do. I now sit in travel agency. They have ordered to me tickets and documents. Tickets have ordered to me on Saturday. But they have told that I should have money to show it at customs house. It is necessary because to me did not order hotel. I do not know what now to do. I swore now with Andrey. He has told that very much regrets. He has told that it will be necessary to show at customs house 2000 $. They should be convinced that at me is money for residing at your country.
Write more likely here I shall wait your letter here.



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