Scam Letter(s) from Victoria Shevchenko to Chip (USA)

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Letter 1

What can I tell to you about my city? Around of our city it is a lot of gardens with apples and plums. We have big IdIUI?U a base. Our city can be named agricultural. Why I have written you the letter? I had some attempts to find the love, but these attempts were unsuccessful. When I studied, I did not have time to date men. Then I have got married. Probably I then shall write you the reason of my divorce. I read about your country in many magazines and I know about your life a little. It seems to me, that in your country of the man concern to family values much better. I do not want to speak poorly about our men, it is possible among our men there are good people, certainly they are. But to me did not come across such. In our country the big problem, our men like to drink. I do not love it. Not simply to drink, and drink it is a lot of. But we shall not be about it. At me it is a lot of fr the size similar to the sizes of my photo. I write to you from the Internet of cafe, I do not have house of the computer, in our country computers very dearly cost. In the Internet - the cafe have lifted payment for use of the Internet. The big photos very for a long time to accept, at us the Internet has very small speed of data transmission, therefore the big photos very for a long time are accepted, I pay money during stay in the Internet - cafe. I hope, that this request will not be for you a problem. VIKA.

Letter 2

I live to Northern Caucasus. Here the republic Armenia, republic Georgia, republic Dagestan are located, they enter into a part Russia. In these republics the, specific cuisine. They bake bread, this bread flat (thickness as a match), but very tasty. Dishes in these republics fat and very sharp. I like not fat I peep. My favourite products - vegetables, chickens, pineapple, a fig, ice-cream. My favourite colors - green, dark blue, white. I do not smoke and I do not drink alcoholic drinks. Certainly I can drink one glass fault in special cases. Certainly I do not use drugs. I love warm weather. Sometimes I go to Black sea, I like to float in the sea. The black sea is from my city on distance of 350 kilometers. I never saw ocean, it probably is very beautiful. I shall be glad to hear from you that that interesting of your life. I hope to hear you soon. My best regards. VIKA.

Letter 3

Father has very strongly undermined health of my mother. I was the unique person whom her lives were with my mother last years. A boundary my parents were the big love. They were spiritually close among themselves, therefore my mum has not lived for a long time without my father. I several days ago have decided to try to get acquainted on the Internet, I have found a site webdate. To me people which work in the Internet - cafe have helped to issue my structure. I have read your structure, but have not dared to write to you at once the letter. But now I think, that is very good, that I have written you the letter. VIKA

Letter 4

I like to snuggle with someone special to watch a good movie. I like the feeling of the warm sun on my back lying on the beach . I like the sounds of the waves coming ashore. I like the sound of childrens laughter. I like the smell of babies. There are just a few of my likes. I do not like mean people. I do not like fighting or anything similar to that. I do not like rude people or drivers. I do not like liars. I do not like the sound of people or children crying. I do not like funerals. I do not like saying goodbye. I do not like people that hurt other people. Write to me that is pleasant to you in a life, in people and that irritates you. My best regards to you. VIcka.

Letter 5

I lie down to sleep I at 24:00. I like to read books, therefore I lie down to sleep late. In weekends I am at home, I accept friends or I go on a visit to parents of my pupils. Probably my life will seem to you boring:). How passes your day? Your friend Vicka

Letter 6

I want to listen to your voice, I want to look as you move, that you speak, as you communicate with People. I want to know you better and to be near to you. I very much worry . It is interesting to me, that you will answer me. It will be difficult for me today To fall asleep. My heart with you. Yours Vicka.

Letter 7

I want to have the man. I want to live for special men which will love me. This can the man you. Can at us with you there will be a joint future, can is not present, our meeting will give us answers to many our questions. I today went to travel agency and have asked about the visa. To me have explained, that the visa can be issued for 3 days. I can arrive to you for visiting for 20 days. I today have thought and the visa has decided to start to make out. To me have told, that my visa will be ready November, 17. I can already arrive to in you November, 18-19. Write, for you it is convenient dates for mine arrival.My best regards. Your Victoria.



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