Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Motorina to David (USA)

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Letter 1

Greetings !!! My name is Natalia.
Now to me 34 years, but I feel, that life only begins.
I work as the nurse in hospital. Very much I like to help people. I want to find the loved prince to whom could present all care and tenderness for which I can be the true wife and the best girlfriend. I search for serious attitudes, I want to construct the family and strong mutual love.
I very sociable and cheerful person. I cheerful and very much like to smile. I am happy, when my close people too are happy. At me gray-blue eyes, my growth of 168 centimeters, my weight of 57 kg. In the man I appreciate honesty, mind, bravery and sense of humour. If you my prince write to me please. I shall wait very much.
Write to me on mine emale

Letter 2

Hi road David!!!!
I so am happy, that you have answered my letter.
I live in Russia.
I as though felt, when you sent you the letter, that that the man which I searched for all life. My heart never brought me.
I shall be very happy to learn you better and I hope, that our correspondence will result us in serious attitudes. In the man I would like to see first of all honesty, kindness, mind, optimism and fidelity. I am sure, that all these qualities are at you.
Now I shall explain, why I have wanted to find the love abroad.
I have nothing against Russian men, let fidelity and kindness they do not differ. But I know, that foreign men concern to the woman better, they respect and do not offend women. I never could understand those men who can beat or humiliate women. For me it is ridiculous and very unpleasant. I have decided to find the happiness not in Russia because I know, that foreigners more sensitive and gentle, more devoted and serious, kinder and understanding, than Russian men. They are able to love and give love, they are able to understand the woman.
I want to find the happiness, to create the family center, to like and be loved. However this normal desire of any woman.
I to dare to hope for continuation of our correspondence and our attitudes. I shall be madly happy, if though have slightly liked you.
Write to me all about itself. I shall be happy to learn about you each trifle, each pleasure and event of your life. With impatience I wait for the answer.
Yours faithfully Natalia.

Letter 3

Hi road David!!!
I very much waited for your answer and very much hoped, that you will write. Such happiness to receive your letters!!! You very sensitive and sincere the man. This best, that I would like to see in the man!!! I every day our correspondence all am more asserted, that you are very similar to the man of my dream what exactly I so for a long time waited for you and saw in the dreams.
Time will show, but I shall be very happy, if at us serious feelings to each other will appear and we become very close.
Now I want to tell to you a little about myself. I very true and sincere person. I never icaie? to myself to pay attention other men if I have loved. To me all the same in what city I shall live, I only dream, that a number my beloved was.
I never met foreigners. I more recently began to search to myself for the man in the Internet, for me it for the first time.
I live with the sister Katej and her husband.
My mum has died, when to me there were 5 years and I a almost do not remember. We with Katei were brought up by the grandmother. But unfortunately the grandmother too already is not present in alive.
I already for a long time became independent the woman and life has learned me to be strong and kind.
I am very grateful to the grandmother for my education. She has learned me to concern with understanding to people and always to bring kindness. Probably it has played very important role at a choice of a trade. I since the childhood dreamed to work in hospital and have achieved it. I feel the big pleasure and happiness when I help people in hospital when I bring advantage. And whose smile or pleasure from my work forces me to trust in humanity and gives me huge forces to work. For some reason at us in Russia doctors and nurses very much are low appreciated also the salary very small. But I think, that it is dishonest. In fact we help people to recover health, we give to them hope for high-grade life. I know, that abroad very much respect and appreciate workers of medicine. Russian women because they are very hardworking and responsible are especially appreciated. It is very insulting, that in Russia there are no such conditions for development of my trade.
Write to me in detail about itself, about the work, the hobbies.
I shall wait and miss very much.
Whole, Natalia.

Letter 4

Hi my gentle friend David!!!!!!!
I wait each your letter with the big impatience and for me is the big happiness to read your letters and to write to you.
It is very pleasant for me, that I have met you in the Internet and you have very much liked me. As though I wanted to learn about you all and your life.
I see in you the serious and sincere person whom as well as I want love and happiness.
Between us there should not be a deceit and insincerity. I want to trust you in all. I want to become a part of your life. You are very interesting to me.
While early to speak about it, but I would like to meet in the future you and to communicate. I know, that it will be very interesting to me with you. I not so well know the English language, but I very much would like, that you have taught me lessons at a meeting. And I would teach you to Russian. You not against?
I love the city. I would not tell, that there it is a lot of trees, but they are.
There are no at us few tourists. But Kazan the big and beautiful city.
I very much like to travel, though never was abroad. Also I like to read and dance.
I like sports, such, as volleyball, run, aerobics and yoga.
Especially I like to prepare and very much I am able to do a meal tasty. I hope, that you can sometime estimate my culinary abilities. I always dreamed to prepare for the favourite person.
Tell to me please, what most of all in me it is pleasant to you? Than I could interest you?
In you I see beautiful, strong the man. About such I dreamed always.
I send you a photo when I still studied in institute. Then I have won competition of beauty and kindness.
Please write to me about all. I am madly happy to read your letters. They do us closer despite of distances.
Whole, Natalia.

Letter 5

Hi lovely David!!!!!!!!
I very much love your letters and never tired about it to repeat.
I like your sincerity, your openness because I appreciate it most of all in the man.
How your affairs? What new? How work?
I hope, that at you all is good. You know, though we are copied more recently, but I wait each your letter with the big impatience and pleasure. It is very a pity to me, that I do not have house of a computer and I correspond through Service of acquaintances, therefore I cannot write to you every day. But I very much try to write to you more often. As well as for you for me the love is a feeling on all life. I very much value and I store such feelings. You know, I think, that when people like each other in their life of employment by love and words about love, and also fidelity and respect this most important, that should be present. I so am happy, that you want children because I too want them very strongly!!!!
Besides I very strongly love the work and it brings to me many pleasures, therefore I shall always work, while I can. As well as you, I with the great pleasure would look your country. I think, that it is fine.
I have told to the sister about our correspondence and she is very glad for us. You very much like her, but it normally as we sisters and our tastes coincide.
I very much would like, that at us with you all has turned out. My heart and my soul are pulled to you. I cannot explain it, but I have very much warm feelings to you and now I can tell, that I am very happy. I write you in all sincerity sincerely. Please do not laugh over me.
Lovely David, you are very fair with me and I want to be with you fair.
I shall wait very much for your letter with the big hope and alarm.
Whole, Natalia.

Letter 6

Hi mine David!!!!!
You force me to smile and be pleased as the child when I see your letter.
Probably now for me the most important in life that you continued to write to me.
I see in you that I so for a long time searched …., but I do not want to hurry event and let all takes its course. I really need in a computer, it is very difficult to find a free time to go to Service of acquaintances. But I do not complain, especially now when I have met you!!! Means all my works are not vain!!!
I do not know as to arrange our meeting because I the first time collide with it. But I can descend in Travel agency and learn, that is necessary for trip to other country and how many it will cost. But I also do not want to hurry event. But I have dream, on December, 29 mine birthday and the best in the world the gift would be our meeting!!!
Unfortunately the house at me is not present phone, but I shall search for a way to contact you. As it would be fine to hear your voice!!!
My sister and her husband transfer you greetings. They are glad for us because see, how many pleasures and heat bring to me your letters. My sister Katy is very similar to me character. She too simple, kind, cheerful and sympathetic. She works as the nurse in a kindergarten. she too likes her work and children. They want to get soon the child and I am very glad for them.
And how you? What at you new? All is good?
You know, I very much love your letters and many times I re-read them. I till now cannot believe in happiness, that we have met you in the Internet, that the God has presented us hope to create attitudes and I hope, that it is more. I am really sincerely happy as never in life. I like this romantic adjust, when attitudes only begin. It so is beautiful and sexual!!!
I with the big impatience shall wait for your letter.
Your Natalia.

Letter 7

Hi lovely David!!!!!!
In the street coldly and only your letters warm to me soul and heart.
How your affairs?
I'm fine and I am very happy, I can not recollect at all when last time I was such happy and joyful!!!!! And all due to you. You have brought to my life a lot of new, have brought in hope for love. My eyes shine with happiness. Probably I cannot describe words the condition, but I am sure, that you will understand me.
So it is good me, that I can leave on street and shout with happiness, but I do not think, that I abnormal, simply I fall in love with you. What can be finer?
You believe me? I believe you both your letters and our attitudes. I do not want to hurry event, but I needed to write it to you that you knew.
In Travel agency to me have told, that it is necessary for me to do the passport for travel abroad and the tourist visa. Cost of the passport - 170 American dollars, and cost of the visa - 246 dollars. It is very expensive!!! And it is very inconvenient for me to ask you money. I have not got used, that the man spent such money for me. I do not know, that to me to do, but I can tell from the bottom of the heart, that I madly want to be with you.
My sister transfers you greetings and speaks, that you very good the man. I with her completely agree and sometimes even I am jealous: Such happiness, that at her already is the husband and they like each other.
Tell to me, what I could make for you to force you to smile? I so want, that you smiled. Know, if you also I shall be pleased will smile.
I would like to do by that happy the man on light!!! You not against?
My gentle David, I shall wait very much for your letter and know, that this night my dreams will be again about you. When we shall be together I shall tell to you all dreams about us. They very much will like you.
I dream of you.
Your Natalia.

Letter 8

Hi my the loveliest, the most good David!!!!!
What happiness to read your letters!!!!
My birthday will be on December, 29 and is happy and I hope, that we can already be together this day. I so dream of it.
I went to Travel agency and to me have advised, that the most convenient and fast way of remittance from abroad is the Western union.
They have told, that you should know my data, they: My address: Russia, the city of Kazan, street Kramatorskaja 11-23.
My full name and surname: Motorina Natalia.
In agency to me have still told, that you should me write any control number from 10 numbers and the exact sum. I for the first time hear about this Western Union, but in agency to me have told, that anything complex is not present.
I so wait our meeting!!! In what you want, that I have been dressed in day of our meeting?
I shall wait very much for your letter and to prepare for our meeting. From my sister and her husband to you huge greetings!!
Very much I miss you.
For ever your Natalia.



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