Letter(s) from Nadezhda Kracnova to Russell (Australia)

Letter 1

Hi mine liked!!!
I sincerely apologize for the small letter.
I have received your money it is 110 American dollars.
I am very grateful to you for the help.
But I now to take away the computer to me it can not is necessary to pay 190 American dollars.
Excuse but today I can not call to you.
I called to the mum.
It seems that at it the large problems with health.
But she speaks me that.
Probably she would not want that I was upset.
I apologize but it is time to me to go to the mum.
I very much worry.
I shall try to call to you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!
I am hot whole and I embrace you my husband!!!!!!!!
With e?aiau? yours on one century Nadya.

Letter 2

Hi mine liked!!!
You can experience I when I shall not throw you it speaks my heart and heart can not a?aou iaia!!!!
How you? I think we shall soon be seen and we shall be happy!!!
I too all time think of you about that as it will be good!!
I promise that I shall be cares of you and my husband will be always pleased!!!
I so am happy that we have found each other!!!!
You and I are our destiny and we to be created what happy together!!!!
My sweet husband at me is not the large request to you.
I would like to buy some years clothes.
If you have opportunity to help me you will do me by the happiest girl in the world!!!
I so like you that sometimes it seems that we know each other all life!!!!
I know that at each girl of a problem with clothes they can not pass by shop and want to be most beautiful.
I too do not want to be the grey and gloomy girl start up everyone see what beautiful at you the wife.
I think to you it will be pleasant to look as your wife is beautiful!!!!!
Your liking wife.

Letter 3

Hi my husband!!! I am very glad to see your letter, my preparation goes very well! And 28 numbers I should be in Moscow, there I shall be two days and October 30 I take off from Moscow to you my love. When I shall arrive in Moscow, I shall write to you from the Internet of cafe, I am very strongly exited and is very glad For us with you, and we will have with you wedding. But I will be necessary will need how much you to send? That to me all to distribute(allocate). It is necessary a little to suffer and we shall be together. From Moscow I to you of the ladies to know what numbers and in how much I shall arrive in Melbourn, that you have arrived with the large bouquet of roses, I very much like roses and it will be very pleasant. I a lot of time represented as you me meet, and my dream soon will come true. I shall wait your answer, because to me how much you will be necessary to know to send? I very much like you!!! Yours Nadya!!!