Letter(s) from Ekaterina Kostateeva to Helder (Sweden)

Letter 1

Hello my love
I am simply happy see yours new letter for me.... Thank you me is very pleasant....
My lovely today as soon as I have received your letter the new letter.... I at once to go in travel agency and learned all details... My love all trip to you will cost to me of 562 American dollars... My lovely to enter into cost the visa the passport the insurance and tickets... My lovely I hope that you can help me with this money.... My love... In agency to be spent week of discounts..... And if we order this trip the next week... Then it will cost 562 dollars... But if later then it will be little bit more expensive ... I hope that the next week you may send me this sum.... And I shall do the order of this travel... I so am happy.... I am simple on heavens with happiness... Because all our dreams become a reality.... From where you to know about Russian mafia??? It really is very dangerous.... Here it is very dangerous to foreign people... And I very much worry... It will be more safe if I shall arrive to you... I very much love you... And I to miss on you. .. I very much to wait for day when I shall embrace and kiss for the first time you... And even more I wait for our first night.... Probably I to speak much...
My love write to me back soon... I with impatience shall wait for your answer...
With love with all my heart yours Ekaterina

Letter 2

Hello love

I as always am simply happy see your new letter for me.. Thank you.. It is very pleasant for me read your letter..

My love I can receive all my documents without problems. And I can receive the passport and the visa. But all this costs money.

At present I have no sum of money that pay this travel. Registration of marks of documents will borrow 1-2 weeks. So I think it not so long.

I very much love you. And I miss. I each day dream about our meeting and I trust that absolutely soon we shall together.. We already very long dream about ours meeting . And I think that it is time to us to undertake measures for this purpose..

Dear write to me back soon.

I with impatience shall wait for your answer...

With love yours Ekaterina