Scam letter(s) from Irina Votyakova to Daniel (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, good day, my dear Dan. I'd like to tell you that I am just incredible happy that I have got the acquaintance with you. I had a lot of different thoughts in my head during last days. I thought of you a lot. I have never thought about man so much. You are always in my head. You are in every my step, every my deal, you help me in everything. You are Bring to me a success. I understood that I really couldn't live without you! I spoke mum that I have found the man in other country. She is very happy for me. She wishs good luck and huge love. My mum will not worry about me. You have came into my life and have changed all my thoughts and feelings. You are man, about whom I could only dream. You really have changed my life; you gave me the hope on the sweetest and the happiest future. I really read your letters between words and lines, and I am sure that I see your heart in your letters. I want to feel you in real life; I want to feel your touches. I want to see your eyes. I want you to show me all around you - I want to see everything what you see by your eyes, I want to breathe air which you breathe. I want to touch you and your clothes as people who are around you - one a word I want to feel the atmosphere of the world where you live. I envy people whom are around you. They even can't imagine how much they are happy. In fact they can talk with you, they can give you their love. I could give everything I have in my life to find myself on their places. I imagine how it would be wonderful to get up in the morning and see your face. How it would be pleasant to fall a sleep in your embraces. It would make me happy to take care of you: to cook your favorite dishes and to look after your clothes, to do everything you can feel yourself comfortable in our house; it would be very wonderful to love you. I am the happiest woman in the world, because I can dream about all that and this fact already makes me happy. I am ready to give everything for the one moment spending with you. I ask the God to present me such possibility and now I can only wait the miracle. I believe that nothing can't replace one real meeting. And I wish to meet you. If you have the same wish and possibility, tell me, please, about it, I will know how we can meet. I know that, may be, I am a hopeless romantic, but I truly believe that our meeting with is the best, what could happened with us.
I kiss and hug you.
Your Irina
Letter 2

Hello, my dear and love Dan!!!! How are you? How is your mood? Do you think of me? I always think of you. There is no even one second in my life without thoughts about you. I am happy, so happy woman, I am the happiest woman in the world, because I love... I LOVE YOU, I love the man of my dreams. It is the greatest happiness to love..., isn't it? Human can have everything in his life: riches, power, much money - but he can be the unhappiest person in all the world if nobody loves him. All riches of the world don't cost to love. Love is the most precious riches in our life. I love you and I don't want to lose you. It is very difficult to love on distance. Every second I am afraid that something will happen and you will fall in love with another woman, who is near to you. But I recollect your letters, your words, you... and forget about such bad thoughts. I am sure that all relationships between people have their development, consist of consecutive stages. It is like when we are rising on ladders - higher and higher. And it is very important to overcome every ladder. I feel that our relationship have achieved the following level. And following level is our meeting. I understand that it could be very uneasy to realize that, but I am ready for everything, I am sure that together we can overcome all difficulties, which are presented by a life. I really believe that our meeting necessary will take place. I have imagined our meeting differently. But I don't know how it could be in reality - I know precisely only one thing: it would great happiness to see love and tenderness in your eyes. I dream to embrace and kiss you. Goodbye, my sweet love!!!!
Your Irina.
Letter 3

My dearest I am writing to tell you that I so love you. I hope you are well!!! I am sorry I could not write to you because I was sick but now I am healthy also I is happy to receive from you the letter and again to write to you. It is grey and dull weather here now. Such weather always casts very sad ideas. There is the rain behind window. It is cold... I would like that I could nestle on you and be warmed by your heat. My sweetest, I think of you, you are always on my mind - there is no any moment in my life when I don't think of you. I have received your photo you are very attractive. Transfer your sisters "Hello". I spoke you that I have the girlfriend and she spoke that will help me with reception of my documents. I shall not have a problem with reception of my documents. I hope that you can help me with the finance (260 dollars) on October, 9. If you will help me with the finance that next day I shall travel to Moscow and to do my documents. I have even seen the nice dream about you and me. It was just unforgettable. I liked it very much! I was flying to you on a big plane(I had never been flying on the plane earlier) I was flying for a long time and thought of us, imagined our meeting by different ways. And when this hard and long flight was finished, you met me in airport. When I saw you I was staying just looking to you in a few minutes and you too. I was paralyzed and could say nothing. In fact I have been waiting this meeting all my life. You embraced me, take my hand and led me to show me your town. It was so beautiful, it was so great. You showed me a lot of wonderful places you like very much. We were walking on streets of your town, we were talking, we were laughing a lot. We were spending very good time. I don't know how does it look in reality but the town I saw surpassed all my expectations. Later you led me to your house. It was very nice. When you opened the door you asked me to close my eyes, took my hand and we went somewhere. Oh, I was full of Expectations and presentiments that something unusual, surprising will happen. And when you opened my eyes I found myself in the room with extinguished light. There were a lot of candles in there. And stupefying and intoxicating aroma soared on a room. There were very beautiful conditions there: magnificent ancient furniture and real flowers around. In the middle of the room the table stood. It was covered on two persons. There were refined dishes, two glasses of red wine and two candles on the wonderful candlesticks on the table. Oh, how beautiful it was!!!! We sat for the table and were having a very good supper! We were talking about our future and us. We were looking each other to face and the happiness was shining in our eyes. Your took my hand, look in my eyes and said me: Honey, I do not believe till now that all this occurs to us actually. I love you baby. I am so happy. I have been waiting for you all my life and I found you at last. i so-so happy, that we are together. Nothing can prevent our happiness. My sweetest, I'll do everything you will be able to feel that I love you too much. You are the woman of my life" And we had a wonderful kissing. Suddenly the beautiful romantic music sounded in the room and you suggested me to dance. I was agreed and we begun to spin in the dance. Everything begun to spin around me: things, you... - everything. My head begun to spin because of a wine, because of music, because of intoxicating aroma in the air of the room, because of love, because of happiness... And it seemed to me that I was flying... Wow, what impressions I had!!!! You took me on your hands and carried to the bedroom. I felt like a bride... You brought me to the bedroom and you gently put me on the bad, which was covered by the white silk. I felt the cold of silk and the shiver ran on all my body. You begun to take me off unbuttoning slowly my evening dress. And I began to take off your clothes. We were kissing each other. We had a delightful, unforgettable and passionate night. And how wonderful it was to wake up in your embraces, to see your face in the morning. You brought me the tasty breakfast to the bed. Oh how it was pleasant. And I made you the massage. We were just lying in the in the bed and enjoying of being together. We forgot about all problems and troubles. The world stopped its existing. There was nothing except our happy and us...! I nestled on you closer, embraced you and closed my eyes because of great happiness. I was laying so during a few minutes and then I wanted to see your eyes, your face again and I opened my eyes.... and I saw only the pillow in my hands. - I understood that it was only the beautiful dream about you and me! I am ready to do everything to make this dream the reality. Lets make this dream real. Please write me something about my dream! Do you like it? What do you think, will we have something like that in our life. Have you ever seen the dreams about you?
Your Irina.
Letter 4

My darling Dan,
I am so incredible happy! You are so cute, care and kind. I just can't express my feelings and when I will meet you it will be just lighting and big explosion of my feelings. I love you, and my heart are beating with highest speed. I feel things which I never even supposed to be able to feel, it so strange. But it's so great. LOVE! YOU ARE MY REAL LOVE! You are always with me, my life be came easier because you help me in each of my deal just with your presense in my minds. I am happy that you will help me with the finance. When you will send me 260 dollars I shall travel to Moscow and when I shall make my documents I scan the papers onto the computer. I understand you that you are afraid because of money. I love you and I cannot wait for our meeting. My heart belongs to you. I need you. I shall wait for your help and next day I shall travel to Moscow and to start to do my documents. My heart is making booom...booom and knocking to the different sides and it seems to me, that it will throw into your hands right now! I wish to see your face right now, I miss you so... The weather changed greatly here, and now it becomes warmer. I want to meet you, because I love you. My friends telling me that they never see me so lucky and crazy and so happy . They envy to me. I am so happy! Darling, I really believe that we found each other because we are destined, because it is our destiny and we must KNOW that WE FOUND TRUE LOVE. I am constantly thinking of you, each of my thoughts about you make my heart warm, anything that I think it only you. I clearly understand your emotions and feelings, it's just same like mine. Oh dear, you change everything inside me and outside me.
With hope your Irina.
Letter 5

Hello, my dear Dan! I am sorry that it has taken so long to write you again, because internen-cafe did not work. Thank you very much for your letter. I like it. How are you? How is your mood? Something new is living in my heart and it changes all my minds. What is it? - I have been thinking a lot about it. And I has come to a conclusion that it is YOU... You have changed all my life, all my minds, all my feelings and you have changed myself... You have made me happy. I want to live. My life has found sense again. I have the new purposes in my life, I have the dreams. Some times ago I couldn't think that it would so. I was like everybody and my life was so usual: one day is similar to another. And suddenly everything has changed. I can not believe up to the end that it is the reality. But I want to believe... I don't want to seem impudent and ill-bred, but I can't wait any more. I want to see you. I think that we must meet in reality. I want to arrive to you and to be with you for ever. I cannot wait for our meeting. I need in your financial support. I hope that you can help me with the finance very soon to arrive to you faster. As soon as you will help me with the finance I shall travel to Moscow at once to start to do my documents. I need you. You my love you my happiness. I want to go to your country, to your city I want to go to you. I imagined our meeting. I think it will be wonderful. I dream about it. I hope that you share my thoughts and my dream will come true.
Your Irina.
Letter 6

Hello my dear Dan.
I am in Moscow now. I never have arrived by the plane before. I write to you from internet-cafe of Moscow city. As soon as I have arrived to Moscow I went to hotel. The hotel in Moscow very expensive. I have paid for hotel. I can live in hotel till october, 24. I went to Embassy and I have paid for the visa, I could not pay for the international passport Because I had not money. I need in 150 dollars that pay for the international passport. I have paid for the visa because the visa do longer than the passport. I need in 100 dollars to live in hotel till October, 29. Also in Embassy have told to me the international passport will be ready in 3 days, visa in 10 days, if I shall not have a problem with my plane ticket. I can't receive the visa if I shall not have plane ticket for travel to you. It is an oblig atory rule. I do not know what to do? If you can help me with plane ticket, I shall come to you on 29 of october. Also I went to the airport and learned that the plane ticket cost 480 dollars "one way", I should reserve and pay for the plane ticket on 23-24 of october, because maybe the plane ticket can't stay. I need in your help for the plane ticket. I understand you what difficultly to find at once this money, but I shall hope. Our meeting and destiny in your hands. Remember that my heart always with you. Today, when I wrote to you this letter I paid 70 roubles. I spoke you that Moscow very expensive city. Also I need in 80 dollars for the foodstuffs and for the Internet of cafe. I shall hope that you can help me. I am happy that in each afternoon we become closer with you. I am happy that we shall meet with you very soon. I cannot believe in my happiness. I am very much excited. Tomorrow I shall come again in internet-cafe and shall wait your letter.
Kiss and hug you.
Your Irina.
Letter 7

Hello my dear Dan.
I am happy that you helped me with the finance. Today I pay for hotel of 100 dollars that I could live till October, 29 because I shall arrive to you on October, 29. Also I have paid 150 dollars for my passport. I can buy my ticket because I spent your money for hotel and my passport. I spoke you that Moscow expensive city. The foodstuffs and the Internet of cafe very expensive in MOSCOW therefore I need in 80-100 dollars for the foodstuffs and the Internet of cafe. I shall hope that you can help me with the finance tomorrow, I should reserve the ticket on October, 23-24 because tickets can not remain. Do you understand me??? I need in 330-350 dollars that I could buy the ticket tomorrow and arrive to you. I understand you what difficultly to find so much money at once. I shall wait your financial support tomorrow. I love you. I the happiest girl in the world because I have found you. You my happiness you my love. I cannot believe in my happiness. I never was such happy. You bring pleasure to me and a smile on the person. I need you. I cannot live without you. I shall wait for your letter.
Your Irina.
Letter 8

Good day my Dan!!! I am sorry, I could not write to you yesterday, because I was busy. I went to bank and I received your remittance for my plane ticket. Also I went to Embassy. In Embassy have told me that they will give out my visa, but under one condition. They have the new rule since January, 1, 2004 for all peoples who travel to other countries. Each people who are travel to other countries must have with itself the some money, that the people could live in other country 1 month, if they will have any problems in other country. For each country, people must have the different sums of money. I asked how many I must have, that will arrive to you??? The worker of Embassy has told me that I should have 400 dollars with myself, for travel to America. Also for me have told this new rule has appeared, because there were cases, when people arrived to other countries without money. They had no money and they started to plunder, steal and **** other people. I do not know what to do????? Also if you can help me with the finance (400 dollars) that when I shall arrive to you I shall have your money and to return to you back. In Embassy I explained, that I arrive to the my love man, and I will not have any problems. But in Embassy to not understand me. The worker of Embassy also have told me that this " NEW RULE FOR ALL PEOPLE!!!! ", it was his words. I thank God for you and I hope that we can make our dream a reality soon.... VERY SOON. I miss you so much.
Your Irina.
Letter 9

Hello my dear Dan.
I am sorry I could not write to you because I have been occupied. I have received your letter and I have been very much afflicted because you cannot help me with the finance. Also you speak that I - scamming. I knew that such scamming. Now I know who such scamming. You offend me. You break my heart when you speak that I am not real. I am real. I want to arrive to you and to be with you for ever. I cannot receive the finance from my family because my relatives have not so much money. Russia the poor country. I did not live in America and I do not know it is possible whether or not to live for 400 dollars. I spoke you that I never was in America. I hope that you will trust me because without trust there can not be a love. I never tell lies. When I corresponded with you I thought that we shall meet with you, but you do not trust me. YOU have broken my gentle heart. Do you understand me??? I need you. My heart belongs to you. I want so much to hold you in my arms. I want to see your smile, hear your laughter and know that I have found the "love" of my life. I shall wait for the letter from you.
Your Irina.
Letter 10

My dear Dan!!! I am in the internet-cafe now. I cry because my mum has died. I travelled back to my city on October, 29 to see my mum. When I arrived she was already dead. I have not had time to talk to her. I arrived to Moscow today. I am in Moscow now and wait your letter. I am sorry, I spent your money for my trip in my city 125 dollars, 125 dollars back in Moscow and 50 dollars on funeral of my mum. I could not remain in my city more because I should arrive to you. I love you so much. I do not want to remain in Russia more because I have no my mum more. I need in your help, I need in 300 dollars that I had 100 dollars. If you can help me today I shall receive your remittance, I shall receive my papers and arrive to you. Now I live in one room with the elderly woman to not spend money for hotel. Also as soon as you will help me with the finance I shall change my ticket next day and I shall speak you date and time of my flight. I with impatience shall wait your letter. I love you my Dan!!!!
I kiss you...
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