Scam Letter(s) from Oksana Omelchenko to Eric (USA)

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Letter 1

Good afternoon mine love Eric I am very glad to receive from you this new fine letter. You simply do not represent how many pleasure you to me have brought with it. In this letter I have seen a lot of love to me and I am very glad to this. If you knew as I appreciate ours with you love and shall try to make all to save up it from all troubles. My lovely I have to you not big request about which to me so hardly to you to inform. Today I caused embassy in Moscow and learned about the fastest visa. They have advised me visa B-2 as to me have told that this visa of the tourist, she is made out very quickly and given out for 90 days for arrival in you and after I arrive to you and the terminations of term of the visa I should return back in Russia but if for this time we with you shall get married I can remain with you on always. But after that when to me have told how many she I will cost you see the total cost of this visa of 400 American dollars very strongly was upset. The visa costs 100 dollars, but plus to all this it is necessary to pay 150 dollars on consular gathering and medical insurance, all together makes approximately 400 dollars. When I have learned about such sum on my cheeks tears flied. When I began them to explain that you my person without which I can not live and that I of you so strongly I like, they have told me that understand me but rules are rules. I spoke them that it not probably for us, and they have told that I can ask this money you and that the love of the person should pay we like, I began it to explain that it not politely and not cultural , but they have told me that you should understand me and I very much hope that you understand me. In embassy to me have told that the best and safe way to send me money through system of translations the Western Union you see they are in each bank and I can receive it. Now I should inform you the address of bank in which you can to send money to this address: Russia, city Kazan, Akbars bank, of street Omerhana 10a, for name Omelchenko Oksana. It is the bank closest to me. My loved please not caaoaoa about 10 numbers which to you will give in bank. I very much hope for you and that can make it for me today you see I really I do not present the further life without you. My dear please do not take offence at my inquiry as to me have told that if the person is loved really by it will understand me and will help with it. But you do not worry as soon as I shall arrive to you I shall look after work and it is necessary to return money to you back. You see it will be for me item of honour. I very much hope that at you all well and I wish you all most good. I very much hope that you can send me it today. With love and hope yours Oksana!!!!



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