Scam letter(s) from Olamide Babade to David (USA)

Letter 1

Dear David,
Its nice to hear from you now as you have been on my mind since i got across your profile. I do apprecaite this chance for us to develop further. I beleive that this meeting is more than just chance as something most have transpired in your life to put you here now. I personally had quite an experience with my past relationship, But i will not let that deter me from finding love in the right man for the right reasons. Life is filled with ups and downs, being able to handle the low points and celebrate in our high points is what our life as human beings is. I would be interested to know what you have learnt in in your life trying to fufill your innermost desires. Maybe we will discover in our relationship some of the things we are searching for to make our life complete.
I was born in Nigeria on the 13th of March 1975 to my Nigerian father and South African mother. When i was born my parents marriage was a happy one. Until a! couple of years after my birth my father had an illegitimate child from a younger woman. And being the proud man my father was he took it as his reponsibilty to marry the mother of his new child as the Nigerian custom expects. My mother having been brought up by high moral monogamous parents who loved each other so dearly. Could never dream of sharing her husband with another woman. She felt scorned and betrayed. She made plans quickly for us to leave him. She just could not take the pain of his other marriage, I beleive she just felt like she never knew him. So thats how my mother and i moved to South Africa in 1983. We lived together in Johanesberg just my mother and i as she had lost both her parents and was an only child. So with no family there my mother and i were on our own but she always managed to get me all i needed through hard work and pesevarance. All this time with no word or help from my father. I lost my mother in a car accident on 4th April 1998 when i w! as 21 years old. The saddest days of my life. With no family there, I had to go look for my father in Nigeria a man i knew little of and thought the worst of. David, beleive me it was not easy for me even at that age to face all this. My father was alive and well, He had settled down with the young woman from earlier years. They had 2 daughters now, so here i was with 2 step sisters i did not even know. It was difficult for me so i channeled myself in to making my life the best i could. I worked hard at excelling in my studies, voluteering myself to the task of helping others and developing myself. My siblings and i get on very well but my step mother does not like me so much. She probably fears that as the eldest daughter i am only here to inherit from my father after he dies. That does not bother me as i have lived all my life modestly and always been satisfied with what i earn. Till date my father and i are not close and hardly have anything to discuss. There is a bridge c! reated from many years of being away from each other and also the fact that he feels i was not raised in Nigeria therefore do not have our cultural ideals. I think he just sees too much of my mother in me and he does not know how to handle , deep down i know he really loved her but his pride would never let him admit. I love my father despite what he put my mother and i through without caring. I know that in time we will have to face these issues he and i but for now we live in tense harmony.
I am not one to dwell on the pianfull affairs of my life but as i have tried to find in my life; love and a soul mate i suffered at the hands of my ex-boyfriend. I gave him my heart and love without convictions maybe i was young or just eager to be loved. He made me regret being with him as we were together for 3 years and i can not remember ever being happy all this time. He was mean spirited and just nasty but since he was all i had as a friend in this lonely country! and world i held on to him then. It was only when i had knowledge of his cheating that i finally acted on what my instincts had told me about our relationship a long time ago. I ended things with him which i know was more heart breaking for me than it was for him because somehow i knew he never loved me. The hatefull way and nasty things he said to me should have made me realise this a long time ago. I loved him a lot but he did nothing but spend my hard earned money, insult me and cheat on me every chance he got. In my own way i guess i will still miss him. I spent the next one year after my break up from him in Bellingham, Washignton State in the USA. For the time i was there i reflected on my life, the things i needed to accomplish and what i want from a relationship partner. I opened my dating profile there and now that i am back home and ready to settle down i have turned to it. I hope that you dont get scared away by the distance now.
Dav! id, I yearn to find a relationship and husband who is filled with love to have a family with. I dont have any children myself, I hope to be a mother someday and i will happily take upon myself the mother role if my partner has children. I take it that all that has happened to me is all for a reason. Now i have the chance to develop with that special person, hoping its true with meeting you. From my experience with my father to that of my ex, It has not been easy but i have learnt to make the best of everything i do. I have worked hard, and kept to the ideals my mother left me with in forming a strong chartacter for myself. But i know that i can not live my life single as my mother did for my sake. Describing myself i would say in all fairness that i am a strong minded person, understanding and passionate in nature, I have a good sense of humour and enjoy the same in people, my passion is and has always been helping people. With all this i know i am a good woman and i pray to ! be a wife and a mother one day. Life is short and i want to embrace my future happiness now with the right man. Never being married i only hope one day to prove that i am just and worthy. I think that although cultures may differ everyone still searches for that one person that makes everything worth while, that someone they can place their trust in and spend the rest of their lives making happy. Thats what i am searching for; my soul mate, and as we are communicating now i want the best chance to develop with you. As i beleive that love is not just about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end.
After my University education in Nigeria, I worked for my father as a sales representative in his textile manufacturing company. The job was stressfull and not fufilling, I could work the whole day meeting with potential buyers at odd hours of the day and! still have to be up early the next day to meet new assignments. And to make things more difficult for me the rift between my father and i became more obvious while working for him. He is a very traditional, work obessed man and even after the successes i brought to the company after working there for 3 years he did not appreciate my work. When i considered my health in the job, my father's lack of satisfaction and the fufillment i was not getting from the job i quit. Travelled for a year and i came back home to teach. Though right now i get to teach only part time with much less pay, I am happier and more fufilled doing what i have always wanted to do. I still hope to one day run large charity organizations and volunteer groups which i do on a minimal level now. I cannot live a life that is not mine doing something i do not enjoy, especially for someone that has never given me love as a daughter.
I like to spend my time reading, watching movies, swimming, fishin! g, playing golf, taking quiet walks and just learning about different people and places. I am an animal lover and like dogs. My favourite past time is just relaxing and watching Tv. I exercise regurlarly to keep in shape by jogging every morning. I like and appreciate a lot the simple things in life that just makes life worth living. Do you know what I mean ? Just being happy doing regurlar things that you feel comfortable with.
I hope that by writing so much about myself has not bored you, or managed to scare you off. I apologise for getting carried away. I am an honest person and i am not in to misleading people. I know that I will need to be alone for a spell to finish some of my dreams but if you are the one correspondence or probably a physicall meeting and communication will tell. I feel glad at having met you now sharing the same interests and being mutually interested means a lot to me. David, If you are sincere in your words, a truly loving person wh! o is ready to develop further with me, then i am more than ready to continue this journey of discovery with you. If i am what you consider a great match to what you desire in a partner, Please do take the chance. i truely would love for us to develop better. I hope to hear from you soonest. You can send me pictures of yourself, I would like to see more of your handsome images. I have attached a couple of my pictures for you.
With much thoughts,
Letter 2

Dearest David,
Thank you so much for replying my mail, I am so glad to hear from you. Thank you for your nice compliments. I am very happy you took the bold instinctive to write me, I truly treasure such communication with you. As i read your words i realise that you are a honest and sincere person, This means a lot to me because the kind of man i seek has to be open minded and not scared to share his innermost feelings. I feel a strong connection with you and the way you veiw issues. I beleive that a persons character can accessed on his words and the way he thinks. Yes it is possible that one can be blessed in other ways but not with love. I hope that this will be our day, a day where we are both drawn to each other for all the right reasons.
I am in Nigeria now living with my father and his family since i lost my mum and moved back here. I am glad that you are not scared of the distance because for me finding re! al love and a soul mate can come from anywhere. I would give anything in my search to find a devoted loving man. It is wonderfull that we both share interests in so many of the same things and even the simple pleasure of just sitting home watching TV in each others arms sounds to me like heaven. Time spent together with you in deep love i know would be wonderfull and i yearn for so much of this cause i know the joy of being in love and sharing your time and life with the right partner. Being your partner i would be sure to give you all the backing you deserve. You do sound like a wonderfull person to be with. I hope that we can develop well together towards a happy fufilling future.
I teach English part time to first and second year high school students, At a school not too far from from home. My other free time i spend caring for children and day caring while there parents may be away. I am sorry about the loss of your mother especialy at such a young! age. I can only imagine the impact her death myust have had on your father and some how understand it a bit. Whatever way your father did treat you after he must still have loved you deeply and shown it in his own way. I am glad that before his death though you both found it in your hearts to be friends. I hope that some how the same can be said of my father and i maybe we will get the chacne at some point in both our lives. No matter how difficult it has been for you to love at least you know what you are searching for in a partner, you yearn to love and be loved. Here you are now mailing me and i see so much in you. Its great that we are able connect now. I am glad that you are in search of your soul mate now as i wish to find mine too. I am interested in knowing what you have learnt makes a relationship work or last. I know what i am searching for in a partner. I want a man that is matured, family oriented and willing to settle down. For this person i will tr! avel to the ends of the earth and it seems with you i might just have to.(smiling) You do sound like a romantic person and someone that does know what he wants. I am very attracted to you for this. I know that we will need to get to know each other over here for awhile but i beleive that we can only truly develop by being in physical contact. I can only hope that we are able to make this possible within the right time. I do not wish that either of us miss the opportunity of spending the rest of our lives with our soul mate. I will make my way over to the US sometime during our communication for us to get the chance to develop more for now it will be great for us to communicate through yahoo messenger its an easy way for us to communicate, also we can converse on the phone my phone number is 2348051960152 let me have yours too i'll be sure to call. Thank you so much again for writing me, I hope that you and i can communicate so much more.
Till i hear from you take c! are of yourself.
Lots of love,
Letter 3

Dearest David,
I am glad that we are thinking along the same lines and wishing towards the same thing in our near future. I yearn for the day we can meet where i give you a great big hug and kiss. Afterlooking at your pictures so much all weekend i feel like i know you for the kind of person you are and feel truly blessed to be making plans with you for a future. As much as i am looking forward to mneeting you a trip to the US is a big deal and would incoporate a lot of planning for me. And my only reason for coming would be to spend time with you and nothing else. I think that we should give ourselves a chance to develop so much more to be sure what our hearts tell and not make mistakes. I know that we both have to give a lot in to knowing each other best and giving our all in to a life together. I do want you to know it means a lot to me that we are thinking this through now but its something that we need to work out together within time. **! pefully real soon too. Unfortunately i travelled last on 6 month visiting visa and its expired now so i would have to re-apply for another before i can travel over again. Do tell what kind of restaurant are you opening and where are you opening it ? sounds so exciting too hear about that. 12 noon over there would be 6pm here in Nigeria. Now that i have your number i will be sure to give you a call some time this evening to hear your voice and talk to you for a little while. I cant wait to hear your voice and speak to you in person i have been looking forward to this so much. Till then please do take care of yourself.
Lots of love,
Letter 4

Darling David,
It was a pity we did not get to talk for too long yesterday. I am still so glad that we get to talk though, I will certainly be glad to call you first thing today when you wake up, hearing your voice at the time of the day feels like heaven for me. You truly are a special person who i will give all of myself to know so much more of. Do lets get a chance to chat lots in yahoo messenger too since phone calls do cost a lot. My screen name is olamidebabade . I have your screen name too and will buzz you soon after i talk to you this morning. I do hope you have the sweetest of dreams and wake up feeling refreshed to a new day. Bye for now baby.
loving you,
Letter 5

Baby, it was nice talking to you. I am online now sending you messages but you are not replying or are you not receiving them ?
Letter 6

Dearest David,
How are you doing darling ? I just woke up with you on my mind and thought to let you know that i am so happy with where we stand now with our relationship. Chatting with you has brought me better understanding of who you are and actually i feel so much closer to you in this short time we have known each other. I want you to know that i am fully commited to giving our relationship a try for us to develop in to a deeper connection. knowing what i do about you now, i know that you are the right kind of person i want in my life.
I realise that we have both been in painfull relationships in the past that have left our hearts scarred and maybe the even the fear of commiting to someone new. Well with all that i have been through i believe there is no use being beat up about the past and everyday bring brand new opportunities to find real love. Dissapointments come in to ones life its not about how much it hurts you! but how you are able to handle it that makes you a stronger person. I believe that what we have now is worth building on hopefully in to a bright future together. You have brought happiness and hope to my heart now and these are feelings that can not be paid for with diamonds, gold or money. Thank you for being there.
Well i do hope that you are having a good nights rest. I hope to share your day with you chatting and knowing what you are up to. So for now love take care of yourself.
loving thoughts,
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