Scam letter(s) from Olga Orehova to James (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my friend! You likely are a little surprised, that you have received this letter. But I liked your profile and I would like to know you more good. I first time try to find happiness, my second half in this huge world with help of this website. So little about me... My name is Olga, I am 22 years old, I study in University, I live in Russia in city of Ekaterinburg. My profile name is CoolGirl2004 and you can find it on If you liked my profile, and if you want to know me more good then write me I with big pleasure will answer you. You can write me on my direct e-mail address I with impatience wait for your answer. Your new friend Olga.
Letter 2

Hello my friend (I hope you don't against that I call you in such way)! Thank you for your letter. I was very pleased to get it. I think that the most important thing in relations is honesty and sincere feelings. The partners have to know at once what their second half is dreaming about and what she is looking for. Can I tell you few things about myself? My name is Olga. I live in Russia, in city Ekaterinburg. I was born on November, 25 and I will go 23 this year. You may think that we do not match by our age, but I have another theory on this subject: I think the main thing is how the person feeling inside, how he acts, what he is doing, of course, if he is saying that the life is a strange thing in which he doesn't want to take part, then he is old for sure, not regarding that he is 20. I'm 5,7 and 52 kg, I've never been married, and I do not have children, but I want to have some day, may be two: a boy and a girl. I think that children are the flowers of the life. I was born in Russia and live here still for 22 years. I'm also an outdoors person, but I'm sure that everyone has in the life such moment, in which he wants to stay along, to think about something, to dream, but how it is great to dream together...?! I like music, may be except rap and heavy metal... some of my favorite groups are : Aha, Roxette, Depeche Mode, Tatty, may be Sting and few others. And what kind of music do you like? I like sports, mostly volley-ball and tennis, aerobics, swimming, shaping. I also like reading books. Mostly it is poetry, but I also like French, English novels of 18-19th centuries. My favorite book is "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare. Well, I think this is enough for now. Hoping to hear from you soon, Olga. P.S. I need to tell you that I don't have the computer and the phone at home that is way I write you from Internet Cafe. And Also the speed of the Internet in my country is nit big so please not send me big photos.
Letter 3

My dear Jim, I was glad to receive your letter. Though I do not know a lot about you, I feel that your letters are bringing you to me by pieces, and may be once I'll have all parts of you. If I were to talk about my family, I would say that I live with my father and mother, we are a very friendly family, and we surely have quarrels sometimes but the reasons of our quarrels are always trifles. I have no brothers or sisters, but I have cousins. I study at the state University, where I study literature, both foreign and native. Plus some general subjects as politics, psychology and etc. As all girls I prefer romantic melodramas with happy ends, and my favorite movie is The French Kiss, have you seen it? Food... I like chicken and seafood, and of cause I very like fruits. And I'm crazy about apples... It's very interesting for me to know something new about your country, about your traditions, about your national dishes, would you be so kind and tell me all this? Do you like verse and if you do, what verse you do? Do you write yourself? Have you ever tried to do it? Do you like going out or are you a home person? What do you usually do during weekends when it's raining all day long? Honey, I want to hear from you soon,
YOURS, Olga.
Letter 4

Dear Jim, Thanks for your letter, and for your true interest in me. I want to tell some words about myself and about my expectations: I am looking for a man to be my one and only love of a lifetime. I have waited to marry because I wanted that one man upon whom my heart could rest and be content for eternity. My heart reaches out, hoping to find that connection that will feed it and give it warmth and health and energy to sustain it and me - to find that happiness that can only lead to a life of two soulmates truly merged, complete, and fulfilled for the first times in their lives. I am looking for a companion who shares all of his soul with me alone, and who I trust so much that I also divulge all of my most private secrets to. I'm looking for a man whom I could take care of in any unfortunate times and share in the glory of the good times. I am hoping for such a man. Could this be you? I think yes. All we have to is to find this out so let's know each other better. I think we can do a lot of good together. But I am not only looking for a person, I live my life and try to make it full of joy and little pleasures. It is pleasure for me to go to the institute and to get knowledge, it is pleasure for me to go with friends to the gym and to play there volleyball or tennis. I can't help living without sports! They give such energy and I feel better when I had a hard game, though exhausted to the end, but so much excitement! I like swimming very much, though I do it mostly in summer when we go to the river, and have much fun together, but I am lonely then, though I am not alone, I am with my friends, but I lack some special person, with whom I want to share all the pleasures of my life, cause all the joys shared, double pleasure from them. I am hoping for my only and ever half .... I like listening to music very much! I like most of up-to-date music, and I like creating something new in the kitchen, I like to make surprises to my parents... I adore reading books and watching films, and I don't mind having a friendly gossip with the girls from my group. So many things that I even don't know how do I manage to do them all. And what about you? What do you like to do? And what is the color of the sky you would like to have over your head? Hoping to your letter soon. My tender hugs and kisses, Olga.
Letter 5

Dear Jim, Thank you for your lovely sincere letter. All of them support me very much, they charge me with good, light energy. You know, sometimes I ask myself why I went this unusual way to find my second half. Now I seem to understand it. In this world we play our roles, sometimes we try to be or seem that kind of person other people expect us to be. A man should be strong, self-confident and reserved. But deeply inside your heart there is a part that needs warmth, tenderness and care. I do want to be a woman who you can tell what you worry about, your needs and wishes. I'm so happy that I can feel open and trusting with you, write about my feelings and thoughts. Being able to trust your partner, feeling that spiritual closeness is the most important thing in relationships. If you ask somebody to tell frankly what he or she values in people (especially a person to be close to), I think, everybody would answer: honesty, kindness, sincerity, all the features that allow you to trust this person. Everybody needs to be loved, so why those misunderstanding happen so often? I think, it's not because people are mean or something, they just can't find the way of communicating, understanding each other. Dear, I'm happy that we've found our way. What an incredibly lucky woman am I to have you in my life! This morning seems bright and shiny for me, you know why? Because the sun is inside my heart. Sometimes I imagine us having a romantic dinner with candles lit, beautiful soft music comes straight into your soul, and your warm sincere smile fills my heart with tenderness. I love warm summer nights near the seaside, when the pale moon watches from the height and seems to understand all the romantic lovers. We are sitting in the cafe on the beach, roar of the surf, shiny stars twinkling in the darkness make the ambience of incredible relaxation. We are looking into each other's eyes, just you and me, and nothing else matter. I like to share my dreams with you, maybe some day they will come true. If you want to make me happy, write to me again as soon as you can, my dear. Thinking about you, Olga.
Letter 6

Dear Jim, Thank you for your letter, I will try to tell more about myself. I am still studying and I am going to be a teacher of Russian language and literature, but I also can teach history, when I finish my education. It is such a wonderful work, but at the same time it is art, cause to find the key to the heart of a person is art. And I like their happy laugh and their strive for knowledge, and their new, not ordinary look to life. Every new pupil is like a new diamond with thousand of sides, sparkling and giving rainbows to this world, which is full of mistrust and evil, and I wish the only one thing to bring up a personality, who will search for kindness, who will act kindness, making this world better with every minute of their life. I like to travel very much, but I do it mostly in my dreams. And if I had to chose where to live with my beloved, I would like to share with him everything, though sunsets and sun rising at the beach attracts me more than anything in the world. But I wouldn't mind traveling a little, just to see other countries, to learn their way of life. And in general, I am free to all new experiences, whether in traveling or in other things, but there is the only one condition, I would like to do that with the person who is close to me, who is dear to my heart, and whom I love with all my essence, with whom I feel that spiritual closeness, which all of us are searching for... If I were beside such a man, we would bring a new rainbow to this world making it better with every act of kindness and love. May be I am carried away a little bit with my philosophy, but it is inside of me, and I can't keep it anymore. And I feel somehow, that you are the person I can trust. Thinking about you, Olga.
Letter 7

Dear Jim, I'm glad to see your letter. Please forgive me I'm not wrote you very fast because I thought about us and I'm sure in my feelings to you Jim. I want to tell you Jim that you are my love, I trust you and I tell you about my feelings I want to tell you all what in my heart now, I don't know can I write it in words but I try now. Today is cold wind and thoughts about you make me warm, I fell that you are very favourite for me. My heart beats faster when I dream about our meeting, yesterday, last night I had a dream about us. It was fantastic dream, we was together and speak a lot, I don't remember where we was, but it was not important for me. I feel your breath and it was the happiest moment in my life, It was so real... Then we come to house, we had a dinner with candles. I remember then we come to bedroom, but it was the final moment I remember, then I waked up, I was so warm and my heart beats very often. I understood it was only a dream, but it was so real... I think this dream has a important value for me. Maybe it's mark? I don't know but I really know that I love you all my heart Jim. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! I WANT TO TELL IT YOU PERSONALLY, I WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE AND SEE YOUR EYES AND TELL IT TO YOU!!!! I LOVE YOU AND IT'S TRUE!!! Today I'll go to the church and put candle for our relations, I make a wish to meet you Jim, I'll ask the God for you Jim. My heart is yours, I tell it to you because I trust you and I never lie, I tell you my feelings to you and I'm sure I must tell you the truth. And it's beautiful truth to me that I love you... I don't thought that it will be, but I don't know why but I feel it to you Jim. I think we must meet, I don't know how to do it now but I'll think about it, I think about you as my husband in future but we must know better each other for it and I know we must meet and be with each other. I love you Jim please don't forget it, I feel it and I think we must use this chance if you feel that your heart speak to you. If you in love too, it's great!!! I understand that you can reject me, but I love you anyway. You are the interest man for me, I like your letters, I love your name very much, and I love you. Yes I love you Jim and it's great!!! I thank the God that I wrote you and find the perfect man, you my dear Jim. With eternal love, Olga.
Letter 8

Hello my dear Jim, Thanks for your letter. How are you? I am fine and I hope you too. Today I visit travel agency and find out all about my coming to you. All what I need for my coming to you it is ticket "there-back", visa, my foreign passport. I find out the cost of all this and now I have 2 news for you. One bad and one good. The ticket Moscow-Salt Lake-Moscow cost $865 USD. The making of the visa is cost $283 USD. The making of the foreign passport is cost $157 USD. Also I need the ticket from my city up to Moscow which cost $66 USD. All this cost I need $1371 USD. The bad news is that I don't have all this money. All what I can get by myself and with help of my parents is $436 USD. I don't know what to do. I so upset that such thing as money stand between our meeting. And now the good news. If I have all money then the making of all documents what I need for my coming to you will take 6 days. The making of the my foreign passport take 2 days. And making of visa take 4 days. Also I find out that flights from Moscow up to Salt Lake are made each day. So what we will do? I will wait your letter, my love. Your's Olga
Letter 9

Mr. James, My name is Ivan Gridov. I am the manager on work with clients. Our agency with grate pleasure will help you. Yes I know Ms. Olga Orehova, she come to us and ask about the cost of the trip to Salt Lake City. The cost what Ms. Olga Orehova give you is the cost what our agency give to her. Yes the making all documents what Ms. Olga Orehova need for her coming to you, Mr. James Comstock, will take 6 days. About the payment what we accept. You can pay to our bank account, but it will not allow to use MasterCard or Visa Card, also there is way to use Western Union with MasterCard or Visa Card, in this way you will need to send money to our agency director. About who to use Western Union with MasterCard or Visa Card you can find out on If you have any more questions you can ask me and I will answer all of them. All the best,Ivan Gridov ---
The REST with US is your's BEST REST in your life.
Letter 10

Mr. James, If you choose to use the way with pay direct to our bank account here is all information about it. Beneficiary's account: 42301840715001003485
Beneficiary's name: Kiasov A. S. Bank name: Guta Bank,
Bank address: 5 Dolgorukovskaya Str., Moscow
Account with correspondent bank: 04413603 Correspondent Bank of beneficiary's bank: Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas
Correspondent Bank SWIFT: BKTRUS33 Payment details: Private transfer to Telebank client 820941 All the best,Ivan Gridov ---
The REST with US is your's BEST REST in your life.
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