Scam letter(s) from Natalia Pisova to Jon (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Jon, what a beautiful town where are you live in... And i am very glad that you love it. You see, that home is not the place you was born, but the place you like, where you feel yourself happy.
If you could know how beautiful forest in the winter` in outside of Kazan, when being all in snow. It's so white and seems to be like a fur of a polar box. And when it's a frosty sunny day, the snow is blinking like silver. I really love this place very much. You see, i have a dream, i want to travel a lot. Somewhen, i'll have enough money to visit other countries. It is so large, that sometimes it seems to me that the only life is not enough to see all interesting place.But i hope that i will do it. What about you? Do you traveled before? What countries did you see? And where are you want to go in a future? Tell me all about your trip, if you visited another countries. Well, i have to say good bye, for a while. I use internet at work, so i can't write you too much.... If my boss to see that i use internet in my work time, i will have a big troubles. Have a good day....
I very much like mountains and if you have photo on a background of mountains I wanted her to see. I liked your temptation. I too have girlfriend which has left in the USA that week. We have together decided to find to ourselves guys in the USA because in Russia I was bothered with this terrorism and the Chechen Republic. Bye!!! Natalia...
Letter 2

Hello Jon, Hi, it's nice, each your letter tells me more and more about you, i hope that each time you know something new about me.
As for my hobbies...
Ok, i tell you about music first of all....
I like almost all styles of music, it depends on my mood. For example, when i am tired listen to classical music. I like Vivaldi. Well, when i am clean my appartament i listen to something more, well, how to say... rock or pop-music. I like russian singer, Alla Pugachova, Masha Rasputina, Alsy and Taty... and other. I like foreign singer... Madona, Ricky Martin, Robert Wiliams..... other... As for books and reading in general, i love russian classics: Dostoevski, Pushkin, Esenin.
But now i read Richard B. Bach. have you ever read his books? My famouse story by Bach is about Jonathan Livingstone. It's so lovely. And his novel i don't know how actualy whether translate the name correctly:
"The bridge across eternity." it's romantic, i think.
Movies.... CSI, The Lord of the Ring (trilogy), The Star Wars (all) But most of all, i like to spend my free time with my girlfriends. Sometimes we go to the cinema or meet in cafe. Sometimes we make trips along the countryside by bicycles. Well, i have to do my work again. So, bye!!! Ah!!! And you?? Do you have many friends? What do you usually do??? Who you spend time when you are together??? Tell me... Natalia. I unfortunately did not manage to travel also as you. I would like to visit the most beautiful and warm places, as in Turkey, Paris.
Best regards,
Letter 3

Hello Jon, Hi, i am glad to receive a letter from you.
I am very glad that you have a friends. I have few friends. But they are true friends, and i sure they will never betray me. It is better to have a few good friends than many not so good. I have the best girlfriend, her name is Svetlana. Well, in this letter i'd like to tell you about my life.
As you know i lived without parents and i don't know what it is The Mother love. I still don't understand what happened?
Why she left me? May be, my father left her and i thought that she cann't make my life or may be she was so young... I don't know. But i know that in my country much kids live without parents. And most of this kids are potential criminals. Recently I saw such picture. The little girl stood and cried near to ***** mum who laid on asphalt. Is it good??? That such mum can teach her child. It is very bad....
I think that if our the government do not pass the appropriate law, the situation will not change. But i think, that we need this change....
Much kids need it....
Well sorry for this letter, ?????, i hope that you understand my feelings.... I want to know all about your family.... Where do they live? How are they? Tell me all about your parents. Well... time is over, i must go.... Bye... Natalia.
Letter 4

Dear Jon.
Why you do not write to me I have received from you last letter on October, 11. Something happened? I shall wait from you for letter
Letter 5

Hello Jon, I am very glad that you again have written me the letter.
I thought that you already have overlooked about me and have found other girl. My work becomes for me sense of my life. Today at us weather of 6 degrees. For us it is very warm. At this time at us it is usual-5. Today i went to travel agency and asked how much money i need for preparing documents which i need for trip to you. Than i asked how my friend can help me with money for all documents which i need for trip... They gave me answers: 1. They accept cash only, therefore I should pay for the ticket and necessary documents by myself... 2.I should sign the contract with agency on granting to me of services connected with this travel... Under the contract they I make for me, all documents (visa, medical certifacate, foreing passport and insurance) and find for me the cheapest ticket...
I should pay these documents and ticket.
They will start to prepare it from the moment of payment... When it will be ready i must go to the embassy for talking with ambassador 3. All what i must to pay it is 360 usd for all necessary documents and ???? usd for ticket. But i told that i don't have this money and my friend can help me with it.... How can he give it??? They told me that i must to go to the bank and ask about it there.... I went to the bank. And i asked bank officer that i need money for trip to my good friend, but i am here and you are there.. How can he help me with it.... The bank officer told me that all what you must to do it is go to the nearest Western Union Office and send it to me... All what you must say it is: "I want to send money to Natalia - first name Pisova - second name Russian Federation" And give there ?? usd, it is total sum for my documents for trip.. And after it you must send me all information about this transaction your full name, country, state, city and large number (code ot this transaction).... Our meeting in your hands, if you will send it today, i will receive it only next day... I hope that you can do it.... Please find time and do it.... I am without legs now (it mean that i am tired so much)...
I hope that all will be good and you can do it...
All what you need it is go to bank and send it to me...
And wait me and airport.
Hope that all what i did today and find Will not be vain....
i think you understand me.. Bye... your Natalia... love you!
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