Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Filatova to Gary (USA)
Letter 1

Hello dear! I received your last letter of October 27 with your abother beautiful photo, thank you very much for the next compliments and warm feelings to me. I want you to know that I am also not an Angel so may be I don't deserve your kind and tender words in your each letter. Well I'll continue about myself a little if you don't mind. I like to stay up late but I not always can give myself such chance. I also very much like to visit opera, theatres and good concerts but only when I am in Petrozavodsk. My father is 48 y.o., and my mother is 46 y.o., they are very good persons and I have with them very good relationship. I like to cook very much and I hope I do it quite well. As for my favorite foods, I like vegetable and fruits, but I also like meat and milk, I simply like to have a good meal! In my free (spare) time I usually watch on TV-programs, good movies, read interesting book, cook, listen to some music or go for a walk with my girlfriends. What about our possible future meeting? We started to discuss this question so let's continue! I think in order to get to know each other better we need at first in our meeting in the nearest future. As say in Russia "It's better one time to see than one hundred times to hear". Dear you were so kind to suggest me something as a present to my Birthday. I just want to thank you once again for your attention to me. But there is one thing I dream to receive as a present to my Birthday. If you read my previous e-letters with attention you know I have always dreamt to learn English well and wanted one day my dream will come true. Unfortunately my real English level is not very high and my colloquial speech is very bad at all because I have not necessary practice for that. That's why I rather often have to use the help of my Internet cafe's translators for our correspondence. I think the final goal of our correspondence - is to meet each other and we are now almost ready to make it in the nearest future, but I know that my present English will not allow me both understand you and speak to you during our meeting. I found out that I can attend either express English courses that cost 300 USD. And as for me of course I prefer to attend basic level courses of English. This is very comfortable for me because to visit these courses I don't need to go to Petrozavodsk each time. Its next courses will start from November 10. So if you don't change your mind to make me a present by my Birthday may I ask you to help me and if you agree it'll make me real happy!!! I want to repeat I'll be very glad to receive this present to my Birthday, which (I am sure) help to associate with you in correspondence and in the future if we'll meet. And of course (like all women) I very much like flowers (especially roses) so if you can send me additional 25-30 USD I'd be able to buy beautiful bunch of roses and to present it myself from you on my Birthday!!! So may I really count on your friendly help? If so I ask you for sending me necessary sum of money by November 5-6 and if you agree to make it I can report you how you may make it in my next letter (I made some inquiries about it in Petrozavodsk). And I am sure that it really might make things easier for us because even our correspondence will be more confidential for both of us.
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