Scam letter(s) from Olga Loskudova to Kiril (Bulgaria)


Dear kiril! Thanks a lot for your interest to my person. I'm glade to start correspondence with you and I hope you will give me a chance to get to know you better. At first I want to remind you that I'm new person for the Internet, I'm not good computer user, but I know English not too bad. I can write you letter by myself without any help, just sometimes I use dictionary, because I don't know translation of some words. I find your profile at the site interesting and I want to know you better. At first, I wan to tell you more about myself. My name is Svetlana. I'm 25 years old. I have blue eyes and blonde hair, my height is 5'7" and weight is 116 ibs. I live in Cheboksary, Russia. My town located 740 km far from Moscow, and I think you are little surprised, because in my profile I wrote that I'm from US. Please, don't think that I wanted to defraud somebody, just when I tried to register my profile with location Russia I had error message and for this reason I had to choose from countries list and my registration was completed aptly. I hope you are not confused that I live so far from you and you would like to continue our correspondence. Have you any friends I Russia? Also I have to ask you: Have you correspondence with any woman now? Have you ever been in Russia? How many do you know about Russia? If you are interested in this I would like to tell you more about or cultural and traditions. I finished College 5 years ago and work as Medicine assistent in the local hospital. I like my job and try to do it well. I work full-time from 9:00 am till 6 pm everyday, except weekends. Regrettably, I have no any possibility to write you letters and check my mailbox at work. Also, I have no computer at home, for this reason I would write you all letters from the Internet cafe. Please, don't worry; I have possibility to visit the Internet cafe every day, so I will write you regular. I hope that you understand all tat I have written you and my English is not too bad. I really hope to get reply from you soon and I send you my photo attached. I would be gale to get your photo too. You can ask me any questions free, and I will be glade to tell you more about myself. I will be waiting you reply, with my best wishes, your Svetlana.
Letter 2

Dear Kiril! I am very glad to get your letter, and I have to say, that I'm happy, that I have decided to communicate with Internet, and to learn English, I speak English rather good, and I hope, that you understand me good. You know, when I started my search, I really didn’t believe that I can find somebody, and I would be interesting for man from another country! I have girlfriend, she advised me to try, because she found her husband around 8 month ago in Internet too. She was not serious first time when she had correspondence with him, but after some times they understood that couldn’t live without each other and now she live in France. She visited our town last week and we had conversation about this, so, I decided to try. But I have to say, that I am not looking for just empty correspondence, I want to say, that my intentions are serious, and I look for my future husband. I hope you understand me, and if it is only the game for you (I don't think so, but...), tell me about it, please, and may be it will be better for us to stop our conversation, because I don't want to hurt myself. I have to say, that I am very interested in you, I want to know you better, and I want to understand you, what kind of man you are... And you know, I think you should decide, was I right when I started to write you. I really hope that we will continue our correspondence, and I want to tell you some more about myself. I'm 1 m 71 sm tall, my weight 56 kg. As you saw at photos, I have blue eyes and blond hair. I like flowers; my favorite flowers are daisywheels, lilies and orchids, but I'd love when my man brings me flowers, which he picked up, and it doesn't matter what kind of flowers it is. I like decorate my home, and use in this flowers off cause too. I like tender colors and pastel tones. What colors do you prefer? I like ice-cream. I like cooking and this is my privilege when we have any celebration, because all my girlfriends think that I’m the best. But I’m not agreeing with them, because I know at least once 1 person, my mom, she cook better, and she is my teacher in this. I am single, and I have no sisters or brothers. I have no children, but I want to feel myself as mother, and I hope, I'll feel it beautiful feeling someday. My desire is to find the man, with whom I can spend my life together, I understand, that the days go, and we getting older, and I don't want to feel loneliness, and to think, that I have had chance someday? With my best wishes, Svetlana.
Letter 3

My dear Kiril! I'm very glad to get your letters, and I'm also glad, that I have begun our communication with you, because I feel, that you are very good man, and every your letter brings me a lot of pleasure, and I also happy to see your letter from you! I’m really glade that you want to continue correspondence with me, and I want to ask you, do not stop to write me! I think you are interesting in my person and to know more about me and about place there I live. I didn’t write you before, I live with my old grandmother in the small flat. We have 2 living rooms, kitchen and bathroom. Off cause may be you would think, that our flat is too little, but you know, it is very comfortable and clean. We live very modest, and this flat is enough for us with my grandmother. My parents live in the village, around 45 km from my town. I grew up at this village. The name of this village is Chernushka. There are little river and very nice nature. I like to spend weekends there, because I can rest from big town and off cause see my parents. There are Russian bath. Did you ever hear about Russian bath? It is like sauna, but without swimming pool and in Russian bath people beat each other special besom. They do this for make body hotter and perspire, because all bad for health can get out. Today in the evening my girlfriends will visit me. They names are Tanya and Natasha. They are married, and have children. When I talked with them last time, I told them about you too. They were very happy for me, because I have found such honest and decent man as you. Also they have told me, that they are glad for me, because they did not see me such cheerful, and happy for long time! I smile a lot, because I think about you and I feel myself so happy! I really don’t know what I can tell you else about my self… Have I told you, that I don't smoke? And I don't drink, but I can drink some wine with holiday dinner. If you don't mind, I'll ask you tell me about yourself. I am very interested in all, what takes place in your life. And if you want to know me better, you can ask me any questions, and I'll answer on all of it. I will be waiting your reply with impatience, my best wishes, yours, Svetlana.
Letter 4

My dear Kiril! I LOVE you so! You my soul! Every day I miss without your letters! My sweet, every day I dream about our get-together!Tomorrow I shall write you, as I present our the first get-together ! I hanker to become the part of your life. I want to be with you, I want keep you, I want to attend to you, I want you to spoil, I want you (will forgive me for my shamelessness :)) ). My sweet, I love you! You my soul! yesterday I went in cinema. My sweet, you heard of Russian film which lately steel to show. It is called" *******'s". My sweet, this wonderful film. I admire Russian stage manager. In the end film I cried. I cried from what everything well was ended. You know, this film about waif's, about small children who became criminals, murderers, thieves due to its country, due to USSR. And their country, them motherland despatched these children on war, on true death. War, in which protagonist small children. In this film is told about two friends who can sacrifice life in behalf of each other. Country which coached children in order to they became murderers. My sweet, I hanker to see with you all films, to learn your opinion. All day long I go about wishing I could talk to you.I want to know your opinion. I want to know what you think of weather, about film, about foolish transmissions which show as to TV, about small children whom we shall see on street .. .. .. .. .. .. .. I want to talk to you about everything .. .. .. .. .. ... Even about follies .. .. .. .. .. .. .. For me has no significance the topic of conversation, main, what you will go with me having taken me for hand. I love you, I miss .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Svetlana
Letter 5

My sweet, I'm very happy to receive your letter. Now I seat in internet cafe with cup coffee. You know I seat in white cap, in white scarf and pink sweater. To me very warmth. Every day I go on work, from work in internet cafe .. .. .. .. ... Frost .. .. Cold .. .. .. ..-35 C. My sweet, I overlook of colds. I look at encircling people. Who that was hid in scarf, who that in fur coat, who that go in shop which hide from chill.. .. .. .. ... And I go and smile by everything passer-by .. .. .. .. .. .. Because to me not cold .. .. .. .. .. .. I go and think of you. I dream about our get-together. I dream to take off all my clothes before you .. .. .. ...:)))) .. .. .. .. .. ... I dream to dress my white chemise in polka dots .. .. .. .. .. ... To lie aside of you in bed .. .. .. .. .. ... To include film .. .. ... Unimportantly what film .. .. .. .. .. .. ... Because you will not be able to see this film by row with me .. .. .. .. .. .. ..:)))) .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... You know, excuse me for immodest, me excite kiss in ear .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ...:))) .. .. .. I told you my secret .. .. .. .. .. .. I love you .. .. .. .. ... I dream about our get-together .. .. .. .. .. ... I miss .. .. .. .. .. ... Svetlana
Letter 6

My dearest Kiril!
You make me happy! Your letters are like a present to me. You know, when I told my parents about you, they were very happy! This is the first time, when I’m so happy and my eyes bright! I close my eyes, and I feel you in my arms, I would like to spend all my days with you, and I hope, that one day, I'll spend all of them with you. Every your letter are so important for me! I print all your letters and read them again at home. This night, I couldn't sleep. You've come in my dream, in my thoughts. You've come in my mind, in my night, and I dreamed to hold you in my arms, I dreamed that you're by me, taking my hand. I feel my heart is missing without you, without your presence the light appears black, and I feel emptiness in my life, in my skin, in my spirit. I dream about you, and I don't sleep, I token your letters in my hands, and I understood, that I want to meet you so much . I wait for our meeting like for the end of a tunnel, the tunnel of my life, and on this end, I can see a bright gleam. This gleam is you. Your image gleams like a possible hope, a fairy story, and a fairy dream. I'm seeing this bright gleam, and I want to run in its direction. I don't want you to stay only an idle fancy, I want you to become real, my reality. I want to share my life with you, to share my laugh and my tears, to share all my emotions and my feelings, my joys and my pains, my hopes and my despairs. And of course, I want, that you share everything with me, your thoughts, yours desires, everything. Would you like to share your life with me, would you like to give me the right to love you all your life?
Dear Kiril please, give me permission to love you, to kiss you, to caress you, to give you all my tenderness and my heart. I read your letters, I close my eyes, and I give free vent to my imagination, and I see you flying to me, taking my hand, and you come back with me in your arms. I dream about us together, you and me, flying under the stars, through the continents, around the world, around our world, in love, only in love. You are invading my heart and my mind. You are so great, so... I can’t find the good word! I can’t find enough words. May be I’m too romantic, but I just write you words from my heart, I feel this and hope you feel the same. With impatience I wait for your answer. I dream of you day and night, yours forever, Svetlana.
Letter 7

Hello my dear Kiril! The best part of my day is when I hear from you, your wonderful words and I love to hear that I can make you smile... I would love to do that forever, you have such a BEAUTIFUL smile, I can only imagine your happiness inside is even more beautiful...I sit and think during my days and nights about sharing time with you, I pray that maybe someday that will happen. I want to make you feel loved and special and full of meaning, I pray that God helps me to do that, He is full of love and fills us with love for one another. I daydream about holding your hand and feeling like we we're meant to be together. I like how romantic you are, you are very passionate as well, I share your feelings Kiril... I live with impatience for the next time that I can experience your presence in my life. It is so difficult for me to express to you some of the things that I feel in you feel the same way? I feel that the only way to express some of the feelings are by having you close to me and me showing you love and company. I want to be your companion...Svetlana.
P.S. I will call you as soon as this will be possible!
Letter 8

Dearest Kiril!
How are you my sweet love?? today is St. Valentines day and I hope that you will be my Valentine!
I really feel that you are good and kind person, and I feel tenderness in my heart to you... you know, I have many dreams, and one of my dreams is be with my men in yacht, spend with you all my time, dancing, swimming, have romantic time. Yes, it is dream, but I hope one day it will be real. May be I’m romantic so… may be you want have this time? You know, I find the poem and I hope you like it!

Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you,
Tomorrow I’ll miss you,
Remember I’ll always be true,
And when while I’m away,
I’ll write home every day,
And I’ll send all my loving to you.
I’ll pretend I’m kissing,
The lips I’m missing,
And hope that my dreams will come true,
And when while I’m away,
I write home every day,
And I’ll send all my loving to you.
All my loving, I’ll send to you,
All my loving, darling I’ll be true.
Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you,
Tomorrow I’ll miss you,
Remember, I’ll always be true,
And when while I’m away,
I’ll write home every day,
And I’ll send all my loving to you.
All my loving, I’ll send to you,
All my loving, darling, I’ll be true,
All my loving, I will send to you. This poem can show you what I feel in my heart!!!! My sweetheart, may be I can't show you in my letters how much I love you, we are far from each other, but when we would be together I will make you happy!
I boat the present for you for this day, and you would get it when we will meet! I save it until that time!!!!! I love you and you are in my burning heart. I all this time waiting your letters. As I write this letter, send my love to you, Remember, that I’ll always be in love with you.
Treasure this few words till we’re together Keep all my love forever.
I’ll be coming home again to you love, Until the day I do love. I kiss you my love, please, write me soon.... your baby Svetlana.
Letter 9

Dear Kiril! How are you my sweet love? I miss you so much! How was your day? I hope all ok. Today I for the first time was late on job. I always wake up when my alarm clock calls. But today I did not hear an alarm clock, probably because in sleep I saw you Kiril. I woke up with a smile on the face. But when I have looked at hours, I began to laugh very loudly, because I never slept so long time in the morning. Usually I wake up at 6:30. In job I must arrive in 8:00. But today I have woken up at 8:20. I was quickly dressed and had not breakfast at all, because my boss does not like when workers are late for work. I very much hurried up. I ran very quickly along the street, and when I already came nearer to my work, I have stumbled and have fallen. Can you imagine it? I lay in the middle of street like a starfish, people go near to me, but nobody has helped me to get up. And I have thought, that you Kiril necessarily would help me. I strongly injured a knee and a hand. But this incident didn’t make my mood worse. I came to my work ***** as little piglet with big smile at my face! My work friend Marina asked me “ what’s happened???” And whine I told she about all, she told me “Oh, you are crazy from your love baby” and smiled. Now I’m ok, I just have little pain in my knee, but I think tomorrow all will be ok. My sweetheart, I should go, because I have lunch time now and I must come back to my work place, but I will be waiting letter from you with impatience, and I send you my loving kisses, with love, your baby Svetlana.
Letter 10

Dear Kiril! How are you my sweet love? I miss you so deeply! My feelings to you are so big, that you can't imagine. But sometimes the love and feelings are painful for me. What if I don't get you? I don't want to think of it. You are only one man for me in the world, you have all the things, that I'm looking for and want to have. You are my ideal man, and I’m sure, that you would make me happy. My dreams are becoming to reality, because of you. Thank you for this! If I could give you one thing, I would give you the ability to see yourself, as other people do, then you would have seen, what a dear and special person you are...My sweet, I asked God for a flower, he gave me a garden, I asked for a tree, he gave me a forest, I asked for a river, he gave me an ocean. Asked for a friend and he gave me you. You know, many times ago I had hear of love some words, that if you would love somebody more when God, he will take this person from you… I afraid to lost you so much. Sometimes my eyes are full of tears, when I think of you my love. You are my only Love, and will always stay in my heart. I will always love you, today, tomorrow and forever. I will never do something that could hurt you, never. I want to ask you, how you imagine yourself our first meeting?? I want to tell you how I see our first date. First, we will be dinning together, in a place (not important in what place, because I will be happy with you everywhere) where would be nice and romantic. It would be dark and candlelit. After dinner, I want to dance with you slowly and I want to feel your warm. I want to go with you to the beach, walking together along the beach and looking at the stars. I would also bring a blanket so that we can sit on the beach, hug and kiss and watch the sun come up. I really can’t wait that moments!!! My dear! I was in the travel agency this morning, and I found out all conditions of my arrival to you in details. Frankly speaking, I was in shock! If I am able to pay for visa with help of my mother, I won't be able to pay for tickets (even for cheapest!). But I can't get visa without buying tickets in this travel agency. Getting of visa is not a problem, agency takes care about it, and they can get it quickly, but only if I'll buy tickets there. My problem is only a tickets. I feel so bad, I even could think about, that tickets to Bulgaria costs on 5 times more, than I thought. I really don't know what to do! I'm afraid, I feel scared by my feebleness. Now I can only dream about my arrival to you. My love, it's a pity, but if I want to buy tickets, I have to save up my year's salary (and don't spend it even for food!)! I'm so sorry. I can’t ask you about something, I just can dream… I have no enough money, I did not expect, that travel is such expensive. I want to meet you so much, but I can’t ask you about anything or any help. I want to visit you, but it will be possible, only if you will help me. But I can’t ask you about help because I understand, that this is very big money. Forgive me that I have no this money. Forgive, that I am too poor for meeting with you. If it was in my powers or opportunities I would pay for my travel, and I don’t want to do our relationship dependent from money. Please, promise me that ours relationship will never depend from money!!! Forgive me that I have no any possible to get this money. I can’t borrow that money and unfortunately I don’t earn so big money at work. If you want to help me I will take your help and I will come to you immediately, just please, let me to know is this possible??? Would be possible our meeting? Please, tell me my honey… I wait reply and I hope that fate would give us chance to be together, I send you my soft kisses and please, take care my love, your Svetlana.

Letter 11

Dear Kiril! I find my soul mate (my future husband whom I will love with all my heart and soul), my love is not be confined by the borders of countries. My greatest desire for you, my beloved and I‘m ready to leave my life here and move to you. Without sharing these things with the one you love, life would be empty and lonely. I really fall in love with you, and you know, I can’t image my life now without you and your love, your warm words and letters! I think about you every day and night can’t wait our meeting! Each time that I read your letters, I find you more interesting, more loving and kind person, more and more! With every day I understand that we will be so happy together! Yesterday's evening I spent at home with my grandmother, we talked about ours with you relationships long time, and she has given me many advices, how correctly to build strong family. My grandfather has died very early, and unfortunately I almost do not remember him, because I was very small. My grandmother since that time didn’t forgot about him, and tells to me, as they were happy together. I think she is right in many things, and I will follow her councils. In many respects she influences on me, and I’m really sure that love and care can create and keep family and warm relationships inside family between partners. I am so happy now, because you want to see me and I will make all for our meeting. I am ready to begin process of getting of the visa the nearest 2-3 days, all depends only on your opportunity to help me, all documents are available also, and it is necessary to give them to agency of travel only. I am infinitely grateful to you for your understanding of my difficult situation. I’m regretting, that I cannot provide my trip to you by myself, and have been confused that is compelled to ask you about the help. I hope, that for you will not be too difficult to send me of money. At the agency they told me that the best way to send money is Western Union or Money Gram ( I visited the local office of WU and they gave me this information: Money transfer: amount Money amount should be send in words or figures. You should write the full name of the receiver and receiver's full address. You will need my address for this: 428031, Russia, Cheboksary, Kalinina str, 28 build., 56 app. For Svetlana Soloveva. I need the full name of the sender and full address (I will need it). It is also necessary to know MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number), it consists from 10 digits and Expected amount. Also you can send money through a site, but in this case your credit card will be necessary. Dear, I hope we will be able to manage with all this. Be sure, I will do everything for us. Hope to hear you very soon. I send you my warm kisses and wish to open my eyes on day in the morning and see you near with me….Yours, Svetlana.
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