Letter(s) from Olga Loskudova to Bradley (USA)


Hi my love Friend!

I understand all in you Friend and I also very much wanted, that you have written to me. You understand Friend, that only you only you the unique person for me to which I could trust and live and create our happy family only with you Friend.
I trust you and consequently I would like to tell to you, that I talked today to the boss who has caused me though I and had a rest. I cannot work more on this office where human work of the woman is not appreciated. Here do not respect the woman, iiieiaaouFriend? I spoke with the boss and my boss wants to send me during 10-12 days on the north. I understand, that we know each other and very well we communicate also I even (if fairly to tell I planned in our relations on our happy future), but probably we cannot meet. Because in 10-12 days I should leave the city and leave to work on the north during 1-2 years. There there is no Internet Friend and I to not know when I again can see your letter. Why I to you tell all this Friend, I would like to know your opinion what you will do further? You will throw me Friend? I set to you these questions what to know all clearness in ours with you relations. You can find to yourself other girl and it will not be late for you. Our life game and probably now you think Friend, that you have put the rate not on that horse Friend. It is very a pity to me to speak it Friend, but we on seen should leave. As Friend I to not have money and if I knew, that you can help me I the thankless work could throw. But I do not know as far as you far would like to go with me in relations. I write to you Friend and I understand, that you now about me think, but I would like to tell to you Friend, that I the usual girl. The girl from Russia who wants to love such person as you Friend and to be with such favourite person as you Friend! I can throw work and remain with you. I know, that I could remain with you. And I very much would want to see you in the person. It is possible certainly, that after that you will not write the letter to me. Though I do not think, that you such person Friend. But I test the big need for seeing you and to know, that you here near to me and you only mine Friend. But my destiny does our meeting overturned and my heart broken. And consequently Friend I do not know as you will consider mine beforehand. Tell to me, you would like relations with me Friend? If you answer "YES" Friend I have following question. You can make so that if I have stopped the work, you can help me with arrival to you Friend? To me very important your opinion Friend and for me it very important your answers to my questions Friend.
When I have written to you the first letter I very much wanted to find such the man as you Friend. And when I now would find you Friend I did not want to lose you. Understand, that my heart now tests during this moment Friend. You understand me Friend? My desire with you to be close and to give you of happiness it is very great. I know, that you also very much want, that I was close with you, but probably it is the next barrier in our relations which we should overcome with you Friend. If I arrive to you Friend I remain with you and we create ours with you family and we live together. I know, that you will help me with studying language and I can find work that I could help you. But if I had money for arrival to you I could arrive itself to you. I understand, that I never would ask you about any money Friend but if we with you one family I think, that we should be fair with you in relations. And if suddenly when we with you the help I certainly is required can come to you to the aid and help you in difficult minute with your life, my love Friend. At me now tears on eyes and I know, that this one of the biggest my letters for you Friend, but now it is very important for me to understand, that you think of me and as you will consider me. Because in 5-7 days I probably cannot write to you the letter Friend. And if you will not write to me during this time Friend I shall understand, that you have found other girl and I shall wish you only happiness with your loved. Therefore my dear, my love Friend I wait for your letter and at me shiver hands for excitement because I do not know, that you will write to me. I only want to tell to you in end of this letter, that I very much love you Friend and I hope, that you still will write to me. Because you Tatyana very much loves you and waits for your letter.

Letter 2

Hi my man my love a miracle my Friend!!!

I would like to speak you that I wait for you every day and wished to speak you some news. Today in the Internet of cafe under my request have made and have installed the program where we with you can speak in online. This program refers to msn mesenger and there we can speak with you. You only should establish to yourself this program and to add me to yourself. Here where you can receive a site this program www.hotmail.com and then when you will be registered also all you will make can add me in your leaf{sheet} and mine e-mail it tatyanarudina@hotmail.com so we can speak with you so I shall wait for you when you can answer me well? So I hope you can soon speak with me and as inform me when time most well for you to speak with me? I wait for your letter and I hope to speak with you soon yours and only yours Tatyana!!!

Letter 3

Hi my love my kitten Friend!!!

I am glad to write to you and to speak you that I wait yours for the letter that you letters for me is a life understand yours letters give me hope that we shall be sometime together and that there is a sense to wait that there is a sense to love understand write to me I always wait for your letter and hope that you all the same will write to me soon I wait for your letter always. So as soon as you can write to me well know that I all the same shall wait and I hope you will write to me the letter when or I wait and I hope for your answer. Yours and only yours Tatyana!

Letter 4

Hi my love Friend.

I am very glad to dialogue with you Friend and your letters bring to me a lot of pleasure and heat. I hope, my letters are same sensual for you Friend? I shall not write much in this letter. I wish to ask only, okey Friend? Because I to have a small problem, but I think, that it should not concerns our relations. I shall tell the following. I would like to borrow a few money from you Friend if it is possible. It is possible Friend? I promise, that I shall give you this money in a month. It is the loan of money. I do not ask now to me to trust. I only ask about the help if it is possible? You Friend are not obliged to send me any money. It not compulsion. I do not know as you understand this letter, but I require in 170 dollars. My salary will be only next month and this month I did not receive any money. I know, that it sounds absurdly and you can not trust me, but I only ask to borrow this money because I shall have this money only in a month. I should have this money in current of this week. I to understand, that you are possible Friend have absolutely other sights about me. But in end of the letter I only wished to tell to you Friend, that you Friend are very important for me. It not the request. And you can not answer at all this letter and is simple ignore. But I require the help and to me your answer only will be important. "YES" or "NO". Our relations will not stop because of it. I am fine to understand and your problems also Friend. I hope, that I receive your answer soon my love Friend. Always yours faithfully and understanding your loved Tatyana.