Letter(s) from Olga Loskudova to Forrest (USA)


Hello and greetings Mike. I want to speak with you more about me. To me of 28 years. It is a little about my general characteristics. I to weigh 54-56 kg. My growth approximately 171 cm. I
work as the teacher of figure for children of younger age, I show children how correctly to draw. As to my life I live with my brother and the daddy in city Kazan. It approximately to the south of Russia. I live, and I work here. My life here had the sizes. I gave the
structure in internet with I not to want to concern with the man from Russia, which they not to respect the woman and not to know as let's him evade. I concerned the person from Russia then he has deceived me, and I heard that he has other girl. I am significant suffering, but
subsequently all is good. Most of all in a life I do not love treachery of the favourite
person. Probably it that I had in the last trouble with it. A question - which I loved one man in the past, but he has deceived my dreams.

And when I have learned about it, could not arrive in myself very long time. After that I for a long time could not trust men. I have told to you about this case because I want to trust you to
all secrets, and I hope, that you will not have secrets from me, you see only so we can be very good friends who have no secrets from each other.

I would characterize style of my life according to one offer: " do not wish the person whom you do not wish yourselves.. " Such value of a life to me very much to similar, and I would like, that all people on a planet lived precisely as.

I have passed to inform you, that I never was for the husband, and that I never had children. I hope, that you understand, my letters because I am not absolutely well capable to write in
English though I completely understand it, and I can speak. To speak, in English, I have learned at school then I studied at university, and I had the highest estimations. I always very well wanted to speak English. I very good and sympathizing.

Inform me, that you think, about all it.

I think, for the first letter it will be enough information on me. If you want to learn more about me you can write to me on mine e-mail.

I have written the first letter to you not simply so, I have written it because you very much loved me as the person. I want, learn about you in the greatest possible degree, and directly I
shall tell to you about me directly. Also I think that our friendship will not lose sense, and becomes stronger every day.

It would be desirable to see your letter shortly
To be cautious.


Letter 2

Hello my love Mike!!!
I am glad to receive your letter. I want to tell that is not necessary to be afraid that I do not love you.
I very much you like to be with you. Understand Mike that you are necessary for me I cannot to live without you. You my unique the man, and I would shall take part you what you was not. I love you. We very for a long time together. Now I want only sex with you. I want to live with you.
I have found almost all money. Remained only 300 $. I hope for you. But I am confident that you will send me what money.
But know that if you it will make that I shall be at you shortly.
To you the address.

Republic Tatarstan.
city: Kazan
Korolenko, st. 58, apt.38
Postal code: 420094
full name - Olga Ozhiganova

Yes a picture I send you her. It is a picture only for you my love. I very much you. I hope to receive your help as soon as to you it will be convenient to send her.

P.S If you do not want to be with me that better to me do not write. I not that without you.
I love you......