Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Loskudova to Ivon (Norway)

Hello Ivon!!! Today I have received your letter. I am very glad to him.
Because I want to get acquainted with you closer.
I ask you more to me write letters and describe myself and the life.
And still I ask you to send me your photo. I to you shall tell, I shall more precisely write a little bit about myself:
My name is Tatyana. my surname Seryogina. now to me of 28 years.
My birthday on August, 7. I live in small city Cheboksary. I from Russia.
I was born in it city and all time here a vein.
Here very beautifully especially in the winter. I work in city hospital as the children's doctor.
I love the work, like to help children. I in general very strongly love children.
But children while at me are not present, because I do not have neither the husband, nor guy.
In free time from work I read books, I listen to beautiful music.
Sometimes I visit theatre and museums. I have a healthy way of life.
I go to a sports hall, very much I love a nature.
Answer why you have decided to find to yourselves the friend through Internet?
How for a long time you search love in the Internet?
You have correspondence with other girls from Russia?
I finish the letter and very much I wait for your answer. Your new Russian girlfriend Tatyana!!!!
Letter 2

Hello Ivon!!! How you do my new friend Ivon? How in you weather in city? How your work?
I am very glad to receive your letter! I am very glad, which I have an
opportunity to write to you.
I am glad, that I loved you. I have understood it because you have written to me the answer to my letter.
I search for true love. I hope, that our dialogue will pass.
I wish to have frank and fair dialogue with you. I am capable to fall in love only with the frank person.
Write to me more about itself and a life. It will be interesting to study to me as passes your days of week.
I with pleasure shall tell to you about me directly. If you wish to learn, that something about me asks to not change.
I to you shall tell to fair the truth. Since the childhood me taught to those, to to not say lies! My formation was very strict.
In me very good and cultural family. Now I wish to tell more about me directly and my life.
Now I live in an apartment of my parents with my father. My daddy the driver of the lorry. It has cargoes across all Russia.
And therefore it often does not happen at home.
Unfortunately I cannot tell to you about mum. It has died, when to me there were 8 years.
Mum has died tragical death. The daddy does not like to recollect it, therefore I know about mum, and its death has insufficiently.
I think to the daddy very difficultly to locate with death of mum till now. To us it is very bad without it. We on it very urgently are absent.
Mum of the father my favourite grandmother has been borrowed on my formation.
It was very fair, strict person. Since the childhood the grandmother has
accustomed me to be fair with people.
Unfortunately it has died in 2003. It is difficult to recollect for me the
grandmother, but you should know about me all.
I have finished high school in my city. My school to be close to my apartment.
After school, I worked in medicine of college. In college I have studied 4 years.
There I have studied English language, therefore I write to you letters without the translator.
After college, I wished to work to university. But to receive university
formation in Russia it it is very dear.
It for me a unique opportunity to earn money. Thus I should go to work.
I love very much children, therefore I have gone to work in children's city hospital. My work spoils me a lot of time and forces.
I would not have time what to find true love. Now the Internet for me a unique opportunity to find the beloved.
I not during long time have started to use the Internet for search of love.
You the first, whose structure to me to similar. I am very glad, that you have answered me.
I search for love on the Internet not a lot of week. You mine the first the person to whom I write letters.
My dream now to create family. I am very tired from loneliness.
The majority of my girlfriends is already married. The message with girlfriends, I see, that the internal life happens various.
Life of my girlfriends - various. In a life of my girlfriends there are many various events as bad and good.
I have very boring life. All my life transfers work. Now I am lonely.
It for me to come home in an empty apartment. Now I am completely ready what to create family.
I can offer much for the sake of a good internal life. While I cannot name you, but it is short, will change!!
The justification for my big letter. I did not clean your hopes concerning time very much from.
I wished to describe a life in detail. I hope to you, it was interesting.
I hope to receive news from you answer Ivon. I think, that I not than have not offended you in this letter. I look forward to hearing.
Letter 3

Hello Ivon!!! How your day today? How your mood?
I have excellent mood because have received the letter from you. I for a long time have noticed that my day depends on my mood.
When I have excellent mood my affairs go it is excellent. Thank you for your letters.
Your letters make my day good. I have very much told about myself. I would want that you knew about me more.
I tell about myself because I think my letters make us closer. You agree?
Yesterday mine father has returned from business trip. Him sent through Baltic to the Russian city of Kaliningrad.
After the business trips he always calls on me. Father very much loves me. Till now he counts me a small daughter.
From the business trips it he always brings to me many souvenirs.
This time he has brought to me ear rings from silver. My father always to me tells about the business trips.
He was in many cities of Russia. Very much to like him city of Kaliningrad.
This city belonged before Germany. Began to belong to Russia after the second world war.
At a meeting we always tell each other all news. I to him have told that I have correspondence with you.
It was interesting to him to listen about it. he asked about you. He asked as I treat you.
What I wait from our correspondence? How you treat to me?
What you wait from our correspondence? He set to me is a lot of questions.
I to him have told all about you, that you wrote to me. I have shown him your photo.
You have very much liked him. He has wished us, that at us all was good in the future.
I frequently present our meeting. I reflect on our conversation at a meeting.
How you to yourself imagine it? I present it as a meeting of friends. Any relations it of dialogue. You are glad to our dialogue?
At you new feelings, after my first letter have appeared to me? What you now to me test?
I seem to me with everyone the letter shall find out a lot of new about you. It means we become closer.
Unfortunately now I one. With me there is no beside liked man.
To me would like to escape in dreams about you. I constantly present you in ideas.
Yesterday sleep dreamed me where we talked at a meeting.
My sleep speak me about my most secret ideas. I wish you good luck!!! Let your day will be better!!! With love yours Tatyana!
Letter 4

Hi my lovely Ivon!!! It is very pleasant to me to receive your letter which you have written to me today.
I was very pleasant to read it. When I read your letter, I on the person had a smile.
I so am glad to it. I have clearly explained all of you, and now you began me to trust.
How are you doing? How is the weather? How do you feel?
It is important to me to know how do you feel because I very strongly value you.
And me your life is important, I very strongly love you!
And you my most favourite and dear person. Know that I very strongly love you my dear Ivon.
I'm fine and perfectly. Today I have asked in hospital the day off.
And I did not go for work. I have decided to go to travel agency to learn cost of all my trip.
Because you have asked me in the letter that I have learned it.
I was in travel agency in the afternoon.
Now I shall explain to you. In the beginning I shall write all cost of my trip.
1) I should issue the visa on the name. It costs 112 euros.
2) I should make to myself the passport for travel abroad which 140 euros cost.
3) the insurance on the name is necessarily necessary to Me. Cost of
registration 100 euros.
4) Travel up to Moscow that I could take away all the documents will costs about 200 euros!
5) And the most important thing is a purchase of tickets. They cost 1215 euros.
The total sum turns out 564 euros + 1215 euros (purchase of tickets) = 1779
Here I should be given this sum to travel agency.
Because my documents should make in Moscow, and on it it is necessary tens days.
Time that them to take away from Moscow is necessary to me.
Still I should confirm them in the embassy. To me should order tickets for the necessary day. I today have lead a lot of time in travel agency.
We with the main manager chose to me the necessary documents.
I signed the necessary papers. You chose to me tickets.
As in the plane many any things which need to be chosen.
I have chosen the cheapest flight. In my compartment there will be places for not smoking.
As I do not love a lot of smoke from cigarettes. So I have chosen places for not smoking people.
To me showed many different tickets with the different prices.
There there were tickets and on 2000 euros, and there were tickets which cost many money.
But I have decided to choose the most accessible ticket on our money.
And we have chosen the ticket which costs only 1215 euros. Some hours back I have left agency and has gone home to make the business and a little to have a rest.
Because I am very strongly tired in agency, and it was required to me of a few rest.
Here now I have come to the Internet of cafe to write to you the letter. Know that I on you very strongly miss. I do not have not enough your caress and love.
Every day I think a lot of time about you. Because you my ideal men.
In my life I love the father, but I love it as the father.
And true my love is you my darling Ivon.
I wish to be as soon as possible with you. Here now I again shall go home and on you I shall miss.
I hope, that you can write to me today the letter.
I ask you to write to me the answer. And I wish to ask to you the most important question...
You can help me with this sum of money?
Because money it is necessary to give necessarily to travel agency that my documents had time to make all about the necessary day.
As our meeting should be necessarily. We should reunite our love.
I shall not cease to repeat much many times, that I VERY STRONGLY LOVE you!
I send you one million magic kisses which will bring to you success per day.
I with impatience wait for your letter. I on you shall miss... With love your future wife Tatyana
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