Scam letter(s) from Natalia Ershova to Daryl (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings the my dear friend Daryl!!!
It is writen to you by me Natalya.
I very much waited for your answer. I am very glad, that you have decided to answer me.
Your leter means for me much.
You probably are surprised, what i have decided to write to you?
I want to tell to you a history about how i have decided to take advantage the Internet to find to itself the friend.
All the matter is that I was born and I live in very small small town.
The name of this small town - Berezniki, the Perm area.
My city very small. I to you necesarily then shall more in detail tell about the city.
Not looking on anything, it very beautiful. Let it and small, but it very lovely.In it it is a lot of trees.
Especially beautifully in the summer, when it is posible to leave for city to see The nature which surrounds it.I love the city because here I was born and have grown.
All the matter is that in my city is not present work, because the basic The profit was from factories which, are in our city, now they are not workers.
In my city there is not enough youth because prospects to live and develop in it are not present also everyone leave from him who where can.
If I had oportunity, I too would leave it. Thereforie i have decided to get acquainted with the person who lives in other country.
I already completely adult person, but at me was not present family. I very much would like that near to me the beloved was.
My parents of already enough advanced age and they live in village, in several kilometers from city.
I still have senior sister who is married and lives in the other city. I with the girlfriend remove an apartment, in which two rooms and kitchen.
As you already know to me 29 years, and i was born on April, 19 1977.On a sign on the zodiac I Aries.
Here again, in the same city my parents, the sister and my friends were born.
When I was small at me there were many friends.
But now the majority of them have parted on diferent cities of Russia.
After school I have acted and have finished university, Branch of the Perm state technical university on a speciality the engineer - builder.
It seems to me that it is very good trade, but presently she simply is not claimed.
After university I could not find to myself work, notwithstanding what at me higher education, therefore I began to study on the qualified rates of stylists and hairdresers.
Now I work in hairdresser's interior, the hairdreser.
Very much I like my work.I have no that earnings which would would be desirable me, but to me to like to be engaged in favourite business.
I communicate with people and at us amicable collective on work My work not so complex, but all the same I very well concern to to all.
My life proceeds and has no any changes. At me in a life was some novels.
But now it seems to me, that all this was not serious.
I am at present very lonely. To me very much it would be desirable to meet to itself such person,
Which will care of me. Which will love me. I very much the romantic person and consequently I would like pure and sincere love of which I always dreamed.
Recently I have learned, that there are various agencies where it is posible to get acquainted with the person to whom it is possible to conect the destiny.
And I have taken advantage of such oportunity.Now i shall answer why i have chosen you.
When I have seen your photo something inside me has told what exactly i should write to it.
And now I see your answer. I see that you, as well as I want to find second half.
I very much hope that we with you can find common language and that we with You we shall make friends. I very much would like to learn about you more.
It is very interesting to me where do you live and where you worke?
I shall wait your answer. I would like to see your photos, you could not send me!
For now I say goodbye to you and with impatience I wait for your leter!!!
With the best regards your new friend from Russia Natalya
Letter 2

Greetings the my dear friend Daryl!!!
I was very glad to receive your leter because it means, that you Too in me has become interested. I very much want to find in you the friend.
I should inform you, that I cannot write to you every day.
All the mater is that I write to you from the Internet of cafe. You know that this such?
I think that in your city there is an Internet of cafe.
I have no own computer. And consequently I cannot write to you every day.
But I shall try to answer at once all your leters.
It was very pleasant for me to read your leter. To me was as very interestingly To learn about you.I would like to know about you even more. I like all that you write to me.
All this is very interesting to me.
I would like to tell to you more about myself. I do not love alcohol!!!!
I can drink only a glass of red wine because it is useful for an organism and that if it on the big holiday New year or my birthday.
And others I do not bear kinds of alcohol.
I as negatively concern to smoking, therefore I would like to know yours opinion on all it?
It is interesting to me to know any details of your life. It is interesting to me in what Your work will consist? You could not tell about it more in detail?
As I already spoke you, I the hairdreser though I have the diploma in the maximum formation.
In my country it is very important. Without these crusts it is very difficult to be employed.
And absolutely not important on this speciality you will work whether or not!
The main thing that the diploma was, and the rest is not important. This Russia and here the laws.
Sometimes there is an impression, that here still communism.
It is a pity to me, that my earnings is very small. Approximately 110 dollars.
It suffices me only to pay for an apartment which to me should be removed.
Well and certainly on to eat. I want to know more about your family.
I live together with the good girlfriend. I should rent the apartment to be closer to the work.
I already wrote to you, that my parents live behind city, in village. And consequently we very seldom meet.
Sometimes at me does not remain to time even on the days off sees them To have to work, if there is such opportunity and to earn additionally more money. I leave on the house and I do wedding and evening hairdreses.
Earlier I lived with the parents but when I have acted in university to me was necessary To leave them, to leave for city and to begin an independent life.
I have already got used to that I frequently am one. But most of all I do not like to fall asleep one.
Though I have already got used to this. To me it becomes sometimes very sad,
Because I know, that when I shall come home I will be met there only by my girlfriend, instead of my husband or even the beloved.
And the girlfriend frequently too does not happen at home.
She works as the seller in shop, works as day on changes.
I even sometimes would not like to go home, but I do not want now about it To speak. At me very good mood, in fact I have received your letter and I write to you the answer!
Write to me in detail about the family.At my parents two children, it is my sister and I.
When I was small I very much wanted the senior brother that it protected me from only.
But so it has turned out in a life, that in family there were only we the sister And both more little girls though in the childhood very strongly fighted.
Directly as the present boys.
We were favourite children at the parents and they for us much that have made in this life, for what we are very grateful to them.
It is very a pity, that now all seldom we gather, all we live in diferent places and very much we miss.
It for me people close and expensive to me.
Tell to me more about that where do you live?
I already spoke you, that I very romantic person.
I very much like to dream. I like when the man very beautifully looks after the girl.
I very much love verses.
I would like to meet you further, it probably would be very interesting.
I very much would want to speak with you, looking in your eyes Daryl.
But all this in the future, and now to me would be desirable to learn you better.
It is very interesting to me to read everything, that you will write to me also I would like to see more Your photos.
I hope to see your leter tomorow.
Already I start to miss!!!!!!!!!
With the best regards your friend Natalya
Letter 3

Hi my dear Daryl!!!
It is very interesting to me to receive each time your leter. I very much also am very happy.
Reading I learn your leter about you more and more and more every day.
I am very glad, that have met such interesting person.
I as am glad that we with you continue our acquaintance. Very much it is pleasant to me to answer all your questions.
So ask, and I shall be with pleasure to answer them.
I would like to know about weather in your city?
At us weather not the best, but is necesary to be pleased and to this.
How your health? I hope, that all is good!
How your afairs on work?
It was very interesting to me to learn your opinion concerning harmful habits.
For me it was very important to know your opinion.
With each new letter more and more you also is more very interesting to me Life. I like to read how you speak about the family.
You very interesting person and to like me with you to communicate Tell, it would be interesting to me to know about that than you are engaged in free Time? What do you prefer?
At me the free time but when it is I very much theatre and cinema is not enough love.
I try to visit everyone to prime-minister theatre and a cinema. Certainly on how many it only is posible,
sometimes there is no time, and sometimes there is no money.
But all the same I madly like to look diferent performances and films.And you love theatre?
I very much like! The theatre probably is, more, because there alive people, alive actors.
It is more interesting to look at them, how they play on a stage.
For me it is the special world in which to plunge and you start to live by his rules and in his world.
I probably, most of all love dramas. It is much more interesting to me, than Comedies. Such things as tragedies and dramas leave the greater trace in your soul.
I love psychological products. And even I give to cinema Preferences to those films where it is possible to cry.
I like to reflect above performance or film. I can sometimes see this or that film some times.
That precisely all to understand and all to understand.
All the matter is that having looked film once, we understand it only on the one hand.
And when you look more and more you notice many things which on the first viewing has passed.
Also performance. Any does not happen is similar to another.
Actors play each time on another. As one well-known artist has told, it is impossible to write the same picture will be identical All the same she something yes to difer from previous. Precisely as well performance.
Therefore I like to look all on some times to understand from diferent directions. I even re-read your leters again and again.
I do not want that to pass! So! In general I love serious products which force me to reflect on a life.
And what you prefer to read? I love Russian classics, there are favourite books and among modern writers, such as Pelevin.
Still it is pleasant to me Paulo Koelio?
You sometime heard about it? I very much like his books though them at him not so and it is a lot of.
But I have read already all. Now with impatience I wait new products.
His books are read very easily. In them it is possible to learn a lot of new and interesting to itself. And you have favourite author?
When I was the child I wanted to become the doctor, and it is even better the surgeon. It seems to me that it is very interesting trade.
At me necesarily it would turn out. I so would like to treat, help people.
To do diferent operations, to go in a white dressing gown and to smell as medicines.
But I the hairdreser and in spite of on anything I very much love the work.
I like to do hairstyles and hairdreses, to do people beautiful.
It is very pleasant when the person becomes much more beautiful, than was and leaves from you in good mood.
And this mood is then transferred you, therefore I think, that it is simply healthy!
And you as think?I shall finish the leter.
Also I shall be very glad to answer all your questions. If you something Interests, you can easily set to me them.
I would like to know more what you like?
To know about your friends?
At me not so it is a lot of friends, but those which are very much close and good people.
And consequently I would like to know about yours.
I am very glad to our acquaintance.
With impatience I wait for your answer Daryl.
Yours Natalya.
P.S On it a photo, we with mum
Letter 4

Greetings the my dear friend Daryl!!!
It is writen to you again by me, yours Natalya .
I am madly happy to write the answer to you my dear.
Thanks you for so beautiful photo of you, I enjoyed it a photo of you and surounding nature.
Today I want to tell in detail to you about the native city where I live, and where I was born and have grown.
My city as you already know refers to Berezniki. It is located in the Perm area, not so is far from the city of Perm.
Our city is based in 1932 and is city of regional submision. I already spoke you, that it not the big small town.
It is located in, 278 kms to the north from Perm.
On a place of modern city in 17 century there were salt-making crafts.
There were salt-making and soda factories, one of the very first in Russia.
The city of Berezniki is considered one of the most polluted cities of Russia.
Our city costs directly on the left coast of the river Kama, here there is Kama a water basin.
Earlier on coast the island where many birches grew was and it named the Birch forest.
And you sometime saw birches? On how many I know, that they grow only in Russia.
These are very beautiful trees, at them curly foliage, and of their kidneys do many medicines and even *****.Well about city, further.
Then the island was made even to coast and on this place have constructed still chemical combine on procesing potash salts.
Our city wanted to name Dzerzhinsk, but then nevertheless have named Berezniki.
Our city in due time was considered as one of the centers of the chemical industry.
Yes city very beautiful, though also smal. Beside the river proceeds.
We with friends like to be on the nature, to bathe and sunbathe on coast of the river in the summer.
We even have favourite places on the nature where we go only.
I wanted you to tell the address.
Natalya Ershova.
The Perm area.
Street.May Day.
D. 39. sq. 11. 618400
Only, please, do not send me anything. It is the address on which I i rent an apartment.
And I can leave from this apartment at any time, at me here not that is not present stable.
If you want to send me a gift or a card it to do does not cost. All the matter is that your gift will go about two months.
Also it is not known it wil reach whether or not. I think, that if you will give me the adress I can send you something.
So, that with following the letter I wait your address. Write to me also about the country, about the traditions.
In turn I shall tell to you about Russia.
It is very big and interesting country. It is possible to write the whole book, listing all its traditions and foundations.
The majority of holidays orthodox. They have the dramatized representations. It is very interesting and beautiful.
If you want, I can tell about our holidays more in detail.
In our country set of holidays about which you probably also did not hear. There are many traditions to mark these holiday.
Russian people there is nobody are not similar. Speak. That they can be learned in any country because it is Russian.
I recently looked transfer how Russian women leave abroad. Also tell, that about Russia foreigners think.
They think, that we do not have TVs, that we live on cellars and at all alcoholics.
Yes I agree, that many people in Russia like to drink, and that in Russia a life very heavy.
But it is far from being everyone live on cellars. Simply in our country there are not enough workplaces, and people have no place to work.
Therefore they become an inveterate drunkard and sel the apartments and start to live in the street.
But I think, that such people are and in other countries.This does not speak that all in the country such.
The population of Russia is very superstitious. Also has thought up many signs.
For example, if the person with empty buckets towards comes acros is unfortunately.
Before a long journey it is necesary to sit all family. In general will accept much.
They can be listed and listed and in one letter they will not go in.
I tried to describe to you the country so that you could present her. And I hope, that at me it has turned out.
It would be very interesting to me to learn about your country and its traditions.
And consequently I with impatience shall wait for your leter.
Yours Natalya
Letter 5

Greetings my dear Daryl!!!
Today I have woken up in very good mood. I was very glad to find your leter.
It was very pleasant for me to read it.
It is pleasant for me to hear from you that the personal hairdreser is necesary for you,
It is certainly beter to me to be at you than to remain here and to work. And I certainly well work as scisors and it at me not badly turns out.
As I wrote to you I receive 110 dollars a month, it is very small earnings.
Here do not apreciate my tinder because I from provinces. From village.
I do not want to argue with you but the city of Berezniki as the m studied at school that it has been based finally in 1932 and it is more precisely 278 kms from Perm. As from Perm there are not far cities of Izhevsk and Kudymkar and Solikamsk.
Yes I certainly know that the city of Berezniki is rich lick salts and this mineral salt use and in receptions baths and since.
I am grateful to you for a photo of yours the nature it valid very beautiful places and very much it was pleasant to me.
I as am very glad to continue our dialogue and I think, that you that person with whom I would like to continue to communicate.
And to not be limited only to leters.
I feel, that my heart of me is not deceived also by me really believe you and I feel reciprocity.
At once I want you to warn, I do not want, that in our attitudes the deceit was. I want that at us with you all was under construction on trust.
Because I think, that it is very important.I always spoke and I shal speak you only the truth. Because I do not see sense to deceive you and I ask this and from you. You very lovely and kind person.
I really want to find to myself of the worthy partner with which I can build further strong atitudes and on for a long time.
In which I can see the present the man and loving, gentle person.
I like to think of you. I like to represent us with you.
I present, as our atitudes will develop in the future.
I can sincerely tell to you, that simply I am in such condition when I constantly think of you.
And if to tell the truth, I like to think of you Daryl.
I have no many friends, but all of them is very close to me. They consider that I very cheerful and optimistic person.
I very much feel their love and fidelity.If at me remains though a few free time I spend it with friends.
I can tell, that this one of the best and most favourite my employment.
Where I would not go, if with me my friends that everything else is not becomes important. At once it is always cheerful and good!
In people I very much apreciate honesty and sincerity.I do not bear a deceit and treachery.
I want to trust. That there are such people on our ground, want to meet such person who can divide with me as pleasure and happiness, and to mountain.
All half-and-half! In fact the most important that people could support each other in various situations. How you think?
It is very dificult for me to tell all that I want.
So it is a lot of, it would be desirable you to tell about itself much and it is pleasant to me,to tell to you about itself.
I very much like to study various languages. Probably it is interesting to you where I studied language? First I learned it at school.
It always was the important subject. Then I studied it at university and I can communicate well enough and freely on it.
At least I write to you always itself, I think, that I have received a good level of knowledge of the English language.
At us enough not badly teach language at university.I as think, that knowledge of various languages it - very useful thing in our life.
And you know what languages? You would like to study what languages?And you give what language preference?
It is interesting to me to know, whether you understand everything, what I write to you? You understand my English?
You love the work? Write to me, please, in your life she borrows what part.
By the way I want to tell to you, that I informed about you to my girlfriends. They are very glad for me.
They always experience for me and very much were delighted, that we with you are copied, that at us with you such warm atitudes.
Me interests, whether you informed the friends on our corespondence?
Simply I think, that it is especial the private afair two person.
You know, I would not like, that my leters were read by someone the stranger. This very personal. I hope you understand about what I speak.
There can be it only my opinion, but it is important for me, and not simply important, and very important!!!
I very much ask you, to be with me fair. I want, that you always wrote to me the truth.
I do not love lie. I think, what there is no such person it is pleasant to whom when it is deceived?
Therefore I want to tell, that if you will deceive me to us beter at once to stop all our atitudes.
And lie it is enough deceit in my country, diferent people continually turn. Which want you to deceive.
To take away something at you all familiar women continually tell histories from the life as have been severely deceived by men.
As they were thrown also by them there were in this life one which were still much and with children on hands and without work.
But the most important that in soul and on heart remains very big and not healing wound.
That then it is very dificult for someone to believe and let in the heart and the life It I is exact on itself I know!
But I very much hope, that you not such! I believe you! I know, that you the person of a word and present the man!
On it I shall finish the leter. It is very a pity to me, that I cannot see your eyes when I speak all this Daryl.
I with impatience shall wait your leter.
Your friend Natalya
Letter 6

Greetings my dear Daryl!!!
I was very glad to read your leter.
It was very interesting to me to read your opinion concerning my leter.
I very much like to receive your leters. With each your new leter I feel, that we become more close to each other. Though certainly anything It is imposible to tell about that distance that divides us.
Dear you sometime thought of it? How you think it can divide us?
Or all of us can proceed this barier? I very much would like to know your opinion.
Very interestingly what weather at you now?
Though and between us the huge distance, this distance divides us, but it does not prevent me to think of you.
You, probably, interests " Why I, the nice young woman, I search for the person abroad? ". I shall try to answer this question.
I certainly am not sure, that you will understand me, but I shall try to explain.
Russia very beautiful, big, but the poor country.
Answer to yourself how you understand sense of a word family? It seems to me, that everyone Diferently. But everyone thinks that is some responsibility,
There are some duties. You understand, Russian men probably very badly understand this sense. For me understanding of family very big.
Family are two persons loving each other. It is your house, this that place,
Which is the most dear to you on light. I shall not write to you more in than for me the sense of family consists.
I think, that you understand me. Russian men do not want to incur the responsibility.
They consider,that the child is a care of mother, that only mother should wory about the child.
Many men change, they simply cease to love the wives.
It seems to me, that if there is no love it is easier to leave at once young, what it was possible to create family then.
But men besides start to drink. they become alcoholics. Yes, it so.
Even young guys, they not wish to work, they want to take alcoholic drinks.
They do not think, that relatives sufer from their behaviour.
In fact such people become simply unguided in a state of intoxication.
They beat women, is simple so, simply they like to beat, humiliate women.
I do not understand, how it is posible to lift hand on the woman, mother of your children.
In fact it very much low, is possible even to tell meanly.
And wives should sufer all this. Wives should love husbands. But so in fact not Should be! It is simply abnormal, when to you change, beat. It is not so much a bit too physically, how many morally, sincerely hurt.
It is very hurt, when your loved, for the present the favourite, native person, scoffs at you.
At me enough such examples. It many times happened with my familiar and friends.
I do not want, that with me would happen same.
Simply when you meet the person, it is fine for you. But then, in one year or two joint lives it becomes simply unrecognizable.
Therefore, very easily to be mistaken. I do not want to myself such. It is very a pity to me of those girls who have tested such.
As so it is posible to act, at me simply does not go in.
For this reason I want to have attitudes with you.You understand me corectly, I want serious atitudes with you.
Because I see what you fair, the kind and open person.
It it can not be visible at first sight, because all people can carry masks.
And at you it too was, but I am capable to make out in you the kind and loving person.
I shall wait very much for your leter.
I very much want to read your ideas in this occasion!!!
Yours Natalya
Letter 7

Greetings, greetings my dear Daryl!!!
I am very happy to read your next leter. To me was very much It is interesting to learn your opinion concerning my experiences.
I see, that you you understand about what I to you I speak. I am glad, that you support me.
It means for me much. I like to learn about your interests, ideas and felings.
At us now a good solar flying weather and now 30 degrees C, and at me fine years mood.
Thanks you for the next photo, was very pleasant for me also I with the great pleasure looked at you and on your beautiful nature.
I want to tell to you that I like.
I simply adore to listen to music.
She can be diferent directions, she can be various genres and styles.
I canot tell the certain direction in music which involves me Most of all. All depends on my mood. Sometimes I want to dance, and sometimes I simply would like to think of slow and sensual music.
As I very much like classical music. I love music of diferent directions.
I cannot name the certain executors or the name of group. There is a music which it is possible to listen eternaly.
What music is prefered by you?
I very much love cinema. I like to go to cinema because I like a atmosphere.
I love various films. I love various films. They can be both about love, and about a life.
When at me good mood I with pleasure look comedies.
What films are prefered by you? When you last time were at cinema? Whether you love cinema?
Tell to me than you were engaged in these days off? How you have spent?
It is very interesting to me than you like to be engaged in the free time.
If something interests you, you can ask about all. I with pleasure shall answer all questions interesting you.
I like to answer your questions. It is pleasant to me, that you are interested.
I am glad, that you excited with my life as I live and than am engaged.
I like to write to you about my life, about in what I am engaged.
Please, if to you is that to me to tell, write to me.
I shall be very glad to this because I very much like to learn each detail of your life.
Whether you like to travel? Tell to me about it. Tell about the countries in which you were.
What did you see and what was pleasant to you?
It will be very interesting to me to learn about it because I never anywhere was not.
I shall read with the great pleasure your histories.
I wait for your answer!!!
Yours Natalya
Letter 8

Hi my lovely Daryl!!!
Many thanks, that you have not kept me waiting for a long time.
I am very glad to see your leter and to know that at you all well.
Whether I would like to know all well with your health. How your afairs on work?
I'm fine. The life takes its normal course.
I am glad that you liked my photo and as I wrote to you that I have no phone,
You send to me the and as at me the opportunity I with pleasure will appear shall call to you from telegraph,
I too want to hear your voice and to you to be closer.
I always receive huge pleasure from reading your leters.
When I see in the leter box the leter from you I am filed with such fine feeling that I cannot simply transfer words all emotions which test.
I try to transfer you all feelings but to a regret more often my ideas are confused.
You sometimes do not understand me because to me dificultly to express the feelings with the help of words.
My loved Daryl, your leters mean for me much. I once spoke you about it, but I want that you have understood me, have understood my feelings.
My lovely, I do not know, probably, you and have not noticed, but I have very much changed during dialogue with you.
If during our first leters I simply could not believe in existence of such fine and light feeling as love.
I could not believe that I can grow fond of which person even yet did not see in a reality.
But now I actually have believed that the love really exists and it is possible to grow fond of the person whom to be on huge distance from you.
In tens thousand kilometers from me which I even never saw.
If several months ago to me have told, that I shall grow fond of such person I would not believe,
And did not begin to listen to this person. But now I know, that it is possible!
You know, as far as this fine feeling to love. In fact you love me as strongly as well as I you.
The greatest happiness which I ever tested in the life, has presented To me you. This feeling is fine!
You hardly can imagine what hapiness I have tested when you for the first time have written in the letter such three important for me words.
You have writen I love you!
After these words I have literally thawn with hapiness and have decided, that we should see each other in a reality.
I am glad that you want the same as I.
I am glad, because our love will live eternally, but finally she will get stronger after we shall see each other in a reality.
I hope, that we really can see soon each other.
Because I very much do not want that your love to me has died away.
I very much want to see your leters every day. I want to look in your eyes when I want to tell the most secret that is on soul.
I very much would like to feel you. To know, that you beside.
I shall wait for your answer.
For ever yours Natalya
Letter 9

Greetings my dear,Daryl!!!
Today I in excelent mood. But I still do not have you. But I am glad, that I can receive your leters every day.
I hope, that further we shall continue with the same interest to write each other and to tell about the feelings.
I would like to admit this leter, that you for this time became very expensive to me.
I would like to speak with you frankly.
As I think it the most important in atitudes. I think, what you as with me will be frank?
And to me you will speak that you actualy feel to me.
Not looking on anything, I think, what we have agreed?
Earlier in leters I already wrote to you my ideas concerning atitudes on the Internet.
That for me it not simply corespondence, and much more.
And I think, that you as are positively adjusted on it. I think, that to me have very much caried, that have found such person as you.
You really I approach me, and I am ready to be with you. Let has passed not so a lot of time.
Nevertheless I can declare with full sincerity it.
Certainly we can make final conclusions only after we shall lead some time together in the real world.
Instead of with the help of the Internet. And now For us this following step is required. I think, what you as agree with it?
I would like to speak with you about more serious things.
Such as our first meeting, Atitudes and similar words with this sense. I think, that we necesarily should meet.
As I think it very important.
For me. I frequently think of all it.
I think of our first apointment. About our first impresions. And first our words. What do you think of all it?
You sometime thought of it?
How you imagine our first meting?
I as would like to answer you these questions. I think, that before you will answer them.
You would like as to know my opinion and ideas in this occasion.
I do not hide that I think of you frequently. I would like to arrive to you by the plane and to meet you at the airport.
And as all normal girls I dream to receive from you flowers.
To me very much much would be desirable to tell to you personally. I want to speak with you and to look you in the face.
And you can really feel that warmly and sincerity that I want to transfer you.
I would like as to get acquainted with all who surounds you. Those who spends with you time.
I want to get acquainted with your close friends, relatives and it is posible fellow workers.
Everything, that connects you with people, which Surround you, begins to connect and me. As since that moment we become a single whole the friend for the friend.
Write to me the ideas concerning the read leter. I would like to know about everything, that you think.
On it I want to finish the leter with ideas on you.
I kiss you, yours Natalya
Letter 10

Hi my loved and road Daryl!!!
I all the night long today badly slept my dear and thought of an our meeting.
I am overflown with the warmest and fine emotions.
Today I have learned, how we can meet you, my loved.
At last, this fairy tale can turn to a reality.
As I wrote to you that I have no phone, you send to me the and as at me the opportunity I with pleasure will appear shall call to you from telegraph,
I too want to hear your voice and to you to be closer.
My girlfriend who together with me lives in an apartment, has acquainted me with familiar which, in due time, works in travel agency, in our city.
Today I went there, and to me all have told, that it is necesary for this purpose.
That to me to arive to you, I need to issue the passport for travel abroad, and then the visa.
For registration of the visa and passport it is required to me aproximately 420 $. For me it is very big money, as my salary such small (110 $).
And when at me all will be, the passport and the visa. I shall receive in agency only the visa of the tourist she is given for 60 days.
I should arrive to Moscow and with these documents it will be necesary to me in their main ofice which is in Moscow,
And only from there I can arive by the plane to you my lovely.
I can learn the exact information on tickets only when I shall arrive To Moscow also I shall inform to you at once.
My girlfriend works the profesional photographer to Moscow,
And she not races was abroad and knows it that such. And she can help me with a part of money to tickets.
She even did some photos which I sent you in leters.
But I in spite of on anything want to you my loved to arive. I want to meet you to embrace and kiss.
My all ideas only about you, about us. As we already together.
Now I even am afraid to think that money can not sufice me to arrive to you, my pleasure.
All my savings will not sufice to start to legalize all necesary papers.
So to me have told in agency! I already began to collect information and have made photos which will be necesary for me for an information and the passport.
In agency to me have explained, that registration of all documents will borrow no more than week from the moment of payment.
I hope, that you understand, how your help is now necessary for me. I would like to know everything, that you think of it.
To me now very much it is not simple. But I want, that all was resolved as it is possible better, both for me, and for you.
Whether you can send me of money? I very much sufer because of all it. I want, that at us all has turned out.
I do not sleep at the nights because I very much sufer. All this is not simple.
Very much dreams frequently dream me. In these dreams all so is wonderful. We with you carry out evenings together.
To me frequently dreams, as you invite me to dance. As we with you are betraid to dance which bewitches us and we so are happy,
That I cannot describe it words.
When I look at the star sky, it seems to me, that I can pass on it. Then I present, as I on stars go to you. And the distance between us is reduced.
I present, that you go to me towards, you take me in the strong and strong embraces. Then we are betraid to a kiss.
And so it is good us, that it would not be desirable to let each other go.
But then any casual sound will be me, and I understand, that all this only my imaginations, and dreams are more true.
As you have noticed I very much I like to dream. Especially I like to represent us with you. I constantly think of you.
I think of you when I wake up when I lie down to sleep. And I like to think of you. It helps me to live.
I love you! I very much want to see your eyes. I want to see your person. I want to look at you when you will wake up.
I want to observe of you. And, at last, I want, that all our dreams have come true. I very much hope that we shall be together.
As I still can prove to you that everything, that should take place necesarily will take place.
And that to us should be fated to come true necesarily together.
I believe in it and very much I want, that in it you trusted also! I cannot describe it to you in the leter.
It seems to me, that the feelings words to not express.
Especially to not write. I not the great artist and not the poet, I simply the woman who likes and want to be loved.
Feelings can be felt only. It can be noticed under the atitude of the person to you.
As a matter of fact, to write it is possible anything you like. But if you actually believe the person, to you It becomes easier if you do not see it. The most important, that you love it, and that it loves you. Dear, I really want to be with you.
But I cannot transfer you the condition opress. I sufer that you are very far from me. I want, that you have understood me.
I would not want that you doubted of me. It is very important for me, that you think of me.
It is important for me to know your opinion. I do not think, that I hurry events.
I do not want to be silent, when my heart speaks that is hard for it without you that is hurt it.
That it searches heat, your heat. You are necesary for me only. I cannot forbid to love to the heart.
To me also in agency have told as you can list money resources.
As they to me have told the fastest and safe way transfer of money through the western union.
On my full name of a name and a surname Natalya Ershova.
Also number MTCN is necesary still, that I could receive from you translation in bank my lovely.
I with impatience wait for your answer.
For ever yours Natalya
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