Scam letter(s) from Larisa Bondaletova to Brian (USA)


Hello, my dear Thomas!!!
I am very glad to receive news from you again. When I read your letters, it seems to me, that I also know you long. And I think, that my letters and pictures like you, and I shall send you my new photos. I feel, how with each letter you become closer for me. It is pleasant for me, that you invite me to you directly, that I have visited you as the visitor, I could accept your invitation. I am tired from a life here without the person, which I can become loving, and you - unique, who warm me, and give me force to live. You see, that we became much closer, than ever before. You cannot imagine in all that you mean for me. You mean much. You can ask, it is possible: why. I do not know. But I really know - that you for me became very close person.
I never knew such beautiful soul as yours. You have opened it once for me and were never closed. Now I open my soul for you. I give you my heart and my offer. I thought of you last night. I think, you unbiassed and is fair to me. Now I completely to trust you, and you have begun for me to relatives and the native person to which I can open heart. I speak All of you it yours faithfully, I am not going to deceive you and to play with your feelings, and I hope, that you also will be fair under the relation to me. I like to read through letters from you. My heart always missing when I see when I see the message from you in my box of the letter. Then I eat it as a whole lines and only the ambassador whom I read to this carefully some times. I become the grasped aspiration from you. I do not want it, you have been put forward with my feelings. Excuse me if I am too expressive. Possibly, you did not expect it from me? But something has changed a way of my life recently, and I believe, that it - you.
I think of you each hour and every minute. It is a pity to me, that we not friends during long time.
I know, that there can be, I - hopeless romantic, but I really believe, that to ours the Meeting through the Internet - the best thing which could, happened with us.
I wish you remarkable day! Larisa.
Letter 2

Hello my favourite Thomas!!!
You - one of the best people with which I ever informed in my life. Though we communicate through e-mail, I believe, that it - is not a lot of from various from real conversation. In the past I ignored the Internet-communications with whom is and did not understand, that it could be so bright and is delightful. Before the letter to you something has changed in my opinion which has told to me to try (why is no). And now I am happy, that it took place. And now I read your letters, they are full of emotions of a heat and Sympathy to me. I start to understand, that my life is not meaning without you because I love you, I think, that during that time, that we we write each other, we have very much taken place together and between us, the feeling has appeared, I think, that we are necessary the friend the friend. I constantly think of you. I afflict without you very much. You are in my heart. I know, that I demand you very much, and it is very pleasant for feeling for me, that you demand me also. I always think of you, about our meeting, about our feature. Now I feel, that you - my second half. And I wish to be with you most of all on this planet. I am lonely in this huge world, and now I have found you. I wish to inform you to this, my feelings and words concerning you always were yours faithfully, and I always understood, that we place the big trust, that our union would be real. Now I am assured to be relative all of 100 to which I can trust to you. And you - that person who is necessary for me. When I read your letter, I saw in this your sincerity and fidelity to me. I have made your letter for me directly big conclusion which is possible to express in three words, I LOVE YOU!!!
Today I weigh day thought only of you as we shall meet you. I to present it to me is direct, as you meet me at the airport as we search, each other for eyes, we find, and we rush into embraces each other.
Today fine day, but I it is sad, because we so Far apart. Between us huge ocean, but in ideas I it is direct. I to love you and for ever in your ideas. I wait your letter it is important. For ever yours Larisa.
Letter 3

Hello my love Thomas!!!
I was happier, today when to see your precious letter. I even sometimes to speak an internal voice, that this letter from my favourite person. Each time when I start to read your letter I to make it with admiration and love to you. Also I cannot wait, when I can grasp you gentle hands and give you a sweet kiss. And I am assured, that it to compel us to enjoy both. It would be unforgettable pleasure.
Each time when I start to write to you to the letter all my words which you receive from me, leave heart. In my heart there are deep feelings for my favourite person, which also dreams to grasp me in embraces. I so strongly love you!!! I know, that we for all this time which we inform through the Internet, have found out about each other very well. But you also should agree with me, that it - is not enough of this, and it is necessary to meet for us you.
I during long time thought of this, but it always is in my ideas, and I cannot hide from you desire of rather our meeting more. And I am assured, that to you will seem the serious decision to meet in the person, but we should have together with you the common decision, and it seems to me, it also is necessary to meet this purpose. I am completely ready to continue this step but as we can meet you and completely feel all feelings which are kept in my heart for you my love.
I to regret today, I have no time more to write this letter, and it is necessary to close it. And I cannot wait when to see yours the letter of rather our meeting. I hope, that you will be pleased it, and we can solve what to make further. And I cannot simply wait, when you will speak for the first time with me words of love. I very much grieve without you fine!!!
Always your love Larisa.
Letter 4

Hello my love Thomas!!! I waited at the moment when I again shall receive from you, the letter and this happy an instant of profit, and I can find out, that you think of my previous letter. Your letters fill my life with sense. I to start to understand, that my life does not represent any value without you because I love you.
I have told about us to girlfriends, they are very glad, that I have found happiness, and that I shall leave to you. Certainly, they will miss on me. When I am close to you, I shall be as behind of a stone wall. It seems to me, that we already on agree each other with, we as though the husband and the wife only, unfortunately, divided on huge distance. But, not supervision us should continue to love it each other and to trust each other, you agree with me?
I cannot make with me directly, it is love, she sings in me as a bird in the spring sky, I think, that it is destiny, it can be dangerous, but I madly love you. Your letters are filled by such heat and care, and in me of tear of pleasure, sometimes which operate. I think " My God, thanks, that you have helped me to find my unique person, and I hope, that we shall incorporate to this, and we shall be happy ". I dream of our meeting and as we shall go with you to hold for hands as we shall care one behind another and as we shall make love.
I cannot find money as also me it very would not be desirable to ask you, but it is possible, that you wish to help me with money. I shall be very grateful to you and as soon as I can arrive to you, I shall search for work to come back to you of money. For me item abuse will return it to you of money. I wish to tell once again to you, that you can help me if only you have desire to make it. Do not think, that I to ask it you as I have never asked the person for one money. I always try to solve problems without whose that help. It is a unique case when I cannot solve this problem without your help. Today I have found out, how it is more convenient for you for sending money to me. To me have told, that system the Western Union the most convenient and fast system of remittances. Only it will be necessary for sending for you money to my name and this the address of bank: VOCBANK.
ZIP CODE: 603600.
MY FULL NAME: LARISA BONDALETOVA. After you to send for me money, to you should give special a code (MTCN) which is necessary to send me. Please, do not pass to write to me this information, in another way I cannot receive money in bank.
I LOVE YOU, I WANT YOU, YOU FOR EVER In my HEART, In my IDEAS. I dream, as you will carry me on hands to capture me, to kiss and caress my gentle body. It is a pity, that it only dreams and whether is doomed to be carried out to them, the God knows only. I hope soon to see your letter.
Your letters were filled in my intimate pleasure and happiness. You have shown me, that I can love again, I know it because I afflict without you. I to love you and I start to understand, which love this such strong feeling, I am glad, that I could check up it because of you.
Yours for ever Larisa!!!
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