Scam letter(s) from Vitalia Gavrilyuk to Bill (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Bill Thank you for letter We have a general topic I mean election.
My dad was completely busy at work. On television he had to prepare a material about a presidential candidate whom he personally dislike. The very fact of his personal attitude was of no specific matter; the only thing that was really unpleasant was the one that he had to paint him white and to substitute facts in favour of some fairytales about him. He went to the University where the meeting was held in support of the said candidate but then the prorector of the University started to agitate quite openly in favour of this candidate. The material was good but it emerged later that the prorector as a University official had no right to force students to vote for this candidate. Anyway, the material was aired before the entire problem emerged before his eyes and caused a real scandal. His chief said (privately, of course) that he has now to prepare a real high-quality material about this candidate showing him a real follower of the great Ukrainian rulers of the past. Also I completely less money. Can you help me with? I am always trying to help my friends in they are in trouble or in any difficult situation and that gives me some right to rely on support as well. I need to pay my bills 500 USD but any ammount of this summe will help very much. If you could really do such a favour to me it will be reasonable to send on my mom name - Vinogradova Nina through Western Union transfer service. I would consider it as the best present to Christmas for me and my kids!
Hope to hear from you
yours faithfuly
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