Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Seluvanova to Kevin (USA)

Letter 1

Hello,my dear Kevin!
How are you? I hope you are fine. I have been waiting for you on line today and internet worked very well. But I think you were busy. Unfortunately as I understood its very uncomfortable to use Messenger on Sunday here.Thats why we need to talk on line any other day because the internet speed is much better. I miss talking to you.
Kevin, I am so much worry about your request to send the money back for you. The thing is that I have already payed this amount .There were many payments that I had to pay in order to go on with all of my arrangements and I needed to do what is necessary in order to obtain the Visa like we planed.I thought that you understand that I already dont have this money. I have payed them. I can only return you the amount that I said when I come to you. After I get the Visa I will be able to return the money from the bank. There is no other way,dear.I wish I could help you and I really dont know what to do. I dont want you to have any troubles because of me. Believe me if I have at least 1% among %100 in order to help you I would do this. But I cannot as I have already payed the money you sent for me.
And now there is one more problem. Because I also need $1500 as soonest. The day of my interview is going to be appointed. I have to make the final payments urgently. If I delay this it can influence on getting my visa in future. I am beginning to worry but if you dont have any possibility to help me now then I will understand. You so much care about me and I do feel it.
Of course if it will be necessary then I will come later. Dont worry. I am sure we will be together and now the time doesnt matter a lot.
Please write me back and let me know your opinion And let me know what is the way out for you with your payment?
I am waiting for your reply
yours Katya
Letter 2

Hello,my dear Kevin!
How are you?
I am very sorry we could not communicate these days. But the thing is that I was ill. I have spent all these days at home. I had a terrible cough and was very weak and had a high temperature. I am sorry,dear.
I have got your letters and messeges .I could read them only today. I am so much sad and worry as I cannot help you. The problem is that I dont have the money in my hands already. Maybe you misunderstood but I have already done the necessary payments and I also had to pay much more extra in order to make the arrangements easier and faster. I didnt know about some extra costs which I had to pay urgently. Now there is one more payment which is $1500 I need to make and all my papers will be ready in May. But I have to pass the interview and the day of this must be appointed as soon as possible!
Kevin, maybe you are having some concerns about me and my wish to come to you and to be together..but I want you to be absolutely sure in my honesty and sincere intentions to start this second and beautiful stage of our relationships. I am sure we can have a great future together. I have done all my best to prepare the things for my trip and this was not really easy. I do need to pay the final payment as soon as possible and I need your help and without your support I can do nothing. I feel myself so bad making all these financial troubles for you now when you have some debts also. Please forgive me but I can only count on you with my arrangements.
I am very very sorry that I dont have the money to send you I wish I could but there is no way to return them as I have already payed this.
I am waiting for your reply, my dear
I am sending you my kiss
yours Katya
Letter 3

Hello,my dear Kevin! HOW ARE YOU? You made me so much worrying. Are you better now? Please write me back as soon as possible and tell me about your health! I think of you all the time and I want to be with you right now in order to take care of you!
My dear,below I confirm the list of all the documents for my arrangements and the costs.
1.the international passport is $350
2. the visa $150
3.medical insuarance is $150 to Kiev $400 and expenses in Kiev $200.
4. my educational and my job certificates legal and it costs $200.
5. the currency account is $2000
6.I have to show in the embassy that I have so called Travellers Cheques . $100 for 1 day. It is $1500.
Concerning the last payment which is $1500. I need it for the application card for passing the interview in the embassy and this is the official price and it costs $500. I need to go to Kiev and I would need $400 for my tickets. And aorund $200 for the expenses in Kiev. And I must pay $400 to the travel assistent. And all my arrangements will be done! This is all I need to do. In general I need $1500 .
Concerning $3500 that I said I will return it to you when we meet...the thing is that I can only withdraw these money after I get my Visa not earlier. The process has already began and I have sent the provements that I have this money on my account. They will be checking it till I come to pass the interview and I cannot do anything with this currency account and travellers checues ritht now. But I will be able to withdraw the money after the interview for sure. We dont need to worry about it. I will returnt you $3500 when I come.
As for my dear, I do apologyze that I made a desicion by myself about the extra costs. But I had to make the payments urgently and to collect all the papers for my Visa and to sign un the papers in the local Ministry.This was so much important and necessary . I misunderstood the costs and this was my fault.I am sorry for it!I didnt know that I have to pay in the ministry also.There were two payments $800 and $700. I needed to make a decision as fast as I could and that was good that I had the money to pay.
Now I need to make the final payments that I wrote you and to go to Kiev as fastest! This is so much important. I do rely on your help. Please let me know what kind of possibilites do you have in order to send me $1500 in the nearest time?
You dont need to be suspicious with me because I am completely honest with you.You will never be dissapointed that you sent me the money for my trip. I will be coming in June and I am very glad! I look forward to come to you and to be together!
Get better soon ,my dear
Yours Katya
Letter 4

Hello,my dear Kevin!
How are you? I am so glad to know that all your blood tests show that you have a great health!
Dear,thank you very much for your new picture! I did like it! You look very strong! I will try to send you my new photo also!
As for my arrangements...thank you very much for all your understanding and constant care,help and your support! I will not make any decision without talking to you. I will always ask you first! We should confirm the date of my arrival and I will wait for your confirmation,dear. If you send the money for me on the 16th of May then I will be absolutely ready with my arrangements at the second part of June. I think around the 17th-20 th of May! But I can come any date after it?!You should tell me which date would be the best and if there are free seats?!
I am kissing you tenderly
I hope you got my card?!
Thinking of you
Yours Katya
Letter 5

Hello,my dear Kevin!
How are you and how is your health?
My dear,I could not let you know earlier as there was no internet connection. I have received the money that you sent for me. Thank you so much for your help and constant care about my trip! I do my best for it and I will get the Visa for sure. We have nothing to be worried about. And I will return you the money that I said. I will bring it with myself.
Everything goes absolutely all right with all of my arrangements.
Please confirm if you can talk to me on line this Sunday between 10-11 pm of my time?? If not then lets do it on Monday!
What do you think,my dear?
I miss talking to you
Have a good day!
Thinking of you
Yours Katya
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