Scam letter(s) from Victoria to Krayim (Saudi Arabia)

Letter 1

Hello,my dear Krayim!!! how are you today? hope letter from you today,I miss you already..hope you in good health.. as you may know,I will have a birthday soon..31 of October..
wish to have you near me:-)
you know,from my childhood...well,I am so romantic!!adore little presents!!so,when i was a kid,my mom bring me a little bouquet of flowers and a big-big present in Bright paper!!i was so excited!!i even do not care what will be under that paper!!
but i think that when people grows up they know what they want from life,...and birthday is like a little chance to get something that you want...and now i care what will be in that paper...not too much,of course,as I adore surprises!!but... and what do you think? what you usually do at your birthday? how do you celebrate it? i do not know what i will do during 31 of October..but one i know for sure!! i want to get something form you,may be it will be a card,or a stuffy toy..may be something another... honey,I wish you great day!!!and I will go home and dream about my birthday and you near me:-( why are you not here and can't kiss me? i send you my virtual kiss...your Vika.
Letter 2

Hello,my dear Krayim!!! thanks for sweet words..your letter is full of them too!!and i am happy that you liked my last letters..i was trying..
you know,i wish us to be something special..i like the way,I am still guessing where are you on that photo that you have send me? there are 3 of men there...are you in the white? or you is in the black?
send me some more...where you are alone..ok? and better with smile..ok?i like when people smiling:-) one more important..i wish to thanks for your attitude to we know each other only a little time..and you already so sweet and want to send me something on my birthday..I really like it,,,but i just do not want to make you sad and to be sad you know,in my country,it is very often some boxes..letters..and so it is not the best way to present something,,but if you really wish to make me happy and to present me may send me some money..i have heard that there are few safe ways to do that..and here i can bye something and it will be present from you..what you think? kiss you,Vika
Letter 3

wish to have some present from you on my birthday:-) can you?
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