Scam letter(s) from Yana Keat to David (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, dear David, I am glad that I have received your wonderful pictures. I was amazed with the picture with Josh! I have never seen your face so close! I loved it. David, Josh seems to be very busy with something underneath. :-D I am sure that you had a great time with him.:-D He is so cute! :-D
David, of course I understand why you wanted me to go with a friend. I am very happy about your concerns. Thank you very much.
David, I am really surprised that you still doubt where we will meet. I thought that today we will make the final arrangements.
:-D It is 9th already and I need to book tickets if we want to meet in Kiev. You said that you made your reservations... But if you are not sure if we meet there or in Lugansk how could you book a room for me. I talked to one my friend and she promised me to check out today if she can take some time off at her job. Maybe we will come together. David, I understand that it is pretty tough for you to make all the preparations from there and that they cost you a lot... Please, tell me, if it is hard for you to pay for my coming to Kiev I will be glad to meet you here. You are my aim. I imagined us walking along the Kiev streets, but it is really easy to re-imagine everything. :-D
David, I can't wait to meet you. I have already talked to the manager and he will give me some time off. I am so excited! I am overfilled with emotions.
David, don't worry about the language, if I meet you at the airport I won't let you get lost. :-D And I was told that it is very easy to hire an interpreter in Kiev.
David, we just need to hurry with the preparations. Do you realize that I need to leave tomorrow. It would be the best option if I booked the tickets tomorrow. David, I will come to the Internet cafe in the evening and tomorrow in the morning. If you send me money for the trip and all the hotel information I will buy the tickets and leave tomorrow. Then I will come to Kiev at 8.08 am. At what time will you come?
Should I take a taxi and go to meet you, or maybe I should go to the hotel and wait for you there? And what if my friend will agree to go with me?
David, we need to decided everything very fast. If you can't bring me to Kiev, when will you come to Lugansk? Where will you stay here?
Please, write to me very soon.
Your Yana.
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