Scam Letter(s) from Snezhana Zhuravleva to Jerry (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi my favorite friend Jerry.
Yes, I really name you favorite because I like to communicate with you and to tell to you about the life.
You are very pleasant for me that the good pen-pal and simply the friend. You know sometimes to me it would be desirable even to appear near to you and to take your hands and to look in your eyes. Your letters are very pleasant for me.
Today my mum have Birthday and I have left work earlier and have asked to remain the girlfriend for me at work. Mum has invited several familiar. We drink tea and ate an apple pie. It is 52 years old to my mum today. It was slightly a pity to me of her because she has lived the big life and the most part of life she one has lived because daddy has early died. She lived without his caress and love. But she looks at life simply and does not long for it. Though sometimes it happens so she simply cries.
I very much affraid that my life may be same....
I am one daughter from my mother and I have not brothers and sisters.
My childhood was very sad.
And how you celebrate holidays and what?
How frequently?
Here are my pic again...
I was in Krim 2 years ago and this pic was made there.
Hope you would interesting to you to see such pic.
What you think of this pic?

Letter 2

Hi my lovely friend Jerry.
I have high education and my profession is technologist of keeping and processing a food products but now I have work to not my profession because I can not find a place because here are a little companies work in this sphere… May be one day I can find my work but it would not be in our city….
You know today I have left work earlier because wanted to read your letter. All day at work I thought only of you. My fellow workers asked me why I am such thoughtful, but I did not begin to speak them about it because I have simply fallen in love with you. Yes, and it is really such way... I frequently think of that that I want to nestle on you and to feel your body. I want that your hands touched and ironed my body. I want to feel your breath your tenderness to me.
I love you and only you.
What you think of that that I want to visit you?
Jerry, I shall wait your letter with huge impatience.
May be it will interesting for you to know my home address here is it:
32 Komarova Street, apt.# 54,
Omsk, 644009,
Yours Snezhana

Letter 3

Hi my lovely friend Jerry.
I am very glad to read your letter again.
I like your pics…
Very beautiful there...
I want to be honest with you. You know I have communicated with two man on internet before. But now I am not interested it them, I want to write to you only.
I never wrote to you about that I have a hobby - I collect old coins. I have about 200 in the collection. I began to be engaged in it when to me was about 6 years. I very much like to do it but I have no many money to increase a collection new copies. But I do not worry about it because I treat quietly this. I think that it is pleasant to you. You know for these some letters I have fallen in love with you very strongly. I for a long time did not test anything to men, and you seem have demented me. I understand that it a little bit silly so quickly to fall in love but it is valid so. I never thought that I shall fall in love with persons with help Internet but I so have strongly grown fond of you that to me now not important as we have got acquainted with you because the main thing this that that I love you madly and it is very healthy...
I very much want to arrive to you but unfortunately I have no such opportunity. I can find money to the visa and passport and make it at work but on tickets I can not find money. The visa and passport will cost about 320-380 $ US and on air tickets about 700-900 $ US. You may prompt me what to do or you can help me. Remember I will save money for my visa and passport but for tickets..??? I dream to appear about you and to present you the present love, the present passion which you did not test already for a long time.
It would very pleasant for me if you will be able to help to me amount for tickets. So if you will help to me this money it would nessesary to do it via Money Gram or Western Union transfer system because we have only these kinds of transfer syster in our city. But it is not necessary to do it through a mail or any other system because we can simply lose this money. If you can make it today that to me it will be very pleasant. So I can give my money for registration of the passport and the visa that will borrow in time about 2 weeks. I shall use your money reserved seat so would not any problems later.
Though if you cannot will make it today to me pleasantly to know date when you can make it really that I have calculated the days and most quickly appeared with you.
Jerry, I want to be only yours.
I love you and very much I miss on you.
Yours and only yours Snezhana Zhuravleva

Letter 4

Hi my lovely sweet friend Jerry.
I have read your letter.
Of course, we have some problems but I want that together we have tried to make as it is possible better. I can make the working visa through my firm so there is no necessity to worry for the visa. I paid for it 360 $ US.I have already given documents and money to registration of the visa and passport and have told to me that it will be ready in 10-14 days. My visa will work in your country maximum for 3 months. I very much hope that you will not wait and will try to send me money faster that I might buy tickets already. You know I plan to leave my country from international airport Sheremetyevo in Moscow. I think I can save some money for trip to Moscow but I have not any money for international flight to your country.
I need in about 850 $ US on air tickets and very much I hope for your help though I shall try to find some sum of money and to facilitate your problems. I want to arrive to you faster and my sweet now it depends only on you. I already spoke as difficultly to earn such money in Russia. I and thought that money may stop our attitudes. Really a little it is a shame to me to ask it from you but I have no other exit in this situation though I too have rescued 360 $ for my trip. I wanted to buy the new TV but I have no now this necessity because I love you and I want to meet you so strongly that is ready on all. I very much want to leave from here to you, I was bothered with my city, I want to see only you and to be only with you. I have never thought that I would fall in love to you so quickly and it is not some joke my feelings are real for you. I want to execute all your dreams and imaginations of me because I love you madly. I want to do only as you will wish. I very much believe in you and your help money faster.
Jerry, if you will send me money that make it through Western Union or Money Gram. Sorry but we have not any other transfer system therefore one of those ways would good for us to use.
Also I must to know your full address if I would receive it.
I speak English not bad but not so good…
I think that it quite enough that I know to be able to dialogue with each other for the first time if I would come to you.
But please do not think about me badly. I have only real and serious intentions for our dialogue.
It is pleasant for me that you care of me but you know I ask you to not worry about the visa. It will made on my work. But I cannot have it in hands I can not pay it yet. You know our embassy is very much concerned with entrances of various prostitutes and addicts to the different countries therefore now it is necessary to buy tickets myself Then I will have the visa. Also here is a lot of terrorist acts therefore not everybody can fly out or go to Russia...
It is a pity but it really has only such a way. Your understanding is necessary for me. I shall soon have the passport and the visa but I still have no money for air tickets and I hope only for your help. I cannot give you the necessary information because I can not get my visa also I must pay for air tickets first and only after this I will be able to take my visa.
I will have a work visa and it has own features of reception. Your understanding and your help
money to me is very necessary for me.
Yours Snezhana

Letter 5

My dear Jerry: congratulations from your true love.
I agitated to recieve your last letter today. I am so happy, I can not contain pleasure, which one I feel at it Very much moment. I savored each word both to read and to re-read each line. It - the sweetness, will be always there every time, when I receive inclining To share in it. My love, I hope, that you perceive, that I dwell Each day for your letters.I live for a long time past, accountable for Whom, responding anybody and commited to anybody except for me directly. In it Time in my life, I have considered of patterns by my for a taking and correctly I supposed, that life to most full. Then, you have come in my life, and subitaneously, I I perceive, that I deceived me. I - inexact person in requirement Wholenesses. I find my life at all that I thought ir was.
Actually, it awfully lacks in many things. Now, through some large welfare, I have found, that love And alongside with it one person, who can cause my life correctly. Jerry, you - that person, and I hopelessly also is undoubtedly in love in You. To tell the truth, I never thought, that I shall find ever the male as you. My love, you have changed my whole outlook on Life. Your inspiration and love miracles correctly worked. Besides I Never before felt such happiness, has tested such spiritual Pleasure. I feel very much, very successful. Eventually, how much people Can speak, what they are in love with the actual Angel sent from Heavens? My love, you - ever gift in my thoughts even at Volume, that we - while apart. Each day, yours hold me, becomes By more strong, and my camber of emotions to even to high altitudes. I crave you Sweet kiss. I grieve about you a tender contact. I wish to yours exited By love. You become my largest passion. Even that I have much more to speak, I I guess, that I should conclude this letter here. I shall think about You, and as I drift from to sleep, your fine face will be Last remarkable map of day.
I want to be with you and the date of our meeting depend only on you...
I have already explained about rules which I might done here. I must pay for tickets here to prove my solvency, I can not leave my country without it.
I cannot understand your anxiety concerning transfer of money for me. Understand that I do not see sense to deceive you and to take your money. I cannot really find all money for my trip myself. I hope that you remember that I have paid 380 $ US already for my visa and the passport. Understand that I cannot save more. I hope that you are interested in our meeting too and you can help me. Understand that I do not need in your money but now I have no opportunity to pay all. For this reason I need your money help. I really must pay for tickets myself. If I wanted to joke to you for money I did not began speak that I could to buy visa and passport myself. Or I might to ask for more money from you for expensive tickets. But please understand it is not neseccary for me to joke you because my love do not let me to offend you. Your understanding and your help is very necessary for me. I very much hoped for your help today because I remember that you promised to help and now you have doubts. It very much frightens me because I am afraid that you will leave me. I ask you do not leave me because to me very terribly to be one. I dream of new life with you. I want to present you all love and happiness and I wait from you it too.
You know you must know I am honest person. Also right now I can not answer for your question about mission of my visit. Understand I would only guest in your country and I can not decide everything by myself. Of course I want to stay with you because I want to change something in my life. But I can not stay with you without your consent.
Now I want to visit you as a friend only but who know may be we will be together forever. Please do not take offence if I said something wrong but I want to be honest with you. I do not joke with you. All my words are serious always.
Up to following time,
I dispatch you all love, I have alongside with ten thousand time ten In thousand kisses. - your eternal love,
Yours Snezhana

Letter 6

My angelic Jerry: How do you do today? I hope well. I appeal for Mild glowings of that God concerning you also I preclude with you from a harm. Did you have a good day? What did you do today? How is your weather? It was very good today here. The things I want to do to you! I Has reached to stop to think of those things, differently I would crazy from mind. My day was rather unprecedented. I rose about 9:00 and has established me Omelette. I should wash some clothes, and then I was dusted around Places. When I have finished, I have put on a couch and watched some Sporting competitions on a television. Later in afternoon I was on walk. When I was made with my walk, I took short Drowsing, while the dinner was in an oven. I Hope, that my last letter has not caused you to decide not about To me. I hope, that you will not be discouraged in me. I hope, that you like it. Do you Inform to your friends my letters? If you do, they like them. My friends always ask about you, and do not inform them much. Only that we We write everyday, and they are happy for me. There is no value, if they not Like them, while you like my letters.
Oh, you know yesterday I finally bought tickets to you. Here is information about it:
August, 13 (hope it will OK date for you)
2:00pm Moscow Svo, Russia (SVO)
8:50pm New York-Kennedy, NY (JFK)
Air France Flight 1645 / 8
1 Stop
Change planes in Paris de Gaulle, France (CDG)
Travel Time: 14hrs 50min
Roundtrip From
So we must wait for that date only, it will happen soon...
I collect to finish it Here now. I should rise early, and it becomes late. I want to receive The good dream of night so that I could dream of you. I hope, what is it letter Brings some happiness per your day.
With immortal love,

Letter 7

Hi my lovely Jerry!!!!
Do not worry about me. I am in Moscow already. I want to write to you earlier but I could not do it faster because here are a lot of people. I have never seen such lot of people. I think about you everyday, every minute and it is very pleasant that we will be together soon. Sorry but my trip have some problems. My race will be delayed by 3-4 days, I am sorry... I will write to you but do not worry if I could not write to you everyday because it is Moscow. And here is very difficult life. I love you... I need you... When I went to Moscow I slept and I saw a beautiful dream about our meeting... The girl who sat near me said after that I smiled then dream. I said to you about us and she said that it is very romantic story. I was proud for us.
Sorry for a short letter but here is very much people who want to write also. I understand them also...
I love you....
I miss you...
I adore you...

Letter 8

Hi, sunshine Jerry!!!
How are you? I have a chance to write to you again.
As for me I am so excited. Everything is almost done. But I can't leave Russia without an insurance. I didn't know it before. They just told me about that. I to conduct all night in an Airport. I could not transmit to you the letter earlier, because here was closed Internet cafe.
I must to pay 150 $ US.
Every person who leaves his native country should have an insurance. I am such a fool, that didn't know it before.
I at all did not take into account it in the charges therefore I have any money for this purpose. It is a pity that I again should ask for your help. I hope that you will not slow down it and can help me today. The person should have this insurance for the case that something may happen to him in a foreign country. If I don't have it, every hospital and doctor will refuse to give me a medical help. Your help is necessary to me, you should transfer money in Moscow, through Western Union or Money Gram Transfer system to my name. Now the main problem only in this insurance.
You should transfer to any bank, I learned already and it would not any problem with pick up of it.
I want to be with you so much....So, I just need your help in this. Hope you will try send it today...
I understand your money situation now but I really must have it. I really can not leave my country without it.
So tomorrow or after tomorrow I will write to you all information about my race and tickets. I must pay for insurance first.
Love you very much.
Your Snezhana.

Letter 9

Hi my lovely Jerry!!!!
I am in my own city. Please hear me!!!! I did not think that it will take place but I hope that you will understand me. I was going to arrive to you yesterday but to me there has come the telegram that my mum has got in car failure. I have been very much injured by this news and have been compelled to fly home. My mum is in reanimation and she does not come in consciousness. Doctors have told that it is all should be good but I am afraid to lose her. She is my mother I hope you you understand it. I have been compelled to return tickets and to take money and to fly there. Do not worry I I did not spend any $ from your money shall not do it. Simply understand that I should remain with mum. I should be some time with her together day and night therefore I cannot write to you about 2-3 weeks. Doctors have told that I should is near to mum and to keep up a condition. I cannot write to you this term. But I promise you to arrive to you in 2-3 weeks. I shall inform about it to you beforehand but your understanding is necessary for me. I hope that you are not annoyed about me though I understand you too. I ask you do not leave me and do not think badly of me. I have all your money and I shall stay to you but a little bit later in the middle of September. I shall necessarily write to you only do not take offence at me. If you have humane feelings I hope that you will understand that you would make too most on my place. I cannot leave mother because I am afraid to lose her. Day of our meeting will depend completely on her condition. It becomes possible to her better in 10 days and I can fly to you but now we should wait. I shall write to you a little bit later approximately in 10-15 days and I shall inform as we can soon meet. I again ask you to not worry about your money because I have kept all your money and it will be to arrive enough to you but a little bit later. I shall not require your help more. I am sorry again for this situation but I must be with my mum. We will be together soon. Please wait for some days else, OK???
I love you I need you I will dream about you.
Bye for now
Yours forever

Letter 10

I am so sorry that I could not write to you earlier. Please forgive me!!! I had food poisoning about week ago and all this time I have been in hospital, sorry but our hospitals have not computers for using only for doctors' work. So I could not write to you, I hope you understand it and you will continue to write to me. Please I am SO SORRY AGAIN but please understand I was sick and I was so bad mood. I think about us all this time and now I want to continue our relations I hope you will write to me soon. It is so nessesary for me now. I am afraid to loose you.
Yours Snezhana



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