Scam Letter(s) from Nadezhda Patrusheva to S. H. (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi my dear!
I am very glad to receive your letter!
No, I to not play with you!
I want to get acquainted with you for creation of happy family!
It is very difficult for me to write to you the letter big because I slowly to print!
I shall write to you my big letter tomorrow!
I shall wait very much for your letter!
About love Nadezhda

Letter 2

Hi my love !!!
I am very happy to receive your letter!
When I read your letters, I to leave in other world!
Other world - the world where is only you and I!
My heart is broken off when I to read your letter!
I do not know as me still to describe the feelings!
I think that I to find for myself worthy and kind men!
I am very happy that in this world there is and only you!
I today shall not sleep and I shall think only of you!
Each time when I shall always come in internet-cafe I in hope what to see your new letter!
It is pleasant and easy for me to read yours the letter!
You letters to charge me energy and I to not go and fly!
Now my ideas only about you!

I very much would like that we with you the first meeting was at you in the country!
I do not want that we the first time to meet you in Russia!
You probably to see on the TV what now to occur in Russia.
I think that so it will be quiet and good if I shall fly to you on a visit!

I today even to go to travel agency and find out that to me it is necessary that I could prolong the visa!

I should go in USA together with my mum!
But before sending in USA for 2 weeks at my mum the head was ill and it was necessary to my mum to lie down in hospital!
Now my mum healthy and to not work!

That to me to prolong my visa to me it will be necessary to take the document from my work, this document to prove that I to not go in USA!

But to fly to you at me there is a big problem!
I now do not have money to the ticket aboard the plane and on documents that I could visit USA!
If at me were money then I could restore my visa for 2 days!
Then I could fly to you at any time!

That to me to fly to you to me it is necessary money approximately 800 $ USA DOLLARS!
I now do not know where to me to take such money!
Because I to spend all money for treatment of my mum!
Therefore I do not know where to me now to take money!!!

And at me to not suffice the boldness to ask you the help that you to pay for my ticket aboard the plane and for my documents!
If I shall fly to you, I shall be the happiest woman in the world!
I very much miss under your letters and I want to fly to you!

I think that you should solve itself for yourself, the help to me to pay for my ticket aboard the plane!
For me it is big shame to ask you money!
Because I think that now you will think of me bad!
Please to not think about me bad!
I simply to write to you a situation which now at me!

I hope that you can understand me my loved HARRY!
I shall wait very much for your letter and to trust that I shall soon fly to you!

I wait for your letter with impatience!
Your love forever Nadezhda

Letter 3

Hi my liked friend !!

I am very happy to receive letter from you letter.
In your letters you show me the big interest, and it very pleasant for me.
I looked at you and if it is fair, I do not know, why I have chosen your structure, it likely any mark from above.
You trust in it?
I yes.
Today in us very good weather.
I today have decided to Take walk in such fine day.
I saw so many happy people....
And I like in love in, liking sympathy which liked, a favorite!
I like those who kisses in underground transitions and in automobiles underground. I smile, when I see under a canopy at stops of the bus Para of scope. It is pleasant for me to look at boys - schoolboys Who bears bags for the girlfriend and buys for them ice-cream, and Then eat it together, biting off with turns because there was no money To two frozen... I would like to give all from them flowers and stars. And the dark blue sky with fluffy clouds. Also it is insignificant, what weather In the street. I continue a balcony.
I raise eyes to the sky, and I find There an asterisk, and I think, that it may, you, there in me look also it shines only for me. I smile... I have decided to show today a Para of lines of your letter to my loved mum. Mum, reading has Probably good person has close told it you. Also that it trust you. She would like it we with you, had all well. We With you begin to understand and feel each other it is very important. We should entrust each other. Lie it is bad very much .
Mum from The childhood always teach me to speak the truth. We with you Completely should entrust each other only the ambassador who may be a The good union. It is a pity, that we with you - while separately. But everyone Our letter rallies us, and distances between us become ever It is less and less. I like to dance!!!
It very much to similar me.
And you Like to dance and to what dances it is similar to you?
I dance a waltz, it is a lot of another Modern dances. When I some was more absolute small I to go in The school of dances it was funny very much. You seem to me which most of all The good person I has met in life. I would like to write to you each day.
If you certainly not against.
It to similar me.
I would like to hear Concerning you it is more.
How you like to carry out spend a free time?
Write to me not much about city in which you live?
You like To be on nature and to sit in summer evening on fire?
It you See so it is romantic, whether the truth?
Write to me answers to mine Calls in question and to ask me anyone interesting you and problems.
I hope to Receive the information from you soon.
So we may begin to study each other.
On it I finish the letter.
I wait from you The answer.
I am want to meet you and find out each other very well!
Therefore I ask you that you to write to me about yourself as much as possible.
I am write to you some questions!
You believe in love at first sight???
Please write me how old are you?
You love children?
You want to have the child???
You believe in the god?
You like I???
You to drink alcoholic drinks?
You smoke?
You want that we met you at you at home?
Can you the help me with my arrival to you on a visit?
What do you want from ours with you serious relations ?
I think that while it will suffice.

Letter 4

Hi my love Reg!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter!
I seriously to concern to mine to letters and ours with you to a meeting!
I already very much the adult person to play feelings!
Therefore I think that our meeting will be very pleasant!v It will be pleasant for me to speak with you when I shall see your eyes!
You agree with me?

It is very pleasant for me to hear that you are ready me the help that I to fly to you!
In the first: it is not necessary for me so much many money - 5000 $ USA DOLLARS!!!
In the second: I to learn how many to me it is necessary all money that I could fly to you on a visit - 2300 USA DOLLARS!!!
I shall save and find very much a small part of this money!!!
Therefore I want that you to me the help!

I today have learned that I can fly to you at the end of October!!!
For this purpose I today to write the application to prolong my visa!
To me have told that will be my to prolong the visa in 10 days!
Therefore I need to pay money during a week!
Then I can be at you at home to live 3,5 months!!!!!!!!
I will think that to suffice us time to learn each other very well!!!
In the following letter I shall send you a copy of the passport and as you can send me of money! Ok???
You agree to such my offer???
I love you!
I shall wait very much for your letter with impatience!
Your love Nadezhda

Letter 5

Hi my love Reggie!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter!
I am very happy that soon we shall with you!
I today to go to do for myself a cellular telephone!
It will be fast at me a new cellular telephone and I can I shall call to you and every day to wait for your bell!
I am very happy that soon we shall together with you!
I am happy that soon to me will be necessary to go in other country and to live with you!
When I shall be with you I shall learn you to Russian!
I think that will be pleasant for you if I shall learn you to Russian!
We shall walk together to travel and live together!

So shall find out more about you!
I shall meet you from work and I shall prepare for Russian meal!
I know that my meal will be prepared to like you!

I shall tell much to you as we here live in Russia
Please write to me every day the letter!
It is pleasant for me to receive your letters!

The only thing to me is very a shame that I to ask at you money
But it is unique chance that I could arrive to you!

I to go to church and to pray that I to get acquainted with the man of my dream!
And you to write to me the letter next day!

I think that it is chance at us with you to get acquainted with the man!
I love you!

Now I shall write to you how to send money!
You need to send money on system WESTERN UNION
It is the easiest way to send money!
That to you to send money to you it is necessary to know from me:
The country: Russia
zip code: 424007
Surname: Patrusheva
Name: Nadezhda

When you will send money in bank to you will allow MTCN (Money transfers Control Number).
It will consist of 10 figures.
You should write to me MTCN in the letter!
On MTCN I shall receive your money!

That me to receive your money to me it is necessary to know from you your full home address, a name, a surname:
zip code:........?

Write me please the nearest international airport:.........?
I need to know that I could book a ticket aboard the plane.
Inform me when you can send me of money!!!
Please have gone to me 2300 $!
To me there will be enough this money that I could fly to you!
I shall find other money!
Your love forever Nadezhda



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