Scam letter(s) from Daria Klementieva to Ray (Italy)

Letter 1

Hi Ray honey!
Excuse, that has not answered yesterday, in that company where I have been connected to the Internet modernization of a network, and access in the Internet from a house was not. Only today has appeared.
Certainly I could arrive to Europe, to Rome and meet there you!
I have already called in travel agency and to me the manager more easy and most cheaply has told to buy the bus tourist permit across Europe, and to me have offered round, >From Brest, to Germany, To Paris (!!!), and to Rome (in Rome I shall be 4 days) and we can meet there you.
Full cost of the tourist permit 390 euros aaea tickets up to Moscow and back.
It costs 235 $ USA one way, thus 2 tickets cost 470 $ USA. And cost of all tourist permit together 390 euros plus 470 $ USA.
Ray it is expensive for you?
For our Krasnoyarsk prices it is very cheap.
You can check up the information which I you have written, in this travel agency, it refers to Samei, his phone number 3912-223697 and 3912-223426, the manager with which I talked call Anastasia.
She to me has told, that all documents for departure and tickets prepare for 2 weeks. Also that in 2 weeks I shall go in trip across Europe it already precisely, 100.
If you have transferred money on Monday on Western Union on Monday I would attribute the documents and money in agency and would arrive to you to Rome in 2 weeks.
What do you think in this occasion?
Here my data: Klementieva Daria Sergeevna. The address: Russia, the city of Krasnoyarsk, street of Kirov 10-20. My phones: domestic 3912-232793, mobile +79048904542
Letter 2

Hi Ray!
Yes Krasnoyarsk to be in Siberia.
To Greece, Chyprus, Bulgaria and Germany I went under tourist permits. All these trips were in different years, for the first time I have visited Bulgaria in the summer when have passed from 8 to 9 class at school, and then these other countries.
In the beginning of June I went in Baku, very much for a long time when I still went to school I was friends of one girl, she was called Irada, she and its parents by Azerbaijanians, they lived in Krasnoyarsk, but then they have moved home to Baku, last year Irada has written to me the letter that has become bored and very much wants to see me. Called me in the last summer in Baku, I have not gone as houses we with mum have started to do repair and I should help it, besides I had an educational practice, more shortly I could not arrive to Baku, we corresponded with it, I promised, that I shall come this summer to it. She from it is very good the provided family and has sent me of money for tickets in Baku, and on a way back, I have arrived have stayed there 2 weeks and have arrived home. That's all.
I DO NOT LOVE ANYBODY! My HEART is FREE! I SEARCH for the FUTURE HUSBAND ON the INTERNET. That here complex I do not understand.
I simply dream to visit Paris, Ray you probably have too country or city where you were not, but where dream to go. Here I have such city it is Paris, I shall visit on Tour d'Eiffel, on the Champs Elysee, the Louvre. It is my dream. I shall make many photos. I shall buy new clothes in the French boutiques. I shall visit in Myelin Rouge.
Full route such: Krasnoyarsk Moscow Brest Berlin Nice Paris Rome Warsaw Moscow Krasnoyarsk.
Any city to throw out not probably, it enters into round.
I have called in this agency, to me have told, that they never were engaged in that pay the tourist permit from other country and they have no concept as it is done.
I have explained all to them, but they have told it is necessary to pay cash in Krasnoyarsk.
Call from an office number, talk to them. I do not know what to do. If you pay this permit I do not meet any men. In the first it is not beautiful,not correctly, it not in my style, I do not want to meet other men, I want to visit simply Nice, Paris and Rome and to meet you. I do not have house of a fax, only the Internet, domestic and a mobile phone.
Certainly if you so are afraid of all come to Krasnoyarsk itself, but you mean Krasnoyarsk it not Moscow and not Petersburg and not Sochi, at us there is nothing to look. Usual city.
I need in 390 euros and 470$ Usa
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