Letter(s) from Irina Zubkova to Pablo (Spain)

Letter 1

Pablo, I never received money through wetsern union. Now Called in bank and learned(found out), how to me them to receive!? They have told, that I Should give you the data and number of the passport. And you, will write me number Translation and from whom?
Essential elements for translation:
Russia. The city of Orenburg.
Zubkova Irina Vladimirovna.

If you will have time to transfer(translate) today I shall receive money only tomorrow.
I shall receive money, I shall receive the passport and I shall go to agency to make out Tourist documents. As I shall make, so I shall come and I shall write to you. Pablo, you do not imagine as I am glad, that tomorrow I shall start to make out Documents!!!!! More likely them would issue, more likely on November, 5!!!!!
My post address:
Index 461550, the Orenburg area, Akbulak, Street Shevchenko - 34.
If you saw me now, I simply fly with happiness!!!!!
Why you have not written down phone to yourself in a notebook?
Write down: +73537680497.
Now with children I shall go to pool, and I shall be at home in the evening, call Necessarily!