Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Pibaeva to James (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love!
I am very happy to get your letter today, it is full of warm-heartedness and sympathies to me. I think, that the time we are writing to each other pulled us together and feeling was born betweens. I think, that we are important for each other. I constantly thinking of you, you have taken a place in my heart. I became slightly inattentive, at work also my girlfriends say, that I tell in love. I have never been so happy. My girlfriends and familiars say, that. It is all because of you. I seem to fly in the heavens. Yesterday I thought of our relations James and about our feelings. I addicted to you so much, that I miss your letters every day. I always, think of you. Noting can I do! I think, that I am in love. Yes I love you!!!!! I talked about it to my mum, and she says, that it is good, she thinks, that I shall be happy. I have told mum, that you are the best man and that I completely trust you. She says me, that I should not be misleaded. She says, that we should know each other better. She loves me. And she is simply my mother. I think, that you do understand me. She wishes us happiness and the big love. I think, that we should meet, we should see each other, look in the eyes because through the Internet emotions are lost and it is difficult to understand each other. We became frank with you, and I think, that you want to learn about my ****** experience. In Latvia all men only dream to drag you in bed, but I do not want it, I do not want to be given to the first comer for his pleasure. Love is something from above. It is given to the person to learn happiness in this life, and men treat it only as ***. I think, that it is not correct and I hope, that you agree with me. I want to be with the only right man who will give me the feeling of being loved. I shall give him both my body and soul. We together learn all depths of pleasure. Our passion will be poured out of the limits of love, and we shall enjoy each other all life up to the last moment of our existence. Today we walked around the city, I with the girlfriend went shopping, waiting for the moment, that you will write the letter, to me and I have waited it. I feel, that our hearts are beaten in one rhythm, do you feel it? I'm waiting for your letter, whether it is important for me to know you share my ideas. Forever yours.....
Letter 2

I so miss these days much and frequently I think of you. Ideas about you borrow all my time. I might not receive a mail these two days. Today I have checked up a mail and have seen news from you. It has delivered so a lot of pleasure for me. Your words make me happy. I so want to tell much. Tomorrow I shall write to you the detailed and big letter, my dear. You in my ideas and my heart. Yours Svetlana.
Letter 3

Hello, my lovely!
I feel the big weariness, circumstances were awful. I present, that you now feel, you see I should fly to you yesterday! You probably think, that I have turned back or was frightened or still that be more terrible. I shall try all to explain. I still can not come in myself and completely calm down. I am angry on myself and on employees of aircampaign, but it is more probably on myself. I already had on hands tickets, I was at the airport. But as such might be and with me. I flied by plane not once and never faced with it. At me the luggage was gone. It has simply disappeared. As such it is possible! And right now. And the most awful that I kept in a bag tickets aboard the plane. I have simply overlooked and had not time to get them. I am in the list of passengers. I talked to the manager and the stewardess, but all is ineffectual. I wanted to fly and that luggage after will be it have sent me mail. But there simply a madhouse. They have rules and they are going them to observe. In result it is wasted time. In luggage practically there is nothing valuable to me behind exception certainly tickets. The administration speaks, that if I am among passengers and bought the ticket aboard the plane they will return money for the ticket or will give the ticket on any other similar flight, but all over again should pass 14 days. If during this term luggage will not find, only then will return money for the ticket. It would seem the civilized world and such strange rules. Probably I shall be careful to use this aircampaign now. My lovely, excuse for such letter, but I should share with you. I needed for whom to tell that all. That we shall make now. One hope, that luggage will be before these 14 days. My lovely, please write to me, I so need in your support. I love you and I shall like. But I so would like to be these days near to you to keep for your hand. If in our life money had no such value. They so frequently prevent happiness of people. I love you my loved, I shall wait for your answer very much. It is very important for me. I think of you, you in my heart. Yours Svetlana.
Letter 4

Hello, my lovely!
Yes, you are right, after a raising of funds I quickly visited embassy and at once began to visit aircash departments for purchase of the ticket aboard the plane. It was successful! I should thank you for the help rendered to me. Now we already practically together! But I should afflict you slightly. There is a flight aboard the plane most the nearest only on 20 number. I have bought the ticket on this flight. It: Moscow (SVO)-Copenhagen (CPH) 0815-June, 20 2004 0855-June, 20 2004 Aeroflot 0215 V
Copenhagen (CPH)-Chicago IL (ORD) 1540-June, 20 2004 1740-June, 20 2004 Sas Scandinavian Airlines 0943 S
Chicago IL (ORD)-San Antonio TX (SAT) 1923-June, 20 2004 2209-June, 20 2004 American Airlines 1603 S My lovely, my loved, I have so a lot of happiness. Soon we can meet. I so am happy. I love you, James, I like all heart. You the best person!!! See you soon..... Yours for ever Svetlana.
Letter 5

Hello, my lovely!
Today I went behind a raising of funds from my friends. It was 500 $. I so am glad, that they could find for me the help and I so is grateful to them for it. My lovely, James, now I am absolutely close to you. After dinner I shall go in aircash departments to pick up the optimal flight for Friday. I would like to arrive to you already to Friday. We so wait for our meeting much, that I can not spend any minute all for nothing. I shall arrive to you at once to Friday. I so want to tell much to you and so much to make. My lovely Fridays let's wait and we shall start new page in our life.... I love you. Yours for ever Svetlana.
Letter 6

Hello, my lovely beloved!
All over again I want to write to you the answer to your long letter. In embassy to me have told, that I should have funds for 1000 $ and tickets aboard the plane. Only then I am guaranteed can to arrive in USA. I know the decision to send me money very important and difficult simultaneously. It is necessary to be very strong and correct person and to have the big trust to the person thus. I know, people not always justify trust assigned on them and it happens difficult. But it is necessary to trust all people. Because if to nobody to trust, also you will not trust. From the side, may seem strange when one person will entrust to other person whom it is very far. But it only from the side. You see people which may speak that it not correctly, they at all do not know the present relations of these people. They do not know those feelings which connect these people, they do not know in detail their mutual relation. If they precisely knew everything, that occurs between these people which are ready to trust each other is boundless, they would not draw such conclusions. From the side all always looks a little differently. But we with you, my lovely know, that our relations correct. And it is important for me only. I done not disturbed by that you still during divorce. It is completely not important. I love you and for me my love speaks. Our hearts to last to each other and only it matters. I know, that you love me, it speaks me my heart and it is not mistaken. I feel strong feeling to you and extraordinary attachment. Between us has appeared as if invisible connection which draws us to each other all more strongly and more strongly. I love you and I wait our meeting very much. Today here still a day off. Tomorrow I at once since morning shall go to bank behind a raising of funds from my friends. Tomorrow there will be an important day for us two. It approaches us to each other incredibly close. I already present us together. As I wait for these days. My lovely, I so am excited from it and in such high spirits. I think that I shall have an opportunity to search for interesting work in USA. I think the visa will allow to make it. I want to inform you each step for a way to you in these staying days, when I yet with you. James, I so love you much. I aspire to our meeting and I make utmost. I am gentle you I kiss and I wish good mood. Yours Svetlana.
Letter 7

Hello, my beloved!
I miss and I think days up to our meeting. My visa will work during three months. Then it it will be possible to prolong or act differently. But it I think we shall discuss already together with you. I shall receive money from friends on Tuesday of 15 numbers. Also I shall wait till Friday. Now we have the good plan and to it we shall follow. Then at us all to turn out very well and we shall be together at the end of the next week. James, I so dream of it much, I present so much all good. I so love you and so want to arrive to you much. My heart was exhausted far from you. I want to fill with its love near to you. I so love you. I shall write to you as it is possible more often. When I write you each day it seems to me, that we are much more close to each other and that I can see you at any moment. I love you! I shall write even later, my lovely. I have just received your big letter, I shall answer it little bit later.
Yours for ever Svetlana.
Letter 8

Hello, my beloved!
I have received your letters and having read their my heart was filled with warm feelings. At us with you one desire to be together and we go to this joint efforts. Together we can much, we can all. I love you, I very much love you. I talked to friends and they have agreed to give me money to some time. This same was difficult for them, but they have understood me and they know as me hardly here one without you. They love me and want for me only all good. I can expect for the sum about 500 $. I think that it with your help will suffice for arrival you. My dear, it is such good news. If still yesterday all seemed to me such sad today I already have good mood and I know, that ahead be absolutely fast I can with you and speak you words of love looking in your eyes. I love you and I repeat it always. Good to you of day my lovely. For ever yours Svetlana.
Letter 9

Hello, my lovely.
I have studied attentively all. I once again addressed in embassy USA. Also took detailed explanations. Now I already have visa of the tourist. My lovely, you offer me to wait receptions of the visa to the bride. It is all will borrow time and under the law it will be necessary to wait still for what that time. I think it may be stretched not for one month and all this time I shall be one, without you. I understand, we can communicate through the Internet, but it at all that. And it can not replace the present alive dialogue in the person. As I can so long to be without you. You see we were already so are close to each other! In embassy I have told, that want to be your wife. We long talked also to me have told that I can prepare all documents here now. And then when it will be necessary to send them. As having on hands all necessary I can send inquiry from USA. My lovely, probably I nevertheless shall try to find money for granting in embassy. You see to a final analysis they are necessary only for granting. I shall try to take them on loan from friends. I already talked in this occasion and probably today I shall know for what sum I can to expect. I make it because in the first, I can not do without you. I simply shall not bear such long separation. In the second, here it is very expensive to manage to live. Month of residing here takes away about 400 $ - 500 $. I would spend this money for the ticket aboard the plane better. Besides if I here shall stay for what that term I should find suitable work and I do not know as it to learn, you see time work will be necessary for me only. To come back to Latvia the same of sense it is not enough, because there affairs with employment are even more difficultly. There all is much more difficult. Especially it will seem to me at a walk back. I nevertheless shall stay in Moscow. And if not can find money for presentation shall try to find suitable work. My lovely I love you much and you I shall love always, irrespective of circumstances. This night dream dreamed me and in it you were. It were such fine dreams. So it was a pity to me to wake up in the morning. These pleasant memoirs with me now all day. To me has dreamed, that we together on what that coast. An evening and district has already darkened. Barrels a small pleasant breeze, I was easily dressed also to me it was slightly cold, therefore I nestled on you all body, you held me in the embraces and spoke gentle words. It was so perfectly.... Each day far from you not such. I so love you, my lovely much. James, you all my life. I shall wait for news from you. Good to you of day, my lovely. Yours Svetlana.
Letter 10

Hello, my lovely beloved!
Yesterday I very much was upset after visiting embassy. I did not expect such news. Forgive me, I that I have not written to you at once, yesterday. I tried to solve the arisen problem itself, but I think, that I should tell all to you. In embassy on interview to me have told, that I should give means on which all validity of the visa plans to arrive. For entrance I need to have the sum not less 1000 $. My visa have ratified, but have given it as for the tourist. Earlier I went under other visa and it was not required grantings any confirmations, therefore I did not know about it. In embassy speak, that I should give the certificate of that I have this money to existence when I shall be in States. I spoke them about you, I have told, what exactly you have sent me money to road and that I shall be in States with you. But in embassy do not want to make any exceptions and demand strict observance of all formalities. They have told me, that you my lovely are not come under documents to me whom and consequently may not guarantee my stay in States. Therefore I should give this minimal sum and by that confirm, that I can exist all validity of the visa. I very much was upset. It is awful, I do not present where it is possible to find such money for such short term! The most insulting, that I simply should give them that they were convinced, that I have money to existence. I in confusion. At me all is to fly to you, but me do not start up because of such formality. Long remain in Moscow I the same I can not. At me now all hope only on you. I already in Moscow, I already on half of way to you. If you can, went to me this money. When I shall fly already to you immediately I shall return them to you. They will be perfectly safe. I shall write once again the address of bank in which can receive money.
RUSSIA, 107066 Moscow, Novaya Basmannaya, 35
"BIN BANK" phone: (7) (095) 2615500
Pibaeva Svetlana.
I promise you it. This money may not be spent in any way. I shall return to you them completely. I do not know as to guarantee to you it, but I give you a word, I shall not spend them not under what circumstances. I understand, these are the big money and demand the serious attitude. My lovely I so want it! I want to be with you! Take me to itself faster. I would like to be with you on these days. I so want to be with you!! I love you and I shall like always! I wait for your answer my lovely. It is important for me. Yours Svetlana.
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