Romance scam letter(s) from Alla Butenina to Steven (USA)
Letter 1

Greetings my loved Steve.
I very much love you and there is nobody any more I like, but I can not write to you Because I do not have money to the Internet I now would not want to take from you money, but I now need in Money. It is very difficult for me to come each day in Internet cafe, that To write to you letters. But if I had money I might more often To come and read your remarkable letters. Week of service in Volume Internet cafe where I come to read a mail, costs 110 $. I Has learned in bank as you might send me money. To me have told, that There is very fast, safe and reliable system of translations Money which refers to as " Western Union ". Through this system you might To transfer me money. To send me money to you it is necessary
My address:
Name: Alla
Surname: Butenina
The country: Russia
City: Yoshkar-Ola
Street: Street drugbi
The house number: 87A
Apartment: 11
That I might receive here money, I should know yours a name, a surname And where you live. Without this information I can not receive money.
Also It is necessary for you to send me on electronic number - MTCN - it to you Will inform in " Western Union ". This number also is necessary that I Could receive money.
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