Scam letter(s) from Sookanda Kaew to Larry (USA)

Letter 1

Vin darling i would love to come to you, I think you have understood that by now. I have a ticket which I can upgrade or chance the destination off. But I need to know from you to where I have to re route it to and when I am welcome, than I need to apply for a visa which is pretty easy and takes just 48 hours and last but not least I need help buying myself free. I still lack 660 dollar that I can leave and come to you.
Letter 2

I need an international airport in california that best suites you.. So I can change my ticket tomorrow. I will send you a scan of my changed ticket. I cannot go ahead with my visa before I am able to eave here but i can change my ticket as someone else can do so for me. If you are really willing to help me please try to find a Western union or Moneygram agent and send the money to: Name: Sookanda
Surname: Kaewnet Address: 6moo8, Pa Mi District, Chiangrai 57225 Thailand I can pick it up with my boss MOnday night or Tuesday because I am ahead of you and than leave with military transport to Maesai. From there I can go by bus to bangkok. I hope that i am not dreaming
I am ready for you and I will be an amazingly good wife for you
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