Romance scam letter(s) from Marina Sozonova to Bobby (USA)
Letter 1

Hello my new friend!!!
Thank you that you answered me on my letter. Forgive that I not at once might write to you back.
You seem me very much interesting. when I sent you my very first letter, I then did not hope that I shall receive the answer, but it did not happen. And I am glad to our acquaintance.
I was given birth and I live in Russia in city Leninogorsk, republics Tatarstan I very much like this city, at me it is a lot of friends and girlfriends and I am glad to the life. I like my work. I work as assistant of my boss in supermarket, in one of the biggest in our city. I very much like to dance and we with my friends almost each days off presume to ourselves some entertainments. We go to night clubs, approximately once in two weeks we visit inexpensive restaurants.
I very much love flowers, but only those flowers which grow instead of which was teared, but it is very pleasant for me when to me give flowers. I the simple girl, also have no bad habits. It is gratitude to my parents who very well cared of my education.
To me would like to know you more, you are very interesting to me. I am glad that between us there was a friendship.
I have huge dream, to me would like to meet my unique person who would take away me far from a house which would love and protected me.
May between us any serious attitudes might arise, but it needs any time, we should know the friend more.
While I shall finish the letter, I shall wait on it for your answer.
Write to me more.
Letter 2

It is the big pleasure for me now, that you have answered my letter. I did not think which you will answer me so soon.
I hope, that in us good relations in the future will gather. Thank for answers to my questions.
You want to continue our pleasant acquaintance and to find out me better? I agree to do it, it has interested me very much.
In this letter I shall inform you about my family more . My parents the most decent people. I have no father , he is gone on deserved rest. He was die 5 years old. My mum is 50 years old. My mum does not work, she has serious problems with health. They have lead 28 years of life together. They was are very happy with each other. I very much frequently visit my mum last time. I very much love her. I have no the sister and I have no the brother.
I would like to know more about your country, your city, about traditions. It will be very interesting to me to read it in your letters. I want in addition to, find out each other better. You seem to me the most good person.
It is interesting to you should know a lot of my private life?
I want to inform you about it.
Now I shall finish the letter.
I shall look forward to hearing from you. Gulnara.
Letter 3

I want the story to you, why I might use the Internet to have dialogue.
At me the young man whom name Sergey. we together were was grew. We from the childhood liked each other.
We were going to finish institute and when it occured him have taken in army. On his arrival we were going to have wedding. But he has not returned from army. On large doctrines Alexey has died. To me I was very difficult to transfer this loss thought, that never can not like any more how loved him. It was 8 years back.
I began to use the Internet from the beginning of this year. My best girlfriend has advised me it. She had acquaintance on the Internet and might have dialogue with the person which lives in Canada. now they are happy and at them will be fast the child. She has advised me to use the Internet and tried to do it, but nobody wanted to answer me on my inquiry. You unique who to me had the answer. I have decided to start dialogue with you because you were unique.
I never had children, but I want it. I want, that to me gave it the person whom I really strongly might love.
I might marry for one of people which surround me and know me very well. It is a lot of such people in my life. But my soul does not lay to these people. If I shall marry one others will envy very strongly to this. And I very much do not want it. To me the person outside my city is necessary for this. Probably this person you, but it only may show time. It is necessary for us to know each other more.
Now I want to finish my letter. I hope to see from you the answer soon, That you think about it, it is very important for me to know it.
Always yours,
Letter 4

Hello Paul!!!
At last I could find time for our dialogue. Now at me time has appeared to write to you and I is in a hurry in the Internet the centre to read your letters to me.
I expected to see persons who is ready for creation of family now which is tired from loneliness which knows much both lifes and which is ready to give pleasure to the liked person. I can test the same feelings now. Your letters always will be pleasure for me and I want that them was more now. It is a pity to me, that I can not write to you constantly. I shall learn more about you, about your employment, about yours a habit and interests in life when I shall read your letters to me and after that can understand what you the person.
I ask, that we more never spoke that I might tell in my last letter to you. I speak you about Sergey. now I want to have other life and I see, that you go to me towards, you understand me. It is possible, that we might have serious relations. But for this purpose we should better learn each other. I do not know, that will turn out from our relations and it is necessary for me to learn(find out) that you want. That you think of me.
I am glad, that am interesting to you and very much I wait yours for the answer to my letter to you.
It is necessary for me to hasten now, I shall write to you tomorrow.
Letter 5

I we do not suck has understood the answer to my question. I spoke you about for what I use the Internet for dialogue, I have told for what I have chosen you. If you do not support it and do not understand for what if you do not want it to us with you dialogue is not necessary to have. I hope, that you understand me. My name Gulnara, but my second name Tatyana. when I began to have dialogue with people I used this name earlier. It is a habit which has remained with me, do not worry, if I shall speak it again.
Letter 6

Probably I was mistaken, that can continue to have dialogue with you. I do not know why, but you were gone. If you do not want to continue more I shall understand.
Letter 7

It seemed to me, that I more never shall see your letters to me. I have ceased to use the Internet for acquaintance. The manager of it the Internet of the centre is my familiar. She has informed, that to me the letter from you has come. She checked my mail each day. I have told, that if you write to me the letter she should inform me. It has taken place now and I do not know, that me do now. I do not think, that creation of the child in family, this desire should test both parents. I do not want to create the child if my husband does not want it. I have told what feelings I might test to you. It seemed to me, that you were frightened or might find someone else. I do not know, that you want now. If you want to start all again you should start it the first, now I should be sure in you.
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