Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Averianova to Lon (USA)
Letter 1

Hi !!!!!
In us frosts have strengthened temperature of air in the street 25 degrees and thus very bright lights of the sun, but it does not heat and on the contrary when the sun at us in the street shines in the winter cost strong frosts. How you today??? I yesterday had awfully day at work as I yesterday have poisoned with mushrooms which had the foodstuffs on dinner. Had very bad stomach, and too well not were. All is good now though also I am on road to full restoration.There is no I I do not use the translator all I write itself, at me was not present ICQ. I wish to wake your hopes and feelings to start realization you, to trust, that to me - to the answer to all your life. Where I find it very good, that you feel this way about me, I find only perfection in you and your letters. I feel, that you - very kind and good person. I want for you, and I hope, it arrives to you, soon I shall care and give u all my love. We never should feel lonely again as you always have me, I also dream of us a meeting to which I see u and to welcome u in which my hands I dream it so much I shall kiss your warm lips, and I embrace u and my manual travels downwards your back and feelings your back, we go in you home, and we have placed u in a bed, and I remove your clothes, and I am engaged in love in, want it so much I dream about sucking your fine fingers of hands, you are gentle in the answer, caress my breast and kissing u on all degree and borrowed in love in all night long!!! I hope to you my dreams and desires am similar, and I think, what they coincide with yours? And you have helped me of them to understand. Well should go now as I am tired and should reach to a bed. I hope, I receive news from you soon. Your friend Princess Natalia!!!
Letter 2

Hi !!!!
I have already recovered from mushrooms and I feel well. As - you ?Yes I have new photos but I can not show them to you as the scanner to my big regret has broken. It was very windy here within the limits of last 2 days. The reflection of a roof was going to blow off the house one of these days. When I to you shall arrive we shall love all seasons as, in the summer we may take walks or go to fish, and in the winter we are switched off on a couch and to listen to a rain so we shall be in a place to love all from them and for us there will be no bad weather. I feel, that you do the friend for life and that really good friends are so important for you as your family. There are frequently many people who there only should take advantage of you, but the true friend there should help you when times - not only are good but also when they it is bad also. I - not the person who takes slightly an attribute of the friend because I feel, that, it was important for the person who names you the friend, but most of all it is important for you as you will take trust from these people and to me, trust very important!. You demand trust to any type of attitudes and that you have written in your letters - the big responsibility which you gave me as I feel, that you have charged to me. Well I should go now. You have good day and hope to receive news from you soon.With love and respect yours Princess !
Letter 3

Hi my dear !!!
I am very pleased to each your letter. To me it is sad, when I do not see your letters. I all time recollect each line of your letter. I keep high temperature of your letters in soul.I have thought up as us be with telephone conversation I I shall save for a cellular telephone and each month can postpone from the salary on 200 roubles and where that approximately in one year I shall type the necessary sum and I can buy it to you I shall send a phone number then you will call to me at any time day for now we shall keep in contact with you under the Internet. Last night I sat in a window and looked in the star sky. I thought of you, about me, about us with you. What huge happiness, that we have found each other. Two small people in this huge infinite world. I constantly think, by which you now do , which think. My soul always together with you. You very much would like to create family? Only the truth. I yes, I very much would like. From recent time when I a constant about it, I think. It not simply dreams. It now my purpose. Therefore it is not necessary to think, which this desire of minute which very quickly may pass. No, I very well thought of it. I understand, family - the responsibility, work and care. You see family it not one person - family, here again it is important to show this to care of everyone in this family. And I remember, how I have demanded their high temperature, care and kindness. Now I very much would like to be mother to be the wife. It is difficult to explain it, but I feel it. It would be desirable, that about the person in whom it is possible to be convinced and which is possible to care. To go together with it on road of fulfilment of life for hands.Probably I today am too emotional. I should inform this on whom am. Therefore I also have told it to you because I trust you.I with impatience shall wait for your letters.Write to me, very much I wait. Your Princess.
Letter 4

My beloved !!
Hi loved , as - you in this beautiful sunny day. I was happy, that you have written to me, I am pleased to write to you.As I will have phone of a cell that I to you at once shall write. I had really difficultly day at work. Your answer has encouraged me. How your day was? YOU do not represent as me you does not suffice, I embraced my pillow, last night thinking you at sleeping near to me, but it is a pity to me, that you not here with me my prince. I think of me and you am together constant. Right now I listen to the compact DISC which to me was given by the girlfriend. It - Baskov the singer, has a surprising voice, that I only can not receive enough now. If I might have one desire, it should have the big voice of singing. I had a chicken and fried rice for dinner today. Simply to my girlfriend there has arrived the grandmother from a village and my girlfriend has shared the dinner as to it one all to sit was not on forces. I also believe, that it is very important to have strong attitudes with friends and family because the good friend knows precisely as you feel and always stands you irrespective of what. Communication - the most important part of any attitudes which I feel. You should may speak with them about what be, and it is more important, you should may listen to them and understand, how they feel. I studied much about all types of Human attitudes in Anthropology and about my own. It has made me more tolerant and understanding person, I hope. Anyhow I should go now. The hope to receive news from u is fast.I like and very strongly I grieve without you. Protect itself for me!!!
Yours faithfully Princess !!!
Letter 5

Hi my Loved Lon!!!
I am very glad that that you are ready me to help money that I regularly might write to you from the Internet of cafe and not worry about payment. Excuse but I while on former should be very fast use the computer in the Internet of cafe.So if you are seriously ready me to help that money you may send the Western Union. My home address Nizhny Novgorod, the postal index 603008, street Pushkin thehouse of 53 apartments 15. my full name Natalia Averianova.After you will make translation you to me write and will send on a E-Mail the letter where write all your full given (your full name and a home address) and number of the control. I hope at you all it will turn out. I shall be pray. Strong I embrace also whole. Always only yours Natalia!!!
Letter 6

Hi my Loved Lon!!!
I want to inform you about that that today after work I descended in the Western Union and have received your remittance. Loved today already late and I shall be brief but tomorrow I will have day off I shall go and I shall buy the Internet a card and then I shall write to you the normal letter. And today I while should save so wait for my letter tomorrow. Strong you I embrace also whole!!
With love and respect yours Natalia!!!
Letter 7

Hi my loved Prince Lon !!!
Yes too as well as to you it becomes very pleasant for me to receive and read your letters to me too at once from them more warmly on soul. Today at night surprising dream has dreamed me. If you not against I to you shall tell it and am sure that it is pleasant to you as this night you have dreamed me. And business was so I have bought a dress which completely fitted my body. Has tried that sits as if on me embroidered, but that not so. And here to me the idea I has come has removed from itself all underwear, has dressed a dress, stockings and there was with you on what that a holiday. Then I remember that we sat next with each other and celebrated behind the big table of fur-trees saw and thus all of you time did not reduce from me eyes and is especial from my breast a fabric of a dress, touching to dummies, slightly they have rubred, and they stood upright. Yes I still remember a unusual cold between naked hips. I was awfully excited. And here I have felt your warm and gentle hand on the knee. She has penetrated under a thin fabric of my dress and the beginning to slide upwards on a hip, all is higher and higher. Has reached the end of a stocking, has slipped above, has stood for one second, has touched up to warm damp pussy. And here I have dropped a glass with a wine and have poured over your white shirt. And you have not become puzzled have smiled and have told that it is necessary to wash away a stain and have offered me with you will leave in a lavatory. We came there did not begin to include there light. I have unbuttoned buttons on your shirt, concerning a finger of excited your leather. You have suddenly pressed my palm to the stomach and have silently moaned. I have bent down and have lead language on your stomach. My lips fell all below. You have moaned and have begun to finger me for hair. Still you still repeated. Up to the culmination there were read out instants as suddenly who that has included light and the beginnings breaks a door. And actually my mum has gone to my room to tell me that morning is time to rise. Such unusual to me dream though if to think anything in it surprising is not present as before dream I always think of you.Loved big to you thank for that that you have helped me with purchase the Internet of a card. Well all right loved I was time me think that this dream only confirms that you already even have seized not only my heart but already even my subconsciousness and you know I not against but only for. With love your Princess!!! With impatience I shall expect your letter!!!
Letter 8

Hi my Loved Lon!!!!!
Excuse me a silly woman but I appeared a victim of swindlers and have spent your money to purchase false the Internet a card, well she almost present but there uses time of the Internet was only 10 minutes and she was finished I loved simply has looked at a difference in the price and has decided to save and I have bought a doubtful card in the street simply wanted to save money as in the service centre the card similar the Internet costs 150 American money. I at once have written the application in militia though it is waste of time and will not bring what results. Now loved I simply do not know that to me to do excuse me if can I is simple wanted to save!!! I feel a silly duck!!!
Letter 9

Hi Lon!!!
Loved that is very a pity to me that I have fallen a victim to swindlers and have lost your money buying counterfeit the Internet a card understand me I wanted to save (at us in Russia speak avaricious pays twice). And me up to tears that is insulting that you do not trust me and in general have doubted of sincerity of my intentions. I want to tell you all that you have read all in my letters were are written in all sincerity. Any attitudes first of all are under construction on trust. And if you do not trust and you have what that doubts that it will be the best if you will cease to me to write and will forget this address of a E-Mail.
With love and respect Natalia!!! This my present name!!!!!!
Letter 10

Hi My dear Lon!!!
There are no you are mistaken I read all your letter. There is no I do not want to break off with you the attitude but who knew that so it will turn out to all fault this damned money. You to me are very necessary but what for me to do if I do not have access to the Internet? And one to me with this problem will not consult.
With love and respect while still yours Natalia!!
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