Scam letter(s) from Victoria Abrytina to Hiro (Japan)

Letter 1

Hi Dear.
Thank, I examine your question as a compliment. Today at us very good day was, I hoped that in days off I can go to the sea and sunbathe, but it seems my dreams do not come true. Speak that within the next few days weather starts spoils and there will be rains. In it to year very rainy and not so warm summer. How your day today? You as should work much? At us on work the full disorder today was. All did useless work, that that washed, cleaned instead of doing the work and to help patients. Tomorrow we shall prepare too for branch for the next check, I do not like when there come the commissions. You see all the same from their checks it becomes better not, they receive a bribe write in documents that all well and same disgrace proceeds. All right I do not want to shift the working problems on you. In this country it is too many problems.
I thought above your offer and have decided that would like to spend with you time in Vienna. In Vienna we can be with 3 on 9, and in Helsinki in 9 on 12 it is less days, and Helsinki is farther from Ukraine. I prefer Vienna. For this reason I have learned in a travel company which I have visited today about round to Austria There to me have explained that the firm organizes round since September, 4 for 5 days. They are engaged in registration of all documents, cost of round includes all charges, transport, the visa, hotel accommodation, breakfast and the medical insurance. Cost of such round about 900 $. As to me have explained to me it is necessary to cross border of Austria in structure of group, us will lodge in hotel. And is farther or I shall go by excursion and group or to be engaged in the affairs, but the main thing that I should come back in structure of group back. Yes, trip has still overlooked is held from Kiev. It turns out Kiev - Vienna - Kiev. I should reach Kiev. Certainly it is very expensive also I that could all has learned. Therefore you now can make a decision if you can help me with payment of round then we can will meet in Vienna and if for you it is expensive then probably you could arrive to Ukraine.
To me it is not absolutely clear when you should come back?
I shall wait your letter. Viktoriya.
Letter 2

Hi. Today I have come in internet club with hope that I can bring in the rest of mon ey to Monday for round and I will not have occasion for alarm. But now I start t o worry. On Tuesday in our country celebrate the constitution day and all organi zations do not work. And then I still has not enough time for the decision of al l necessary. In the last letter I have once again explained to you that 300 is s pent for tickets to Kiev and back and on residing there. You see I shall not liv e here due to mum. 250 more it is necessary to show at customs house at the rate of on 50 in day of stay abroad and I already explained it to you. I very much h ope that on Monday you can send me necessary and I shall have time to visit a tr avel company and to place money. On Monday I shall come in internet club in same time and very much I hope that to me is not necessary to worry. Weather now here very much variable, that day when I made for you a photo the ra in in the morning was and I had to put on more warmly, and the sun in the aftern oon shined and even it was hot me. And after I had to lead a lot of time in the street that certainly and on a photo I looked not well. I at once have told you that it is a photo to me it was not pleasant. Certainly you will tell that I too suffer about it and I overlook about more important, but I the woman and think a little differently. I remembered that I should learn number of flight to Vienn a and to specify the name of hotel I have overlooked. But now when I shall go to pay on firm necessary I necessarily I shall ask it and I shall write to you. In such vanity you overlook about much when I made by a photo I at all has not tak en an interest in the name of church and I think that she refers to differently than Kiev, or you have misunderstood that I had in view of. Now I shall come back to mum, I before departure travel would like to be with he r more. I wait your letter. Kisses for you my dear. Vika.
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