Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Tokareva to Giovanni (USA)


Hello GIO!
I am very pleased to receive the letter from you today. I am very pleased, that all of you still have desire, write to me. Very well, which does not confuse you, that I live in Russia. Your country seems to me very interesting and completely another than our. She it is very far from us. I do not know distinction in time between us, but I precisely know that distinction in time with New York 8 hours.:)
As I have told already to you that I live together with the parents in a small apartment. The daddy at me on pension. He was the militarian and him have written off in a stock on a state of health. Mum works for me in grocery shop as the seller.
I shall tell a little about myself.
As you already know, that I work as the bookkeeper in small firm. I am borrowed in calculation of financial accusations, charges of this firm, various debuts, credits. I am borrowed in distribution of a monetary and credit stream of our firm. In general all accounts department.
I hope, that you understand that I speak.
We live far apart... It - very big distance for both of us. But this distance only seems big. It at all does not frighten me. It seems to me especially interesting. Unless you do not think so GIO?
I want to find the man abroad. Because I was very strongly disappointed in Russian men. I to you then shall tell about it in the following letter. If it will be interesting to you.
I want to have the friend whom later , could be more than only the friend. The most important parts of attitudes - love, trust also communication. But, without trust of others two things have no value.
You cannot enter contact to whom - that irrespective, even you love it or her, but not trust to it or it.
The love is important, but you should trust blindly to other person, really love them because you should know their real love you back.
Certainly you have a question, " why the Russian women search for husbands in other countries ”.
Probably you will be interested, why I have decided to search for the love through the Internet? I read in the Internet about various sites of acquaintances where people meet, correspond much and in a consequence meet and then they marry. It is very fine, I as want that at me the fine marriage has turned out. You have very much liked me, and I nevertheless have sent you the very first letter. In you is, something especial. Under your letter I hope, that you very serious person with whom I can share the feelings.
By the way GIO? I nearly have not overlooked. I very much like to prepare to eat. It is my direct hobby, I was possible all this have received in the inheritance from mum, she at me is very tasty prepares!!!
I spoke with the parents about my search of the favourite person through the Internet. And they have approved it. And they understand why I have made this choice. Well probably and everything, that I wanted you to tell. I wait from you for the letter.
Yours Ekaterina.
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