Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Vetrova to Sandro (Italy)


Hello my Dear Friend!!!
I have seen your profile today on and I am very interested in you! Will be very nice to know you better!!!I like nature, animals, especially dogs and horses. I like aquarium and aquarium fishes. I like sports. I go in for shaping. I like to go for a walk, to go fishing and traveling. Also I like to communicate with my friends. I read books and sometimes I go to the theatre. If you shall answer I will write more about me and my life! I am waiting for your letter!!! Best wishes, Sveta
Letter 2

Hi my dear Sandro
I was very pleased to receive your reply as I was impatiently waiting for it! What I can say about me? I was born in Moscow, capital of Russia. My father dead when I was 7 years old. My mother work as engineer on the factory. I have finish university as teacher. And now I am work as teacher in school. After university I has go in Bryansk. It is small but very beautiful town. Now I live in Bryansk with my brother. He 14 years old. My mother live in Moscow. She love big city life. In free time I am going on fitness or play tennis. I am playing in tennis around 2 years. So, I can say that I am playing not so bad. I like very much traveling. Every years I am going in Europe or America. It is very interesting to visit new countries. To know new culture. What about you? Tell me about your life, your city, your work. I would like to correspond with you to know more about you. Do you like to travel? Do you like russian kitchen? I like you very much! Will be wait for your letter! With love from Russia, your Sveta!!!
Letter 3

Hi my darling Sandro Thank you very much for your kind letter. My photo has taket from various years. I like to make photo. About age. For me it is not important. More important which inside man. I think you are very nice and interesting man. Will be great to meet you in real life! I'm a romantic person and will be happy to follow my lover man far away. Yesterday I was in Moscow. I have visit my mother. You know, she agree with me, that foreign man more cultural and more gentle that russian. I am have studed in university with girl which has married with american man. Last summer I was in USA for at visit her. She very happy. They have two childrens. One from Denis (her husband) and one they make together. Therefore I want to find foreign man. I am sure that with russian man I cannot be happy. I am 26 years old and I am ready for serious relationship and married. Also I was in France. My girlfriend live in Paris. But I never have been in Italy. Tell me about your country! I want to give you my adress and phone number If you shall call me.
Address: 573480, Bryansk, Russia, Peschanaya 13-7 Phone: +7 (4832) 684092
It is my home number and better to call in the evening. Will be wait for your letter or call. Kiss you, Sveta
Letter 4

Hi my darling Sandro
I am so happy that I meet you!!! You know, it is very difficult to find suitable person in internet. But with you I feel self comfortable. When I learned you little more I am understand what I want. Every day I am thinking about you and what shall be later in our relationship. When I read your letter my heart go fast. I am waiting this every day. It is very important to make right step. And I feel that I am ready for this step. From 30 of march til 13 of april I shall take hollliday. And we can meet in this period. Real meet nessesary for real relationship. So, I waiting for your decision. Gentle kiss you lovely!!! Your Sveta!!!
Letter 5

Hi my darling Sandro,
How are you? I am very fine! Because I have you! And this intention heating me! Today I shall go in Moscow to meet my mother. In Moscow now not so warm weather. Which weather now in your city? I think I can fly to you on the 1 of april. I can take holliday just in this period. And we shall be together two weeks. Can I stay with you or I need to take a hotel? Say my please, which airport nearest to you? I shall book tickets soon as I can. Cannot wait to see you darling! With love and kisses, your Sveta
Letter 6

Hi my darling Sandro, You know today I was in agency of travel and wanted to buy tickets. But price for tickets so high. The tickets for round trip cost 670 USD. I have just 510 USD. And I pay for visa 200 USD. So I pay for tickets only 310 USD. Can you pay 360 USD to agency of travel. I leave your e-mail adrress in agency and they shall contact you. Anyway, I buy already visa. So I need just a tickets for at fly to you. For me uncomfortable to speak with you about money. But I have no other way. I am simple and honest girl. I send you copy of my visa for at you can trust me. Most of all I want to meet you. I am sure that if we shall meet we shall be not regret. Together we shall spend great time. I will be waiting letter from you darling. Hope to see you soon. Gentle kiss you, Sveta
Letter 7

Hello Mr. Sandro My name is Sergey Zavoloko. I am agent of travel in agency of travel Travel Best. Today I has speak with Svetlana Vetrova. She buy the visa and pay for air tickets. But she pay not all money. The tickets cost 670 USD. Svetlana Vetrova paid only 310 USD. She said that you can pay other money. You need to pay 360 USD. I send to you flight information.
INVOICE 0000385967
Alitalia AZ 561 Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow, Russian Federation Terminal 2 17:25
Malpensa (MXP), Milan, Italy Terminal 1 19:15
Alitalia AZ 560 Malpensa (MXP), Milan, ItalyTerminal 1 10:50
Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow, Russian Federation Terminal 2 16:30 ----------------------------------------
AIR FARE 612.00 TAX 58.01 AIR TOTAL USD 670.01 INVOICE TOTAL USD 670.01 ---------------------------------------- RESERVATION NUMBER(S) LH/L34CL
You can make payment via international system Western Union. Adrress: 853822, Russia, Bryansk, Medvedeva 5, office 27 Contact person: Sergey Zavoloko, main manager If you have some questions, you can contact me anytime. With best regards, Mr. Sergey Zavoloko
Travel Best
Tel: +7 (4832) 583956
Fax: +7 (4832) 583955
Letter 8

Hello my darling
I think we need to speak by phone about this situation. Call me please today in evening. After 21.00 moscow time. I shell be wait for your call. We can speak about our meeting. +7 4832 684092 I do not want to lost you. You have place in my hear. Call me please. Gentle kiss you lovely Your forever, Sveta
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