Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Urakova to Pedro (Spain)

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Hello my friend Kepa!!!
How you? I'm fine, today at us fine weather, therefore mood just fine. I only have arrived to the Internet of cafe after work, and today to me have offered work in police and very much was delighted, because I for a long time dreamed of it. And it is already possible this week if I shall pass interview I shall be the employee of police. I am very pleased, when have received your letter. I have no any computer of the House and consequently I can check up mail not often, therefore I hope, that you correctly will understand a delay of my answer to your message. I earlier never communicated with people from other countries, but examples of other girls, have given me boldness to this step. I informed you in my first message. I have no any children. But I wish to have one or two children because I very much love children. As you guess I already had attitudes with men, but all this came to an end only with one, that I was convinced, that men at us in Russia are not worthy my attention, they are not able to appreciate feeling of other person. Any of them, I did not perceive, as future father of joint children. Therefore I now use this chance, because for me the main things happiness, both well-being of family, and children. I trust, that this all can be a reality. It is real, when I could arrive to you, and we could see and speak with the friend the friend, but about it as it seems to me to speak early still, all over again we should learn each other. It would be very interesting to me to learn more about your country, about your culture, it seems to me that important for us, to learn cultures of our countries. I would like to speak about my city are very beautiful places, and through my city river Kokshaga proceeds. It not big, but many admire with our nature. I like to live and work in my city. Usually for rest I come home, and at a leisure I sit at home, and I read various books, I do not have concrete favourite authors, I read, the Russian authors, and the foreign literature. Sometimes we meet friends, and we walk on our central park, it very beautiful. It is very romantic, I love romanticism. Our city is especially beautiful in the summer evening. Also I like to go to cinema, especially on romantic comedies, and very often I watch TV at home. I also very much like to prepare on kitchen. I like to eat with some salads and vegetables. I am not choosy to food, I eat both meat dishes, and vegetable. I do not drink alcohol, and I do not smoke, because all this - is very unhealthy, I the future mum, therefore I reflect on it. I shall send you usual pictures me, and I hope that you will love it. I would like to communicate simply with you, and it possible if between us should flash and have strong feelings. In my opinion the most important in attitudes between the man and the woman is a trust. If people do not trust the friend the friend between them there cannot be friendly feelings. If people do not trust each other, that they cannot love each other long time.
I hope, that you did not get tired to read my message, and also full tell to me
about you.
I with the big hope shall wait for your letter again.
Your friend Mariya

Letter 2

Hello Kepa!
I am very glad, that you have answered my letter. I today have come to the Internet of cafe, and have seen your letter, it was very pleasant for me, that it is interesting to you to communicate with such simple girl, as I, not looking on distance which divides us. Kepa how passes your day? I hope, that at All of you it is fine. At me everything, as well as always the house - work - the house. To me on it is sad so much and it is sad, that there is no beside with me a person with whom I could divide my days, my feelings with whom I could while away evenings, walking on park. My dear, I am glad, that we have found each other, dialogue with you pleasure for me. You seem to me the decent and fair person. Dialogue with you delivers to me great pleasure, with you I feel pleasure of a life. To me to like, that we can trust each other. I think, that if between two people there is no trust, between them when there will be no serious feelings, such for example, as love. I hope, what you support me in it? I wish to study you more, and I want it between us was not only an ordinary mail and I want that, we aspired to more real To attitudes. I speak about real meetings where the person can tell all That it could not express in letters. How you look at a real meeting? You are not afraid of it? It is very interesting to me, how many at you girls with which you too correspond? I think you very pleasant The person in dialogue, it is easy to communicate for me with you. For this reason it seems to me, that at you it is a lot of fans. I am right, Kepa? I hope to win heart of the decent person which can care of our future family. Kepa, I wish to know about you in the greatest possible degree. I wish to study you completely, you have interested me, I see in you very interesting person full of riddles. I wish to open all your secrets. I want it between us there was a full confidence. I search only For serious attitudes which can lead to creation, strong and happy To family. I could not find happiness on the native land, I hope, that I can Find it at you. Though it is not so important for me where I shall be To live with the husband, there will be it Russia or other country. Kepa, I only wish to find at last strong support in a life, The person with whom we shall be, as a unit. I do not search rich The person who would give me the money, dear gifts, I heard, that many girls, my age, now search it. I only, want that, it was Capable to provide our family, could become the good father of our children. This most important as I think for family. I think, that I do not demand much from the man. You with me agree? I am very young, and not all I know and I understand in family attitudes, But I write, that I think of what I dream. Kepa, I would like to know, it is pleasant to you to receive my messages, and what we study more about the friend to the friend, and we share with the friend the friend about all? I do not want, that it was boring to you to read my letters because I in them put a particle of. Ask to me questions, if You that that interests more about me. I with pleasure shall answer To you, to me it is pleasant to understand, that I am not indifferent to you, we knew all about each other. It is very interesting to me. I do not complain, that I have no computer of the house though me not always as you have noticed easily to answer at once your messages, but the Internet of cafe, helps me with it, I can use their services at any time, and it is very convenient for me. I do not know, how many it demands money, they have told, that I shall receive the account in the end of month in their cafe. To me have told on the Internet of cafe, that when they Will put there phone, I can call to you. I have no any phone, House, and a mobile phone also because it not such greater need me, and for me it is dear. Kepa, I am assured, that if at all of us it will be mutual, we shall be Together, and I hope, that it will be already fast. Write to me soon. I shall wait Very much!!!
Sincerely yours Mariya.

Letter 3

Hello my good friend Kepa!!!
I today have again arrived to the Internet of cafe to read from you the letter. In me today very good mood, because in street lights the Sun and very good weather in us in city. Today the big day!! I have not badly lead the days off, I went to my parents on a visit, they were very glad me to see. And there is more pleasure it has delivered to learn about you, I told it, that I had a person with which to me really well, and I am not afraid to tell these words. It it was very pleasant for learning, because they already for a long time did not see me such happy. I hope, that you not against I have told about you to my parents, I simply was all on emotions, and they have noticed it. I wish to allocate it next time your photo, I hope, that you can send me more than your photos, I can unpack them in the Internet of cafe. And also to place one above my bed. That I could look at you before dream and think of you more. Today, when I was on work, all time thought of you, it is very strange. You so it is far from me but when I think of you, you seem to these absolutely close, also seem, that I can concern you. I have no any computer of the house as I already spoke you, and it it is very difficult to write often for me to you letters because each time it is necessary to go for me to the Internet of cafe. If I had a computer of the house, I could write to you much more more often, and answer your letters more quickly. But it very dearly to buy for me a computer. So to me to have to be content the Internet of cafe though it too not the cheap pleasure, soon comes to an end month of my using the Internet of cafe, and I do not know, to what to me will give the account, but now I have no any choice. I shall soon speak the Internet of cafe with the manager, about that we could speak by phone. I think, that it is possible for us it will arrange. If you have a mobile phone, please leave to me number that I could call to you as soon as I will have such opportunity. In Russia it is very difficult to live to simple people, at us in the country similarly to me it is very difficult to girl to find work in Russia. Everything because rich people who have good workplaces in firms give their relatives, and to friends, all at us during lives goes communications in a society. It very difficultly find here work. If I have successful month, I can approximately earn 200 - 270 Dollars USA - insufficiently simply to live, but it quite satisfies my inquiries, I have simply got used to refuse to myself in all. I for a long time wished to struggle with people who not fairly earn money bypassing all laws. For this reason I have now got a job in police, I already spoke you about it in my previous message. I wish to be useful to a society though my work not such important, but also not dangerous, I shall work in police only after registration of criminal cases, but I trust, that it will be very interesting employment. I even have made my photo in the form of, in my first working day, and I send you. How you think to me this form approaches? But at present I am glad, that we have found each other, the destiny can has reduced us together. You trust in destiny? I very much hope, that at us it has turned out all of you, and we could be together and if it will be possible in the near future. Unfortunately I now have no time to write to you the letter more. But I hope soon to receive news from you. Give me your mobile phone as soon as at me to appear an opportunity to call to you, I hope to take advantage of this chance immediately. I also ask you, that you have given me your address, I wish to send you small surprise.
Yours faithfully. Sincerely yours Mariya

Letter 4

Hello my dear Kepa!!!
I have again come to the Internet of cafe to answer your letter. I to me am pleasant to read through your letters. You very interestingly write, and in your letters always there is that that especial for me. I'm fine, and very good mood. At us already whole week good solar weather, therefore mood corresponds to this fine weather. Today I also spoke with my head about my holiday, it promised me, on a condition of the labour contract, that 30 days of holiday should be given to me, I so wish to have a rest. To me so has bothered to sit in a stuffy premise so it is a pity that my holiday happens only yearly, on how many I have understood my chief, I need to finish 2 - 3 weeks, and the whole month I can have a rest. I think, that it can become a fine opportunity and for our meeting. I some days have such idea to see you, to me it so is interesting for learning as you look in a reality as you live, all this to see my eyes, to speak with you. You not when did not have such idea concerning us? I understand, that we are familiar not so long ago. But it bewitches me, and my thoughts about it even more. I cannot explain it that you could understand me if you do not test similar feelings. I also talked yesterday to my head concerning increase of my wages, but it has told, that we can speak about it with it only in the end of year, at me will be more seniority and if I can show myself it will think. I consider, that it is not fair, under the attitude to me, I work much, I almost give all time to my work, and I already spoke you, how many I receive for my work, only 200 $ USA. When now the end of month and me it is necessary to pay for municipal services, still I did not come to the manager the Internet of cafe, it should was count up how many to me it is necessary to give the Internet of cafe because I was made out on the monthly subscriber who to be paid in the end of month for services. I hope, that you understand me and support me that with me have acted not fairly. Though the economy of our country recently always such life rises in price, and the payment for work of people does not rise. Only with your help of the Internet at dialogue with you I learn, how there live people of your country. It is very pleasant to me to write letters to you because I think, that you understand and support me. And every day I think of All of you more and more. Every day you draw to you me more increasing and more. Sometimes it seems to me, that I am familiar with you already for a long time, and you the unique person, with my parents which understands me. I trust, that you the remarkable and fair person who will never offend the woman. I trust, that I am right in my reflections because my heart not when did not deceive me. I like to write greater letters because in you I see the good interlocutor, and to me it is pleasant, that I can share with you everything, that at me on a shower. I hope, that you like to read my letters. Today I am a little tired, because I today again worked much. But I nevertheless do not wish to sleep. I an owl, usually I sleep in the afternoon, and in free days I sleep till the evening, because my schedule of work such. Usually I work in the evening or in a dinner. I love such schedule of work. Because to me to not have to rise early in the morning and to run for work. I very much love music, especially pop and when I wish to calm down when it is sad on a shower, I listen to classical music. Yesterday, when I was on work classical music played, and I thought of you. I simply dreamed that I shall arrive to you and we shall live together. It only the dream, but me was pleasant to think of it. Unfortunately I any more have no time to write to you the letter more. I hope to receive news from you soon.
Always yours Mariya

Letter 5

Hello my dear Kepa!
I am glad to receive your new message. I am happy, that we could find each other. Put today at me has begun very much even perfectly, on work has passed all well, I at all have not noticed, how my working day has ended, the mood was fine. But when I have arrived to the Internet of cafe again to write to you the letter, the manager the Internet of cafe informed me very much not pleasant news to me. It has informed me, that has already passed month as I use their services, and I should settle an account for using services the Internet of cafe, in the sum services which they gave all to me, these are my photos, the Internet, using the help of the manager, and another, it has made 186 euro. And it has very much upset me, because it almost all my salary within a month. I have no such money now and for me that I cannot write to you more is very awful, and I can lose you. I hope, that you can understand a situation in which I has got, this all of that I was afraid, that I can I shall lose you, I do not want that so it has turned out. But for this purpose I should pay this account again to continue correspondence with you, and I already spoke you, that I need to settle an account for rent of an apartment as me to be I I do not know. That that, I cannot write to you more, very much afflicts me. And I do not see other output, though it is very inconveniently for me to speak you about it. But I ask you the help. I would not like it ours the attitude have begun with money, but I am compelled to ask you about the help because one I cannot find this money. Inform me if you can help me. I hope only for you, my dear Kepa!!!!
That concerning my full address, I inform you it:
The country Russia.
City Yoshkar Ola
Street Mira, the house 64
Yours Mariya

Letter 6

Hello my dear Kepa!!
I have arrived to the Internet of cafe and have been very upset when I have read through your letter. I thought it if I shall ask you about the help, that you can help me. Understand so services the Internet of cafe cost at us, and this all is lawful. I do not want that, you felt, that it I ask from you the help though itself I can pay for the Internet of cafe. Understand I asked the help at mine parents, but I already spoke you, that my parents poor people, they live only owing to my help, and the facilities, it suffices them to live, but they do not have superfluous money. And my friends do not live better me, they not than cannot help me. I thought that you very good the person also has to me strong feelings because I also have to you strong feelings and I do not wish to lose you from for that that I have no money to pay for the Internet of cafe. I now write to you to it the letter and tears roll on my eyes, and I cannot limit me in hands. I possibly very unlucky person and lost because as it is fast as in me in a life, that which appear, that it at once fall. Also it has appeared and with you. I thought, that I have found the person with which I can be all life and love its and cares from it. I thought... I had time to think the most part from you and of what would be if you have coordinated to help me. Whether I wish to ask you, you want it, I have to arrive to you? I think what yes... I know that I a beauty but to me never born in men. I do not know why. You very good person and I think, that you will find, that the woman from whom you will be happy. As you think, that we would be happy together. I think what yes.... I hope, that you too so think. I have asked, that you have sent this money confirming, that it I am rather excellent to you, but possibly I was erroneous. I hope, that you once again will think and change well the decision.... As I think, that you now simply break ours correspondence.
Forgive me if I thought that that not so.



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