Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Botvinkina to Gregory (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my only one Glenn!!!
I don't even know what to think about this "test". Of course I am not mad at you because who knows, may be if I were you I would do the same.I can imagine that it is hard to trust over the Internet but we should try to do that. And I'm sure that if we try everything will be just fine. Dear, and if you don't hear from me for some time, please don't think that it is because I forgot you. I told you before that it is expensive for me to use Internet and use the translator's services.
The weather here has been just so great! It is so sunny, sometimes even too much. It is extremely sunny and sometimes we all with it were winter again. Our town stands on the Dnepr River and can you imagine that there are already people on the beach. Our school is not too far away from the beach and today we had a field trip to the forest close to that river. We have such a class as an Environment. We study some animals, birds, insects, weather and so on. Children love field trips and so they asked me to make one for them. We also invited some other classes so there were quite a lot of us. We came there and kids had a task to write down all they wanted about the nature around them. And also when we came back they got an assignment to make a drawing of nature, of spring or something like that. What I love about my class is that all the kids are so creative, and they like to work together, in team like a one whole. I have always wanted the job to bring pleasure to me and I am ! so happy that this dream of mine has come true.
I just want to tell you that I miss you so much!!!!!!
With love, Tanya
Letter 2
Honey Glenn!
Good day to you my sunshine! How is life treating you? I was so happy to hear from you, your letters are amazing. I woke up today with such a good mood because I knew that I would go to the internet cafe to read your letters and write you. I wish I could do that more often but I hope that you are not very upset that I don't write you as often as we both would wish to. When I am with you in my thoughts, you are my light that guides me in the right direction. I know that I will go anywhere and do any thing just to be near you and hear those wonderful words I read in your letter when you will whisper them in my ear. You came out of my dream and you made it real I know what I feel for you is love, true love. Every day I think about you and about us together. I can picture you coming back from work and I would be there waiting for you. Yes, in your letters you do tell me a lot about your days, how they go and everything. But it would be so much better to hear them in real life. I want you to know that you can always rely on me. I will always listen to you, whenever you have hard times or just feel like talking, you are welcomed to speak to me about anything.
Honey, I think that there shouldn't be any restrictions for two people who are in love with each other. And if you like to be ***** I'll be only happy to support you in this idea. That is wonderful when two people like each other, they like each other's bodies and then there shouldn't be any restrictions. I don't have a bathing suit photo but as soon as I make one I'll send it to you. I don't; think we should be ashamed of it.
You are the reason now that I believe in love. My prayers were answered when I found you. All I knew was I had to find you. I didn't care how long it would take, or how far I had to go. I just knew my heart would never rest until I found you. But to tell you the truth I didn't even hope for such strong feelings. I never knew that someone can make me feel the way you make me feel. It is really something special, something amazing and unbelievable.
And now as I have you in my life everything seems brighter. Even my work seems more interesting. Do you remember I told you about this field trip that children from our school had? Today we had a competition of the drawings they had made there. You should have seen them! There were all kinds of things: butterflies, dragonflies, flowers, trees, birds.We didn't even know what picture to choose the best so we had couple of winners, and their drawings were placed in the central hall of the building. So now our school looks like a little gallery.
I hope you are doing just as great, and I hope to hear from you soon!
With love, Tanya P.S. Honey, you asked for my address. I guess you will also need my full name.
Tatiana Botvinkina Pervomaiskaya Street 7 kv.68 Kremenchug 39600 Poltava region Ukraine.
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