Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Botvinkina to Mike (Australia)
Letter 1
My Darling Mike! You even can't imagine what a pleasure it was for me to see your letter in my mail box.
It looks like an answer for all my prayers and wishes to find somebody who can understand me and need the same in this life. Love, tenderness, caring, happy family.
Is this You, my Dear? Do you believe in destiny, in real life?? I do ! I believe in great love between two peoples. It doesn't matter how far peoples live from each other, even if they live in different parts of the world. I feel that somewhere in this vast world there is my soulmate, the man who will make me happy with him love and care. I am optimist by nature and in everything I see something beautiful and I enjoy every moment of my life.
If you are tired of loneliness, I am here for you, Mike! I am your dream ! Life is so wonderful and full of surprises ! It would be so nice to share it with someone kind and a positive person. For me, the most important things in a man is him inner soul and him attitude to me, but not hes physical appearance. I am quite sociable by nature, but calm by character, with a high sense of humour. I have a lot of things in my life that make me happy. But in order to be completely happy, I need the other half person in my life. Only the very special man, who will fill that part of my soul which is still empty.
I'm 27, 170 sm. high ,weigh 47 kg. I have a little angel, it is 3 years old. Sometimes my kid asks me when we will have the father and I always answer to her that very soon father will come, we should just wait for a while.
All children are small angels in our earth, and we all love them very much. I love my angel very much too. I work as a teacher in the cindergarten.
I like reading books, kino, painting, staying in nature, making sport (skiing, badminton, hiking and so on), and and and. I have so many different interest and I am always open for new things. Something what is very important to me is music. All kind of music, depending on the situation - for dancing, dreaming, relaxing or whatever. I like people with own opinions, powerful and not saying always yes, I prefer frank and straight conversation.
Darling, if you have the same point of view about life, and if you like my letter, I will wait for your letter. Please tell me more about your life, your hobbies and dreams...
I will wait for your letter.
I would like to ask you, Mike, to send me your photo though appearance is not important for me. The main thing is his inner life and his soul. I wish you to have a good day.
Tanya and Liza Write me only to my e-mail: P.S.I live in Ukraine and You know I'm afraid it will make you upset. I have never visited other places pin my life. This some mistake in my ad. But I like your country very much!
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