Scam letter(s) from Oksana Borovskaya to Sverrir (Iceland)

Letter 1

Honey, you say in your letter, that you are going to pay for my international passport, wow, sweetie, thank you very much, thank you again and again, I am appreciate it very much. I would like to tell you, my darling, that I am the happiest woman in the World, because I have you, you are my joy and my happiness, thank you very much. It's so important for us, and I hope, that as soon as my passport will be made, I will be able to come to you, because you are my special man, you are the only man for me, my Sverrir. Thank you again and again, it is very great for me to know, that soon I will be with you, that I will meet you in real life and hug you, my sweetheart!!!!! Are you waiting for your Oksana :-)?
Letter 2

Honey, in your letter you ask me if I can to practice the English lessons before I will come to you, telling you the truth, my honey Sverrir, you have very nice idea, and I would like to practise it very much, but I would like to tell you, that it is very expensive for me to pay for English lessons.
Letter 3

Honey, I also waiting for the moment, when my passport will be ready, my darling, and I will be able to see you, my sweet Sverrir.
Letter 4

Well, my dear Sverrir, I have to end this letter now, but hope to hear from you as soon as possible.. I miss you and your letters very much, so please, write to me as soon as possible! I will be waiting for your letter with all my impatience!:-) I send you my tender Ukrainian kiss and a soft hug:-) Have a nice day, my darling!:-)
With all my tenderness and care!!
Your Svetlana.Notice the mistake she makes by signing Svetlana instead of Oksana???
She claimes that was just a bad mistake by the translater???
Letter 5

My darling man, I hope you will forgive me, I have forgotten to ask the manger about the passport :-), but I promise you, that on Monday I will certainly ask him, okay, and I will write to you at once.
Letter 6

Dear sir,
Welcome on a Website of the "Gloria" agency:
You are free in your choice and you can join to our "Gloria" agency as our constant client going on with correspondence with your Lady.
We will be glad to give you our services.
We hope that you'll enjoy your experience with us.
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Letter 7

I am real girl. So, if you wish to have some proves of my reality, you should just ask me, okay? In your letter you say that you want to receive my family's photo, well, I will look for it, and certainly I will send it to you, my darling Sverrir.
Letter 8

You are not interested in my thoughts and feelings, you just want to get more my photos. I have told you before million times, that I HAVE NO OTHER PHOTOS!!!! I have sent to you many photos from the beginning of our correspondence, and they are finished, if you think, that I have the greatest number of photos, you are mistaken. I told you it the many time, and in next your letter, you told me again to send you my photos, don't you understand me? It seems to me, that you even do not read my letters carefully, how sad it sounds, but it seems to me, that it is truth. So, my full name is Oksana Sergeevna Borovskaya. As you already know, I rent a flat and live in Lugansk, but I am registered in another city, in the city where my parents still live and where I was born. So, this is the place of my registration:
Gorky Street, 8/10
Lugansk region, 93412
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