Scam letter(s) from Elena Bychkova to Mark (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my dear Christian, If you really think how it is shown on photo I'm very glad on it. :) Today I want to tell to you about my usual day. It is my usual day when I work. I rise at 7.30 am. Then I accept doush, bring myself in the order. Near 8 am I cook myself for breakfast. In the morning I eat basically something easy (yoghurt and a pair of sandwiches with coffee). At 8.20 am I leave from a house and I go all over again up to a stop. I reach before work by a trolley bus. It occupies somewhere 20-25 minutes. On work I come for 10-15 minutes prior to the beginning of work. Our shop opens at 9 am. In our shop works 12 persons. Then I work. I basically show buyers what perfum approach for them, what smell is combined with their nature. Practically all my work also consists in it. When there are buyers a little I sit behind the computer and I write down new receipt of the goods or I write the letter to you. :). In 1 pm all of us leave for dinner. All of us go to cafe which is near to our shop. Girls work for us basically so all of us sit together behind one table. When we eat at us still simply it is necessary to sit time to talk about any other business. Well at girls always there will be about what to talk. :). Sometimes we so laugh that other visitors look back on us. But so it happens us cheerfully that we do not notice it. :). We always cheer up ourselves when we have dinner that second half of working day has passed not so boringly. The working day at us comes to an end in 6 pm. Sometimes we remain on meeting which our director spend to inform something important. After work I and two more my girlfriends go to walk on city if in the street is warm. In the winter we basically at once go home because to walk very coldly. Sometimes certainly we come into any cafe to have a drink hot coffee or cappuchino. (it is in the winter), and in the summer we come into cafe to have a meal ice-cream or to drink any soft drink. When I come back home I cook still for supper for myself and my parents. Sometimes to us there comes the brother with the wife or any visitors and we sit all family and just talk. So pass my usual working days. Certainly on weekends all occurs in another way. Sometimes certainly there are various holidays or at somebody birthday. :).
So I live here. There may be it boring life but in any measure it's pleasant to me. :). Kiss you and miss you,
Your Elena.
Letter 2

Hi my dear Christian, I'm sorry I didn't write to you some days. I had a small trouble. I'm very badly able to use a computer and probably, something has made not correctly. My computer has broken. It was necessary to cause the familiar expert on computers. He could come only today and almost all the day pottered with it. Something there conjured. He has told, that, probably, I have infected the computer with a virus from the Internet and as he said to me " the software " has broken, that is I could not use him and have advised " any more do not open unfamiliar files ". I have a little understood that expert has told to me. Now I'm in general afraid to approach to a computer because I am afraid to make something not that and to lose touch with you. I hope you'll forgive me and you'll want to communicate with me because I want it further. But, it is good that I have written down your address to myself in a notebook and I still had communication with you. Now I'll be much more cautious and I'll not open another's letters. I promise to write to you more often and not disappoint any more you. I'm very glad that you really want we meet and I come to you. Yesterday I went to the travel agency to find out what I need to come to Germany to you. I need get visa and buy airtickets. But I can say that it's very expensive for me. Visa to Germany costs 250 euro. Shengen visa costs 330 euro. Airtickets round trip cost 340 euro. It's really very expensive for me. It's my semi-annual salary. What did you do this weekend? Hope to hear you soon,
With love,
Your Elena.
Letter 3

Hi my Christian, I am very glad that I again can write to you. Now I'm much better.
But yesterday I all day laid on a bed with temperature of 38,5 degrees. At me the head very much was sick and the throat was sick. I did not go some days on work because of illness.
How are you? What did you do these days? I was so alone. To me some times my best girlfriend came and sat next me. It very much helped me from loneliness. I like to communicate with people. I don't like very much to remain one. Certainly there are moments when it would be desirable to be alone, to think about something of, to dream. But when you lay on a bed the patient one it's not so cheerfully :).
Well all right I shall not complain more of my health. Now I feel very well and I hope that else long I shall be healthy :)
What about airtickets I think you should send money to me and I'll pay here for all myself. I explain why you need do it such. I asked in the travel agency how to me to pay for visa and airtickets (I never faced with it and so I ask all there). They told me that I need to pay to the travel agency and they help me to collect all neccesary papers for getting visa and help me to prepare to the interview (I need to have interview in German Embassy to get visa). They help me to book the best flights to come to Franfrukt. I think it'll be difficult for me do it all myself without helping them. I asked them how you can send me money. They adviced to use the Western Union. It's the fats and security system of transfer the money. But I really don't know if you have it there. Although they say that it's world system and you have it. And they say that you need to know my full datas to send the money.
Here my full datas:
First name : Elena
Last name : Bychkova
Address : Mira 34-45
Postal code : 610027
City : Kirov
Country : Russian Federation I heard about Newcastle. I don't know about this city but I know that there is such football team. I know that they play very well and always they are on the top of Premier Leage. Am I right? I miss you very much,
Your Elena.
Letter 4

I thought you are clever but you are full ****** ****** man. Do you think it's me on the photos I gave you? :))))
I have many different photos which I use. :))
Do you think I live in Kirov Mira street 34-45? :))
YOU ARE ****** ****** MAN. Do everything you want. I'm so sorry that I had not time then to take away your money because I just did not know as your name. But now I know what's your name: ****** ****** MARK. :))
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