Romance scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Ivanova to David (Australia)
Letter 1

Hi my dear David.Your attention and beauty is turned in a circle of me and I feel it the body. I would not like to wake up when I sleep also you present in my dream. I dream of you. I cannot explain words, that to me occurs. Sometimes when I suddenly shall reflect, for one instant it seems to me, that you beside and are silent - is silent to me on an ear whisper gentle words about love. And in These minutes on my body run thousand, millions shiver. I shudder Also I come in myself. I likely very for a long time waited for you in maiden Dreams. And you have smoothly turned to a reality, and I would not like You to lose. I hate lie and treachery. I hate game With feelings. I when was not mistaken in people. But you so are far. And I would not like To get in a bad situation. Because it is very hurt, when the person to whom you give the love and heart betrays. I know from stories of my girlfriends and read much in magazines. Heart as well as a life one at us. If you to give whom, it Treachery can return to you as a boomerang and then it can To strike where is more sick, than that when you have offended whom that. I fair, Open, I do not have secrets, I can open that not thawing. And I I want and even I demand to myself the same attitude and the truth in ours Attitudes. If I for you that that mean, I want to know that . I want to know frank your feelings to me. As all It is known, that the woman likes ears, but lines written to yours Hand for me as your voice and I want to know everything, that you wish To me to tell. As I want to devote for you some lines of a poem: " If the snow on eyelashes shivers turning in big teardrops, It is my memory of you ice if the wind rustles stiffens in cold For a window, again having shrouded in an autumn cool, it I in the staff of a life with You where we shall be sometime a number. If a blizzard a tune about love, Embraces it is disturbing and it is gentle, it I wait for you in the distance, trusting letters Yours as before. If heart to fall in love knocks, if dreams about me To you to be removed, it is memory your and my, in a single whole incorporates! " I very much love verses about love of different authors. They show a life how she is. I want to love and be loved. I want to speak about love and to hear about it. Also answer me now two important for me a question. 1) you would want that we corresponded with you all life, and you want, what we when be would meet in real and tested the feelings for the present??? 2) I want to know your favourite color and what your favourite clothes on all kinds of weather. I wait the answer from you. Yours Nadezhda.
Letter 2

Hello mine David.I very much miss these days you. Dreams about love with you dreamed me. I dream To be in your life on always and to be your support in a life and the assistant and to love you. We live what to study and learn each other during all life . And it is not easy. And what to learn the friend it is better, I would like to learn about To you still. You like to concern? You like to touch? You like to kiss? Whether really your body it is ready to the person to take under the control of you and to do to you everything, what it wants? I think only of you. I would like to be near to you. In this letter I send you my photos. I have made special photos where I go in for sports. I can lift dumbbells about 30 times. They in weight of three kgs. I do not think myself the strong woman, but it to me helps to have good mood and kind spirit. With dumbbells I am engaged three times a week. It is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I always would like to have a small training hall in the house. But the equipment very expensive, and in a sports hall to go far. I also am engaged at home with improvised in sports stock. You like my sports figure. This suit to me have presented at date of a birth, the sister of my mum. I tried to be engaged in yoga earlier, but I did not have teacher and the corresponding literature. But now I sit in a pose of a lotus and I have a rest after not the big physical preparation. You would like, what I to appear near to you? I very much want. Today very solar weather, and me it is sad. I would like simply with you conversation, I would want that you have taken me for a hand, and your hand warm. I would like that you have kissed my hands the warm and damp lips and I would float in drowsiness, on a meeting to the dreams. I very much for a long time looked a children's cartoon film, and it the name: " As chestnuts " blossom. It is a history how the bear and a hare were floating to the dream through ocean, on far island by a small boat. They were pursued with huge sharks, a strong wind - hurricane, huge waves and terrible big birds, and the most important is very big distance up to island. And they had not time. Chestnuts have blossomed without them. They have seen as beautiful flowers languid on their eyes. And I do not want, that the cartoon film would repeat in my life. I want to blossom and to not fade. I would want that you were the unsinkable ship on the sea, huge plane in the sky. I would want that you have taken me to yourself. Has warmed in the hands. And we would rush off with you on edge of light, to create the small world where will reign love and to come true our dreams. I wait the answer, yours Nadezhda.
Letter 3

Hello my dear David.Thanks you for good words for me, already long time and all this long time we with you. I can speak, that I - the fair, devoted and open person. I like kind and fair people. And I estimate fidelity. What do you think concerning change? I think, that it - treachery. I when do not want to go through similar. I always lived in love and mutual understanding. I when heard from native loud tone in a voice. I think, that you are a remarkable person and the best, that I have in my life. I think concerning us all time, since that time as we have learned about existence each other, concerning our meeting and I should speak, that it raises me so much!!! In my imaginations we - together, a single whole! And I expect so much during the moment when these dreams come true! I would like to ask you very serious question. I could? What is yours of intention concerning me? You would like to meet me? My basic dream if to exclude all my dreams I very much want to meet you in the present. If I have wanted to arrive to you, you could meet me? Whether really you want to see in me the woman and the future wife. I intentionally wish to meet you as the future husband and on this answer me some questions, I was probably the some people shall set repeatedly, but it is important for me. 1. What your favourite passion? 2. Your favourite art and the favourite book? 3. Your favourite animal and a bird? 4. Your favourite color and your favourite dish at dinner? 5. whether frequently you eat outside of a house? 6. whether you like that your wife sat at home and did not work? Whether you like that your wife worked? Whether you like, what your wife would be the housewife? 7. You could make for me a mad act and what??? 8. What country has liked you most, from those in which you were or simply know about it? 9. You late lie down to sleep? And how early you rise? 10. Whether you are afraid a cold? 11. You drive the machine? I short too I can answer these questions: my favourite passion to like and to do probably mad acts for the sake of loved. My favourite art is theatre and the favourite book at me unfortunately is not present, if only a genre. And my favourite genre are historical stories. Stories about the cowboy and their adventures. My favourite animals and birds it is domestic utensils: goats, cows, the hen and cocks, a dog, a cat, geese, and others. My favourite color green, color of summer. I eat usually at home, except for a dinner. I already wrote, that my dinner passes in a dining room. Abroad I was not, and in Russia I was in many cities, about it I too wrote to you. A cold I am not afraid, and on the contrary I like, because in the winter very well, it is possible to ski on sledge from mountain, to mould a snowman and to roll in a snow. And from it it is completely not cold, and it is on the contrary hot. I to not drive the machine, at us when there was no machine. And at us and to go that not where, faster on foot to descend it is possible. It is not terrible, that you have forgotten a birth about my day, it is possible when be to compensate you to me the forgetfulness. Thanks for a poem. I very much like to look Olympics games, and certainly to like for the Russian sportsmen. On it I finish the letter and I wait from you the answer. Yours Nadezhda.
Letter 4

Hello my dear David.Thanks you for the constant attitude to me. You seem to me that very reliable and constant person. The constancy is very important for me. In fact when the person constant it means that the future home life can be considered happy. I want to find again family happiness and to be necessary. I would like to meet you from work, to ask as you affairs on work. If suddenly that that is not got on to help you words and heat of the family center. I likely shall early tell that I love you, in fact we yet did not test our feelings in real. I very much would like to test our feelings in real. You would like to meet me in the present? You would like to feel heat of my body? You would like, what we would live in a place and divided pleasure and mountain? I would dream of things which you have made for me, to caress me, loved me. I gentle and modest. These are very huge feelings have woken up at me to you therefore I could write such things in this letter and ask such questions. I would want that you to not disappoint me and to not break my feelings concerning you. And then I to be given you entirely. I very much start I miss you. We live what to study and learn each other during all life. And it is not easy. And what to learn the friend it is better, I would like to learn about you still. You when be changed to the woman? You could deceive? You patient? To me it is important for knowing, because my purpose becomes YOU! You for me become the person for whom I would like to live. I for a long time did not write, about the work. I'm fine. Which our brigade builds the house, approaches to end. It will be fast at me holiday. And I would like to lead it with you. I would like to test us in the present and to learn each other as. I want to be happy and you to make happy. My fears only that we did not meet you yet. And as it would be good to meet face to face, to look each other in the face and to speak about love. I the truth think of you much. It is a lot of, especially last time, I conversation with my mum about you. My mum agrees, that I would connect the life with yours. She transfers warm wishes to you. Also wishs us of good luck if all of us-oaee shall be in a place. And still I send you a photo, where I in a suit for new year, with the friends. If you have not learned me, I in a bottom from the right. It this year. At us competition on the best suit was. My suit was the best in a nomination - extravagance. You have already noticed, that I very different. But I adapt by a life. I can be cheerful when all it is cheerful, I can be sad when all it is sad. I do not soar in clouds, and I live reality. I can work, I can feed myself and mum. But I would like, as well as to all lonely women on a planet, to have the the man, the husband, the constant lover. And then the life becomes better. I am tired to carry out man's duties. Yesterday at night a wind has broken a tree dry and it has fallen directly to a fence of our garden. And me it is sad not that it is necessary to repair a fence, and what not whom to ask. On such sad note I shall finish the letter. As always I wait the answer from you. Your beloved Nadezhda.
Letter 5

Hi my dear and loved David.These are words I want to speak you each time at a meeting and in the beginning of my letters, they a sincere greeting of you. You the unique person to which I want to entrust myself. You the unique person with which I want to connect the life. You have charmed me with what that supernatural forces, your aura gives me very strong vital potential. I want you to recognize personally, I want you to make happy and to be too Happy, that you with me. I never saw you in the present, but I very much want you to see, feel heat and temperature of your body. My ideas only for you. I am sure, that when we shall meet you in reality us the happiness waits. I am not afraid of such words because I very much to you am located. Your desire to be with me on always? Because I very much want to be with you, what our component was love and fidelity each other. Your way to speak about love of me transports as it is possible closer to your body in more all about your heart as it is possible closer to you and I feel yours warmly on affinity. I so am pleased, that I can look on such the man and as you, and you want to know me better. You my beloved, you my angel, you my beam of the sun which will penetrate into my window every morning. Last night I went with mum before dream and we spoke about you. I try more to not tell to whom about us with you. I would want that could learn each other better, to like each other in the present, to understand each other, that in our attitudes the general dreams when you to me will make official offers would appear to leave in marriage. And then I can tell to all light about us with you. I shall tell about the happiness to everything, everything, all. To me now it is not lonely. I know for sure that I have you, and you have I. Under cold nights I want to be with you so much, and I want to feel your kisses, your warm breath on my person and only you, you, my most pleasant. I am ready to repeat the same words about love constantly. But we should check our feelings in real. I am pleased to receive your letter again and again! But it is not enough of it for me. I very much want to meet you. And I would like to arrive to you. You would want that I arrived to you? I hope, that you do not play with my feelings. I knew some girls who deceived men from abroad. They with them were close, promised marry, but when leaved then has completely disappeared. Me warned of it as. But I believe you. I have never met the person is similar to you. I feel, that you have so a lot of care to me, a kind and high temperature in your heart. Gratitude for presence on the Earth and Gratitude the God, that we have found each other. There is much of love, And in my heart and I want care tenderness, it will belong to you, my soul has. I want to cast in the lot with you and I do very serious step concerning you. Our lives very different and consequently if we become the groom and the bride you should make all efforts that I could survive in your country. Why in your country because I talked to mum also she much approves, that I would visit you and a vein with you. Mum spoke me, that the wife should live in the house of the husband as when that she in a youth has moved to live in the house to the husband while they could not build the house for themselves, and live separately. I so trust mum and I obey to it. I feel, that you have seized my heart. I think concerning places, we shall go also things, we shall do. I think be relative to kiss you. I frequently dream about silent night of a house you and I. We notice romantic film or the muffled music, and we speak hopes and dreams of our life together. I dream concerning our the first anniversary of a meeting together and other dinners of the Holiday. I only want, that you knew, how many I want you, how many I need in you. How many I Like you. Already to belong to you. I wait with impatience the answer, for you Nadezhda.
Letter 6

Hello my dear and loved David.Each blinking, that you see it a sensitive kiss from me up to you. I Blink so close to your cheeks, which my eyelashes tickle, is exact so As the butterfly kisses. I to think of you the constant right before me, costing Far, that I see your shoulder. And as we maintain there wishes of creation, and division of dream, mine a hand in a circle of you it is reliable, and your hands holding mine, holding you. We shall be conversation on dreams, and a share our plans, to everyone, that another could understand better. We shall lay there on a blanket which distribute under Years night, And conversation till the morning, and tiny early light. Then to press Close to Hold that first morning cold far, only to raise to another Beautiful day. Within any day, that we - in a place, are going to be the best, We can do it. Yes my native, I am in need of your nectar. Your pleasant love juices it is similar nectar of a flower. My hands want to caress you, to do you smile only to contact. To tease, and please, tickle, touch, taste. My native I would like to observe, that you become so convenient, and weakened, that you would fall asleep, as I have given you pleasure is similar, you never knew. A kind from pleasure only I can give to you, is similar To kind which you give me, it is deep in heart. I want to lower your shirt slowly. The best gift for me is you my lovely, and I dream of you. This letter from depth of my heart and I would want that you have taken pleasure in minute of perusal of my lines and thought of me. I wait for new news from you, with love, your gentle Nadezhda.
Letter 7

Hello my most native person David.I am always glad to your anyone the letter. But as I remember, that you in what from the letters mentioned that that you would like me when be to meet in the present. And I have dared to speak about it, now that I would like to arrive to you. At me it will be fast two - three weeks the deserved rest and I would like to lead these days with you. I would like to learn you as it is possible well what to know to both of us, whether we approach each other. I would not like to miss this chance because my following holiday can is not fast to be. You know my rhythm of a life. Only at this time, or little bit later, I can postpone holiday. But if we begin new construct ionofobjectmeanymorewillnotrelease.My heads will go to me on a meeting and can release me in holiday as I shall want, but not during time when new construction will begin. My mum agrees to my trip.Iastalkedtothetouristagentanditspoke that for the certain payment is possible to accelerate reception of the visa, in time two - three weeks. It would arrange me, because approximately in a month we finish construction. You should be solved, whether you are valid is ready to receive me? Whether you love me so many that you would want me to see so soon. This decision for me too suddenness because my heart is afraid of you to miss. It seems to me if we shall not make now steps on a meeting each other that we can meet only the next year. Whether decide really you it is ready to meet me at this time? You on video simply charm, you too very beautiful. I love you. I wait the answer, yours Nadezhda.
Letter 8

Hello my dear David.Yes I very much want to arrive to you. I want to prove to be for the period of my visiting, as the mistress as the mistress as the woman which can love you on the present and to be true the satellite in a life. I would want that you learned me and wanted to do to me an official proposal for a marriage. I want to be yours. You have won my heart and I want to learn as we to approach each other. You saw set of my photos, but any photo cannot show me in real, as video. I could find money what to do some videostaff, that you could see me as I in the present. I would want that you have taken pleasure to see me alive. Video has turned out not so high quality, but I as hope, that you can see it. Also I wait the answer, whether you could see me. The videostaff it has been made three days ago. It is a surprise for you? I all thought how to make to you what be a gift and has thought up. I hope, that you love it. I wanted to send it earlier, but time that it would be possible to send it by e-mail was required. In the following letter I shall send still the staff for you. I conversation with the agent of travel, and it informed me that on the visa is required 200 $ the USA. It should be paid and then I can receive the visa in 15-20 days. Whether you can help me of what I could visit you? Without your help I cannot collect such money for travel. If you think, that I to hurry events we can postpone my travel for the next year. Because I already wrote, that if we shall begin constructio nofthefollowingobjectIcannotleavework.Iwaitthe answer from you, I love you, and with not patience I wait our meeting. Yours Nadezhda.
Letter 9

Hi my dear David.I shall wait for news from you. But you saw and have received my video? Yours Nadezhda.
Letter 10

Hi my love David. Probably I was is too open with you in my last letter. And I understand, that, can it seems, is impossible, but we should try it any way, I think. I know some girls who had this process, already a little and now they live a happy life with their foreign men. They have found their happiness, and we should try, if we want to be together. I arrive to you any time and I can remain there within 2 or 4 weeks or during other part of my life If you will want it!!! If - not a gift, I shall come back. Process of reception of the visa not such is fast, as we want, 1-2 weeks are required, probably is faster, so I should begin it r ightnow.Certainly,it depends on your ability also. So we should solve it together. That you think concerning it. I have gone to travelling agency. They have told to me how to pay the visa. As I have no passport foreign, the visa will cost for me, about 220 USD. I shall require your help, road. The hope you is capable to do it for us?! They have told to me, the best way to send money - the Western Union or system of Gramme of Money ( I have learned that the closest office for me the Western Union is in city Samara, at us the bus goes to city Samara every day;- VNESHTORGBANK NOVO SADOVAYA 11 SAMARA, 443110 (7)(8462354775 And they gave me the following information: To send money: the Quantity of Money should be, represent words or numbers. You should write the full name of the receiver and the full address of the receiver: 446401, Russia Samarskaia obl., Alekseevka, Ulianovskaia str., 7 Nadezhda Ivanova Also the full name of the sender and the full address, I shall require it. Also it is necessary to know MTCN Number of the Control of Transfer of Money, it will consist of 10 figures and Expected quantity. Also you can use dialogue services dear, I hope, that we shall cope with it. I want to be with you so much. Let's do all in the best way for our dream to come true. I shall do all from my party, I promise. I wait the answer, your loved Nadezhda.
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