Scam letter(s) from Silver Bentley to Troy (USA)

Letter 1

Hello ,
Its Really Nice Hearing from you...Well you said i should write abt myself..well Am attractive, unattached, mature, polite, honest and kind REAL..gentle lady...I am respectful, considerate, sincere, caring, compassionate and understanding, intelligent, emotionally stable, and have much knowledge and wisdom. Height - 5’ 5”; weight- 125#; eyes - hazel; hair- brown.
I am willing to communicate and relate, it’s an absolute necessity. I’m open minded, have a positive attitude and a great sense of humor, I like to laugh and keep my life interesting and enjoyable I’m fun to talk with and be with. Age and looks are not a priority.
It’s what you are like on the inside that matters the most to me.I would like an honest, considerate, respectful and intelligent Man, who will communicate and relate openly, share interests and will be my good friend. I believe that when the chemistry is right between two people, a beautiful friendship and relationship can ensue.I’m a hopeless romantic and I would be receptive to commitment, dedication and loyalty.
There may always be someone who is richer, more handsome and more aggressive.
How ever, it doesn't guarantee that this person has my qualities and will make you happy!I I was Born and Raise in NJ and I have Visited Uk Once with my father when he was alive for a Business trip ....but right now In Africa taking care ofmy mom she is very sick and i have to take care of her since am the only child of my parent i have no father and my mom is from africa while my dad is from the states.
I am very active, spontaneous, adventurous, ambitious and creative.I make full use of my free time and have many interests, hobbies and activities.
I enjoy the outdoors, nature and wildlife, fishing, hiking, boating and swimming.
Also…downhill, X country and water skiing, watching the stars and sunsets, the sky.
The open spaces, serenity and tranquility is what I love and enjoy. I would like to share these treasures with a Male friend! I also enjoy photography, bowling ,the computer, motorcycling and music. Music is a source of great enjoyment, a passion and therapy to me.
I like dining out at times and socializing in intelligent-constructive conversation.It’s important to me to take time to relax and enjoy quiet times. (Therapeutic) I don’t smoke or drink. I’m a clean and organized Lady.
I would like very much to get to know you.
Letter 2

Thanks for your mail troy.. Its really nice hearing from you..And I do like the way you sound..Also I do appreciate your Effort and kind words.
Well she was Just Shot At the Stomach..and I hope she get better..Am in Western part of Africa...No.. i was Born and raise In the states.
You cld ask me any qtns..Am here to answer you.. thats How we get to know more abt each Other..and I cant wait to be with you Troy.
Letter 3

Thanks for your mail Troy.. Its really nice hearing from you.and i do appreciate your Sympathy over my Mom..And There was no Civil War.. It was Arm Robbers that was Robbing on the high way..And before the Cops came Around they have left.. But I think the Case is still under Investigation.
yes Am In Nigeria and what do you want to know more?Am Really Wanting to meet you.. I live In West orange.. But Stay in PA for some time..and I'll be coming back to states Immediately she get better..No my mom is not..and When am back to the states.. We cld come down here an chk her if you dont mind.
Letter 4

Thanks for your mail Troy.. its really nice hearing from you..My Mom is still In Hospital..And I really appreciate that..And I cant wait to be with you..So just send a mail to me when you are back Okay,
Letter 5

Thanks for your mail Troy.. Its really nice hearing from you..She Is still In Hospital..And things have being hard for me here..And I never knew it was very serious like this..Well I do want to go see the Doctor Now on behave of my Mom Condition..Am going to update you.
I do like going out.. dont worry when we see.. We have alot of places to go..And have nice time
Well Let me quickly run nw.
Letter 6

Thanks for your mail Troy..Its really nice hearing from you..I cant wait to be with you.. I just think of you all the time .. i know that I havent seen you.. But i do feel abt you okay..and also I do hope my mom get better.
Well you know that I told you I will be going to the Hospital to see the Doctor because the Doctor have called for my Attention on behave of my Mom On her Condition.. Because my mom Condition is getting worst..And I never want to Lose her.. I want my mom to see YOU and I.
After a Shot Conversation with the Doctor.. The Doctor told me that my mother have to Undergo a Transplanting Surgical Operation which have to be done First becoz We lost her.. You see Troy am kinda Worried and fed-up here.. I never knew it was very serious...Also I have spend Alot On her..just to survive her.
Then I decided to Donate my Own kidney..But unfortunately we didnt the doctor said I cant... i have go leave...Making a promise by the Doctor that he is going to assist me for finding the woman that will donate..luckily for me this morning.. When I got to the hospital the Doctor has gotten the donor..So I have a chat with her...I was very happy to see her.
Also,right now I was told that I have to pay for the operation before she cld Be treated..because the Donor wil be collecting some money for her Donation..I have to gave the little money with me..But I have to pay In Full so that the Operation can be done...And Troy right now Am totally broke..Not having Much Money with me..I never knew it was very serious like this..So Troy am seeking your Help Okay... I will really appreciate it.
Am Needing the sum of $2540 for the operation to be done..Troy kindly help me with any amount okay.
I do hope you cld Understand me?
Kindly get back to me as soon as possible.
Letter 7

Troy thanks for your mail.. its really nice hearing from you..And I really Appreciate your Sympathy and kind words...It is the Donor that it Requesting for the Fee along side with the Surgery Fee.
Because it was the Doctor that assisted me in getting the woman that want to donate..when i tested it i cld donate mine for my mom..We didnt match.
Troy sincerely Speaking Am very Serious and Honest.. I cant just write all this you know...after all i know the kinda person you are to me that was why i updated you..which i know that you will try your best in assisting me.
Dont worry Okay...Am sure that the Truth will be know and I cant wait to be with you.
Please You can use this Information below to send the Money Via Western Union Outlet
kindly send the MTCN # and your Full name with Address alongside with the Amount you are able to that I can get it here Okay.
Please Write back soon.
Letter 8

Thanks for your mail Troy.. its really nice hearing from you..Well I guess you are having a nice time?And Any plans for the Weekend.
Thats Okay..I think the Hospital should accept it..And if the Operation is done.. I cld Balance know troy am kinda a shy Lady..And I dont have much pics and right now the internet connection in the library is having a problem attaching it ..Dont worry Troy since we are meeting soon..We are going to snap Pics together..Also have nice time.
Oops gosh.. I dont have a Digital Camera here to snap my Mom also.. the Hospital will not allow that..try understand me okay.
This is the Information again Below:
And When you get it will be given an MTCN # at the back of the Confirmation receipt..So you send it to me along with your Full name and Address so that I can Cash it here Okay.
These are the Information they need Okay.
The name of the Hospital is ABLE GOD HOSPITAL.
Please Write back Soon.
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