Letter(s) from Julia Kolosova to Marty (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my friend Marty. I very much would be Like to study concerning you more. Now it is a little concerning me: I live in Volgograd, Russia. My birthday of April 13 1976. I the unique child in family. Well, my body height of 173 centimeters and weight of 50 kg, in me a light hair and brown eye. I am single, and I have no children. My favorite the colour is red. You know, unfortunately, that I have no the telephone of a house, for this reason you could to not invoke me. So, also I very much like sports competitions and everything, that to this is connected, I - engaged gymnastics, I very much like a the able-bodied image of life and I think, which everyone should it like. I work in shop of the foodstuffs by the cashier now, I stand behind of a cash department, in us in do purchases of a product from submission are sold. I like to dance!!! For us in Russia it - summer. I on life the pleasure the man. I want to find to me immediately companion of life, with which I would lead rest from life. In a choice I do not want to do an error. I would like, it well has learned concerning the friend the friend. My lists are very serious. But I think, that for us everyone will be good, also we shall understand each other. It is good, with which you choose to be Cautious in to study me, I think, that is it is, as it should be. I can not do the promise it the future will hold for us, but I shall help you to study more concerning me. I never was wedding. I Have no own children. I would like to find the worthy companion of life. I in the parcel to you of the letters should use a translation program. I now to hunt on courses on analysis English tongue. I think, that we should understand and dismantle the friend the friend and then meet. I know many different prescriptions for good Nutrition. Me still to similar government a pie of honey. It also is very tasty. I like roses, tulips, has aised. The letters to write to you I enter in internetcafe. There is a service the Internet. I to hunt on activity 7 times per one week. In free time I like to listen to music. To music I listen any other business in dependence on mood. I want to frame good. Probably we become the good friends or are more, if we are very successful. As with you my period of validity is carried very much out small free time. So that my representation days were filled with these problems. When I have free time from my order concerning services, I am usually transfered I somewhere for my own activity, so that I had Any there is a lot of time for my own pleasure this year. I was not successful enough to find the man for me. I wish to Find the man, who will believe strictly in exact adjustment and quenching for a period of validity. I know, that It there will be firm job, but I shall be executed to this purpose. I will try to form the strong obligations of privacy and communication with you and to be good the mother of our future children. I would hope, that your purposes will be similar, I would like to hear yours ideas, that you wish during the future. I hope, that you find my words of interest and that is it is beginning to help to you to know me little bit better. I wait the answer from you. Write to me on e-mail. Your friend Julia.

Letter 2

Hello my love Marty!!!! Thank you so much for your nice letter! Well, I looked for visa one else and to me it is necessary to pay 55 dollars for the visa and 30 dollars registration and more it is necessary to pass inspection in hospital X-ray and it to cost 137 dollars and more and more registration of the documents, foreign passport, i.e. 400 dollars should suffice me. You understand? I went to embassy and at me was 50 dollars and I start registration the visa, it is necessary to pay for it, I have told, that I have 50 dollars and they have told well, give 50 dollars. And me have started registration. I so have understood that for the visa of this money will suffice, because to me so have told. But today I went there and to me have told, that to me gave the visa that it to finish registration urgently it is necessary to bring all those documents, i.e. medical and other. I have told, and it is possible later in some days, because I do not have not enough money to receive all these documents, at me at once have shouted, have scolded and have told, that for you then have begun to make the visa if you do not have not enough money, but I speak, that the visa costs 45 dollars and registration a little more, but to me have not explained at once to receive the visa, is necessary that were applied all necessary documents, I has certainly apologized, and has told, that I shall bring soon, one of these days. To me have told, that they may wait about 5 days and if I shall not bring the necessary documents they will stop to make the visa to me. And it is even worse, that if I not shall have time, to me have told that may not make to me the visa more, they will take offence at me, for my acts. But I promised, that I shall make all correctly and to me have believed. My life has very much changed, after I have learned you. I asked the help mum, but she has answered me, that has no such money and may not help me. Then I to go today to bank and to try to take the loan, to pay the visa. And full cost of the visa of 400 dollars. Me does not suffice now 400 $ to pay the visa. Therefore I very much ask you, try to borrow from somebody money if you now do not have it, at the friends for example. Because to me now in such situation the help nobody may, I searched already, but not any successes. Therefore I hope only for you, you one to me may the help. Because I believe in you, and in both of us, that all at us will be Ok! And I hope, that all will be good. I know it. I ask you to send this money to me as soon as possible. Please send to me 400 dollars in these 5 days. Ok? It's very important. I wait! I want to tell that the money better to send by the bank system called Western Union. This system is very reliable also transferring money is carried out during 15 minutes. By the way you must send the money on my mother passport data. Here is data: Julia Kolosova, Russia, Volgograd, Ardatovskaya street 56, apartment 90 . After you will send money you in bank will tell ten figures (MTCN, control number) and do not forget to write your full address and full name which you will fill at sending money and should inform me it. Simply you understand so it has turned out that I already have given the passport on registration and when you to send me money I can not receive them. I hope that you understand? I already talked to the mum and she has agreed to me the help. I am very grateful to it. You only do not worry that at us different a surname, it is simple when I was born to me to give a surname daddy, Petrov, and mum has left the Svets, therefore at us different surnames. I please to not delay the answer. I wait your answer as soon as possible. Please, help me. I know, that you good man and you correctly all understood. I wait you. See you soon. Your forever Julia!

Letter 3

Hi my charming Marty. I was very pleasantly surprised yours with the letter. To me you are very pleasant to realize that the present gentleman. I adore you all heart. If it is fair to me not so conveniently to speak you about money, especially to ask, but I hope that you understand me and will not judge strictly. I to talk to the the aunt and she has told me that my tickets will cost 1200 $ and as my visa costs 400 $, it is necessary for me 1600 $. These are the sums will be enough that I have arrived to you. If it is fair my unique hope you. You simply can not present yourself as I strongly on you I hope. I think that you would not be against, but I have already agreed with the the aunt upon that that tomorrow I can give it all money. She was very grateful to me and has told that the visa will try to make even faster. It is simply wonderful. I not can believe that literally in one week we shall with you together. We can embrace each other and kiss. It is simply amazing. I very strongly love you and I adore all heart. Also I wanted you to remind that you have not overlooked to send me all the information on. I ask you. Please write to me as soon as possible. I with impatience shall wait for your letter. Your future wife for ever Julia.

Letter 4

Hi my dear Marty. I have received your letter and if it is fair me have very strongly upset. Certainly I am very glad that you itself can to arrive to me, it is simply wonderful, but what for you then yesterday have written that can to me the help with the visa and the ticket? Understand I with the the aunt already has agreed, and she according to very important people and if tomorrow I to not pay this money probably I should sell all furniture in an apartment as the contract was already signed about that that I I start to make out the the visa. Naturally about was signed not officially and I to answer the a head for all this registration, and my aunt even more will suffer. These are very terrible people, I hope that you perfectly understand me. You understand that I tried for the sake of us and wanted to make as better, I began to agree only that you to give me support, money were necessary already today, but you have very severely acted with me. Why? What I have made to you bad? As I could not place money today, for me it was made with other people, they even have already brought half in cost of the ticket that in one week all was is ready, you understand it? Please dear do not leave me. To me it is very terrible, if you to leave me, actually you have signed to me the death sentence and I of nothing can do with it. I to cry and I do not know that to me to do, if tomorrow I to not pay the sum at a rate of 1600 $ I do not know that with me will be. I so am afraid tomorrow, at me hands and legs are shaked, I even to write to you the letter hardly, my hands to not get on keys. If you saw now my person. To me still never was so terribly. If I am valid to you road and love me please I ask you make kind business the help to me. I beg you kneeling. I to understand that it is the big sum, but really you think my life can be compared to these money? Really you want me to lose? If it is fair, if to you there was such situation I would make all if only at you all it was good also we were happy. I at all would not regret own an apartment and would sell her. Simply now I do not have other exit. And at present you my God. Only you will solve, send me money whether or not. As I want you to assure, that as soon as I to you to arrive I agree to work though on 10 works but to return to you all money, can not doubt of it if you will not want further we can arrive together with you to me it and I to sell the an apartment and to return to you money. But only I ask you, please do not overlook, that my term up to tomorrow, September, 29, 13.00 days. Please, I ask you to send me money as soon as possible. I simply beg you. I still hope that your future wife Julia.

Letter 5

Hi Marty. I do not understand what for you so with me act? You that did not read my letter? You in general understand in what I situations? What for you so do? You understand that now it is necessary for me to do the visa and to buy the ticket as all already began, it is necessary to finish, I have told what to return to you money as soon as I can. You of nothing will lose, but we shall be together with you for ever. You understand as you to not send me money today, to me the upholstered furniture is necessary to sell. I certainly very much would not like it, but at me it was simple not other exit. Please I once again you to ask to send me money as soon as possible. I simply beg you. My eyes do not dry out from tears, I to cry all night and could not will stop, to me it is very terrible. Really you want mine death? If there is no that I hope to receive from you the letter with the information as I can receive money. Yours forever Julia.
This is enough, you folks get the drift of it. She gets even crazier in a few more, but I deleted them.