Scam letter(s) from Laura Baravikaite to Collin (England)

Letter 1

Hello dear!
Thanks a lot for your letter, I really liked it!
Well as you know my name is Laura - I am lithuanian young beautiful intelligent **** elegant communicative lady from Lithuania.
I am 18 y.o.,169 cm.,53kg.I have green eyes, blond straight, long hair.I.I love cinema and night clubs,enjoy disco and pop music.
I live in Vilnius together with my sister in 1 room apartment and dream about better life and about loving careing man, who would love me and make me happy every day again and again and for whom I could make his life more colorful and fullfill. I need a lover who will support me and I am willing to share with nim my youth and beauty.:)
I love sport, action, speed. I would love to meet a man to enjoing every moment of each other company.I am not interested in a long correspondence as I know exactly what I want from my life. If you are such a man - you are a guy for me, to whom I will give all my life, love and beauty!If you are my guy, waiting a letter from you.
Hope to hear from you soon or possibly see you soon,
Kiss Laura
Letter 2

Hello dear!
Thank you for letter.
I am interested in a seriouse longlasting relationship, I want to be with a man whom I could trust, love and fooly rely on.
I don't think there is a need in a long correspondence, because when we meet each other, that we could decide if we could feet to each other I am not interested in a short affair or adventures! It will be good to meet you in person in Lithuania because that is the only true way of getting to know anyone! You can get to know the basics through letters and on the phone but is not like face to face, eyes and body language can say a thousand words!
When can you come to Lithuania to visit me here?
Kisses Laura
Letter 3

hello Collin,
i a very sotty ,that i did not write you back faster. i was very busy. but now i can spend some minutes to write you a letter.
yes ,sure i really want to come to UK. i can get a visa ,it is no problem!
then we have a chance to know each other better, when we have a chance to spend a lot of time together. i really want to meet you i reall life. bo not know excatly when i have a chance to come to UK.i need to ask my chef for some free days.
so if you have a posibilit plz send me some money, b not send the tickets because i do not know what day excactly i will come! i want to amke you a surprise! :) si i need to know your mobile phone!
plz write back what do you think about this mine suggestion!
yours laura
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