Letter(s) from Vera Sapozhnikova to John (USA)

Letter 1

Hi John.
I was very glad, when has received your the letter. I want to tell about myself, and you I think wait it too. I live in beautiful Russian city-hero Tula. The city is in 190 kms from Moscow. We have very many beautiful places of interest: the house-museum of Tolstoy, Tula museum of fine arts, historical museum Necropol of Demidov. I work in a private concern by the accountant. I have higher education. I have finished the Tula State university. Basically, I like my job. In spare time I like to go in cinema, theatre. I like to look sincere films, melodrama, where the feelings and experiences of the protagonist are crossed with my experiences. I very much like to listen to classical music Bah, Shopen, Mocart, but it does not limit my tastes in music. On music it is possible to judge my mood. I very much like to dance. When I were 10 years old, the parents have given back me in dancing school. I very like my parents. The mom and daddy live in suburb. In target I come to see them. I very much like to prepare, I have learned this from the mom. Her liked dish are Russian pancakes. She prepares very delicious pies. In free from job time I go in a sports complex, where I attend by an aerobic. The sports help me to go in a rhythm with life, though it is very difficult presently. Also I am pleasant like on TV sports: Olympic Games, Football, Hockey. To my regret the sports in our country experience crisis. I have best girlfriend, she has of the child. Sometimes I even envy her, I like children very much. I want to say, that I very much like a nature, especially when there is a sun, when all nature appears at you in all beauty. I am a very romantic nature. I like to have a rest at a fire and to look at a flame, the flame of fire bewitches me, it seems, that I merge with it. I want to say that I already had dialogue with the people in Russia. I think, you will understand me, but in Russia the people are changeable and are frivolous, they like to drink alcohol, and it is not so pleasant for me. I want to say, that I am not smoking, do not drink strong alcohol. But sometimes I can drink in the good company a little wine. But it happens seldom. I search for the person, which would grow fond of me sincerely and gently, then we shall create with such person happy family. Sincerely I hope and I believe, what is it you. With impatience I shall wait from you of the answer. Your Vera.
My e-meil: Hi_2003@hotbox.ru

Letter 2

Hi, dear John.
Thanks for your "answer" to my letters!!!
Dear, I do not perceive what's the matter, but I sent you 2 last letters....
I send you it once again. You received it? If yes, I did not receive your answer. It is a pity......
Thee have said to me in the first letter, that I wrote to thee on the address: abywood2@yahoo.co.uk . Is it the correct address? Or I need now to write on john@carsegray.co.uk???????????
With impatience I wait the answer!!!
My e-meil: Hi_2003@hotbox.ru

Letter 3

Hallo, mine dear John.
I am very glad to receive from you such long letter!!! It was very interesting to read these lines, reasoning concerning search of thy love.
I want to say, that I not so like to be in the large and noisy companies, it very much breaks me. I like to have a rest in a narrow circle close to me of the people. I like to have a rest one, to be exact to recover the forces. To listen to music....
Yes, Dalai Llama was the very clever person, and it is not known, that would take place further in Tibet, if China has not trapped this country.... You looked film " Seven years in Tibet " with Bred Pitt in the main part?
I see, John, you as well as I like a history? Now I want to tell to you concerning a history of my city.
The city Tula was based in 1146. Tula is posed in north Srednerusskoy of a high ground, on Upa river (in-leak of Oka), in 193 kms to the south from Moscow. Tula - City - hero. In 19 century Specialization of the Tula industry determined weapon effecting and metal working, and also manufacturing samovar, harmonics, hardware items and gingerbreads. The given specialization was saved till now. Tula - large center of mechanical engineering and metal working. About Tula, in Kurkinskij district, - museum Kulicovo a field. You heard about Kulikovskaya fight? In 14 kms to the south from Tula - Museum - manor L. N.Tolstoy Jasnaja Poliana. The population of city Tula - about 500 thousand the person. Tell, please, about the city...
You ask me what such Kulicovskaya fight? It is fight Russian regiments led by great prince Moscow and vladimirskiy Dmitriy Ivanovich and mongol-tatar armies under the beginning Mamay on September 8, 1380 on Kulicovo a field. In Kulikovskaya to fight the warriors of many Russian princedoms participat. The struggle with an enemy was headed by the Moscow great princedom. By it the mongol-tartar has come to pass by rout. Began of clearing of Russian and other peoples from mongol-tatar yoke.
Kulicovskaya fight had huge historical value in struggle of Russian people for clearing from mongol-tatar yoke. She has shown the increased tendency of Russian grounds to independence and has raised a role of Moscow as center of their affiliation. Though the victory in Kulikovskaya fight yet has not resulted in liquidation mongol-tatar yoke, however on Kulicovo a field Gold horde the shattering impact was put which has sped up its subsequent decay.
Dear John, I see, that the our purposes coincide. I as well as you want to meet my love and to live with her in happiness forever....
Dear John, I want to thank you, that you have given me attention and,maybe, we will manage to find one another as soon as possible.... I believe in it....
With impatience I wait for the letter from you.

Letter 4

Hi, dear John!!!
I am very glad to receive your questions. Yes, I perceive you and now I begin the answers to your questions....

1. 16.23
2. Vera Sapozhnikova
3. No
4. My father - Evgenij Petrovish, my mum - Nina Alexandrovna
5. BMW 7
6. Cat
7. No
8. No
9. 200 $ for month
10. Red
11. Julien
12. No
13. My mother
14. No
15. No
16. Croutons
17. Wine
18. " City of angels "
19. New Year
20. Sunday
22. Blendamed
23. "Visit"
24. Rose
25. Pepsi
26. Figured driving
27. Mikey Mouse!!!
28. " War and Piece "
29. No
30. Don't know
31. Don't know
32. Green

33. I hevn't draver of the right
34. My girlfriend
35. No
36. I do'nt Know
37. Anything
38. Sveta
39. " How are you? "
40. No
41. Yes
42. No
43. Andrey, my colleague
44. Bad boys 2
45. diamond
46. 172 sm
47. 45 kg
48. 40
49. Love
50. Only youuuuuuuuuu.............
51. Christian
52. Yes. To like near.
53. Lie
54. 300904, Russia, City Tula, street Proletarian, House 15, flat 4.
55. none
56. I don't know
57. Yes
58. I don't know
59. I don't know
61. I don't know
62. I don't know
62. I don't know
64. I don't know
65. Italy
66. 17.04

What mark? I wait the answer!!!!!!!!

Letter 5

Hi DEAR John.
I am very glad to receive the letter from you!!!
Excuse, that I could not write to you earlier. Yesterday I was at the parents on a visit all day. Now here morning and I hurry to inform you, that now I at the girlfriend and read your letters!!!
Mine dear John, after that sincere letter I in heart have more reliance of our feelings. Ahhhhh!!!!!!! As it is perfect, that I have found YOU!!! I never thought earlier, that with me there will be it... . Each evening I ask the God, that he has helped us to find each other, has presented us UNEARTHLY LOVE!!! Mine dear John, you - my hope, my angel, which was lowered from the sky to present me Happiness and Love... . Now, when we have found each other, all depends only on ourselves and very important now to accept the correct decision. And from this decision will depend, probably, the happy life of two people - John and Vera. After that than the letter mine belief in you became even stronger! Now, John, you should know, that there you waits and loves the girl which name Vera.
Dear John, each minute I ask the God and you know... about what!!! I ask you to do same, because no on Light of the people more happily, than we!!! Our hearts, though they and far, but it is not important now. Each of us should keep in soul ideas.... Ideas on love!!!
Your words so is deep now in my heart and I understand now that have in view of the people, when speak about sacred love!!! My God, thanks, that you have presented me sach LOVE!!! Mine DEAR, now, when we have met each other, I anywhere you shall not let off, because if you will leave, I will died!!! Mine dear, now I would give back all on light, only to see you, to feel you and your touch, your smell, your soft hair. I want to hear your words about LOVE, which will carry away me in clouds of LOVE and HAPPINESS!!!!!I am glad always to your recognitions, because I very much missed for such clean attitudes, as LOVE!!!! I am very lonely without you, my John... .
Dear John, you should believe me, my feelings to you are alive and will live eternally, while there is LIGHT and there is a NIGHT! Hear? And I wait for speed our meeting. I think of you everywhere... In the public transport, on job, when I go for a walk on a park with my girlfriend, when I fall asleep and when waken. When I come to my girlfriend, I first of all look a mail box in hope, that there letter from you, from mine John!!! Excuse, that I was such blind, but these verses so have touched me.... .
Dear John, I try to be strong, but all the same sometimes I can not constrain myself and then to me becomes very sad, that near there is no YOU... . Then I come to my girlfriend and we talk to her on different subjects. She very much helps me difficult minutes.
I with impatience wait for your letters, DEAR John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 000 of Kisssssssssssssssssses from Vera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vera Sapozhnikova.
P.S. I send you these photos with all my Love... .