Scam letter(s) from Victoria to Sander (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Greetings. My name is Victoria to me of 27 years. I write to you from Russia. I have been never married and I do not have children, but I very much want to have the present family and is completely ready to this. I do not have harmful habits, I do not use alcohol and I do not smoke. I searched for the love in Russia, but and have not found and on this have decided to try to find the favourite person abroad. From the girlfriends I heard, that already many girls have got acquainted thus and have good family and loving husband. I for the first time get acquainted thus. On a site I have seen many structures, but have decided to write to you as your description was pleasant to me more only. I very much hope, that you write to me the answer and we will have general interests. Unfortunately the house at me is not present a computer and I should write to you from the Internet of cafe. I ask you to write to me on my electronic address: laskoviymai (at) rambler (dot) ru With impatience I shall look forward to hearing from you.
Letter 2

Greetings my new friend Sander. I am very glad, that you have answered my letter. I very much waited for it. This my first letter to you but I hope, That we have general interests and we shall communicate and is farther. I never got acquainted through the Internet and for me it in a novelty. I very much hope, that our dialogue will develop in friendship, in fact I am lonely also to me very much it would be desirable to find the destiny. Though many speak, that for the destiny do not search, and she finds the person and our future does not depend on our actions. Now I want to tell a little about myself. As you already know I live in Russia. My city refers to Zvenigovo. You probably did not hear about my city, in fact we live far apart. I shall tell to you about it more in mine the following letters. I have been never married and I have no children, but very much would like to have them. I was born on February, 6, 1979. To me of 27 years, I work as the tutor in a kindergarten. I very much like my work, in fact I very much love children and very much I want to have children. I know German and the English language, but German I studied very much for a long time - at school and on this not so well I understand it, and I learned English in institute and well I know this language, on - me it is easier to this to communicate on it. It will be very interesting to me to learn more about you and your life, in fact I never was outside Russia and it is very interesting to me to learn about your city, traditions and holidays. Than you are engaged at leisure, what hobbies at you, what plans for the future? I hope to you my letter was pleasant. I with impatience shall wait for your following letter. Victoria
Letter 3

Greetings my foreign friend Sander. I am glad to read your new letter. Thanks that have told to me about itself. It was very interesting to me to learn more about you. How at you weather in city? At us the sun and in the street fine weather today shines. Today I would like to tell to you about the city. My city refers to Zvenigovo is a small silent, quiet city with the population about 55 thousand person., it is located in 700 kilometers from Moscow. I was born in city Kazan and when to me there were 12 years, we with mine the daddy have moved here. Now I and have remained to live here. I have very much got used to this city, in fact my bad and good memoirs are connected to it and I think, that in Russia there is no the best city, than Zvenigovo. I shall necessarily send you a photo of my city. I think, that it too is pleasant to you, in fact kind and sympathetic people here live. I think, that the city less, the more than kind people lives in it. In such big cities as Moscow is a lot of people and all where constantly hasten and hurry up. Our city lives a quiet measured life and everyone live very amicably. At me it is a lot of girlfriends. We like to walk together in the evenings and to talk. We frequently talk about the future, in fact I think, that at my age it is time to think of creation of family. Unfortunately I could not find the love and the person with which it is ready to connect the life once and for all here, in Zvenigovo as the majority of men in Russia drink much and work a little. They are not capable to contain family and even do not aspire to have family. For them understanding the family is a woman beside which prepares, erases is cleaned in the house, to grow children and works. In Russia men have not got used to reckon with women and it very strongly frightens me, in fact until recently I considered, that it will be very difficult for me to find the present love. For me in attitudes very important respect and equality, in fact if two persons on - to the present like each other, to each of them should try to do so that it was good another with it. I very much want to meet such love, in fact this present happiness. And how you imagine family and love? As you see these things. You are more senior than me and I a thought that is more skilled in these things, in fact I appreciate experience in the man. I do not think, that at us with you the big difference in the age of and on the contrary I think, that in family the man should be more senior than the woman, in fact in the present love the age does not play any value. I very much hope, that have not tired you with the letter. I shall look forward to hearing from you. Write to me please, what you think of these things?
Letter 4

Greetings my dear Sander. Thanks that has written to me. I with pleasure have read it. Mir hat Ihre Fotografie gefallen. When I have come to the Internet of cafe and have seen your letter at me the mood has improved, in fact it is interesting to me to communicate with you and to learn all new and new things about you. You very interesting person and to your friends probably are interesting to communicate with you. I would like to learn more about you. It is interesting to me, how you will spend the free time? What your hobby at leisure? Whether your work is pleasant to you? What do you do after work? Tell to me more about your life. It is very interesting to me. A free time I try to carry out with friends, in fact I do not like loneliness though sometimes I would like to remain one and to think of a life to reflect on the future. I very much like to prepare. It probably one of my hobbies - that I like to do at leisure. I as go to sports. We go to a sports hall with girlfriends, I think, that each person should go in for sports though a little to support the organism in good condition. I as well as any woman watch the figure and appearance, in fact any woman should look beautifully and elegantly, but is not ******. I do not like to impose a lot of make-up as I think, that the girl should look naturally and to not abuse it. How you think, whether should be painted much the girl to involve people? In fact it is possible, that to whom that it is pleasant, but I prefer to look naturally. As I already wrote to you, I work in a kindergarten and it takes away many forces, in fact it is necessary to watch constantly children, and they such mobile!!! Usually I come home tired, I prepare to eat, I watch TV and I lie down to sleep, but sometimes to me girlfriends come and we communicate. I hope, that you liked my letter. I shall wait for your answer. Victoria
Letter 5

Greetings my friend Sander. I am glad to see your new letter. Today I have come to the Internet of cafe and very much was delighted, when have seen it. It very much was pleasant to me. Today I want to tell about myself in more detail. I live one in an one-room apartment on the eighth floor. Not so pleasant memoirs are connected to this apartment at me. I do not have parents. My mum has died when to me there were 8 years. I till now cannot forget it. She has died of accident. She was brought down with the automobile when she passed road. I remember, how after that I and the daddy could not come in myself very for a long time and till now I cannot forget it. The daddy brought up me one and I am grateful to it that it has brought up me such and have given me all love and care. It allowed to me all caress and care though I understand how it was difficult for it for one to bring up me. It allowed to me everything, that could, but it understood, that cannot replace completely to me mum. I Since the childhood I was independent. I have got used to do all itself, in fact I the daddy carried out a lot of time on work and he did not have time for work on the house. I was cleaned on the house and prepared, in fact I understood, that the daddy gets tired also I should help it. I have learned to prepare early and I had to do it almost every day. First at me not so it turned out, but I have mastered quickly all and till now I like to prepare. Mine the daddy was always an ideal of what should be the man, probably on - me so it is difficult for this to find love in Russia, in fact in Russia few responsible men. When I have grown up, we have moved in Zvenigovo, the daddy there has found to myself work, and I have gone to new school. At me new friends at once have appeared, though I remember, how was afraid to go in unfamiliar city and furthermore to go in new school. I have left school with distinction and have then acted in institute. To me why that always came easily knowledge and study gave to me only pleasure. Institute I as have stopped to work with distinction then at once has gone in a kindergarten. I the daddy has died three years ago. It has taken place at home. He had a heart attack and doctors could make nothing to rescue it. To it there were 53 years. Now I live one and I do not have anybody, except for my friends. It is very hurt for losing close people, especially thus, but the life proceeds also we should move forward, in that that began. I hope, that my letter has not so upset you, but to me it became easier after I have told to you my life. I shall wait for your new letter and very much I hope soon to receive it. Victoria
Letter 6

Greetings the my dear friend Sander. I was glad to read your letter again. I want to tell to you, that to me to like to read your letters and though we with you are copied very little, I find understanding in your letters and even that we talk in different languages does not prevent us to understand each other. I would like to tell to you about the work. As you know I work with children. I love animals. My working day begins in 8 o'clock in the morning and comes to an end at 18 o'clock. It is a lot of and I receive for it not the big salary, but I very much like to work as the tutor. I am ready to spend all time with children, in fact I very much like it and children too very much love me. It is very responsible work and each time there are what that amusing things, in fact children are capable to do that to the adult person will not come in a head. With them it is always very interesting. So it is interesting to observe, how these small people grow, communicate among themselves, play and develop. They are sometimes whimsical, but I for a long time have learned to find common language with each of them. I like to walk with them. At first sight my work seems not such interesting. But I think. That it is the most interesting work. Tell to me about the work, than you are engaged? Whether she is pleasant to you? I think, that each person should do that at him turns out in the best way and the most important that it liked it. I about impatience shall wait for news from you. Victoria
Letter 7

Greetings Sander. How your affairs? I am glad to read your new letter, it very much was pleasant to me. I went on film " Night patrol " I looked it at cinema theatre. You know, I start to understand, that to me have very much carried that I have got acquainted with you, in fact I want to tell to you fairly that not so trusted in acquaintance through the Internet. I imagined it a little on - to another. I thought, that thinking the person whom I never met never can interest, but now I see, that have met thus very lovely and pleasant person. I think, that I was not mistaken that has written then to you the letter. In your letters I meet understanding and at the same time I very much understand you. You as are lonely as well as I and you would like to have family but so difficultly to find in this world of such person. With which you really would like to connect for ever the life …. It is very responsible step and I think, that if people have decided to begin serious attitudes, but on it there should be serious reasons. They should understand each other. I think, that in family attitudes very important role is played with respect and trust of two people loving each other, in fact without it it is impossible to live happily. Many my girlfriends who have married before me now regret about it, in fact they married not paying attention to such things as honesty and trust and respect. They considered, that if madly to love the person all will be good, but all appeared not so simply. Now they already have family, children, but they are not happy also can do nothing with it. In a youth of an early youth you reflect on problems which can arise in the future a little and not everyone can will cope with it. I think, that the main problem in attitudes between the man and the woman this unwillingness to understand each other, and I think, that it not so is difficult, just necessary to listen to words of the person loved and expensive to you, in fact people which on - to the present like each other use the best efforts, that first of all was to well favourite person. I think, that it and is the present love and when it is present at attitudes people will be necessarily happy. Probably you have point of view, or you think, what there are more important things? Write to me, I with impatience shall wait for your letter. Up to the following letter. Yours Victoria
Letter 8

Greetings my dear Sander. I am very glad to receive and read this letter from you. It is very pleasant for me, that you understand me, in fact I did not expect, that the man will argue so. It very much pleases me, in fact in Russia I did not meet this understanding, people did not want to see it, and many in general consider, that the most important in a life are money. They consider, that if will be money they will be happy also him more than nothing it is necessary from a life. I completely disagree with these people and even it is a pity to me of them, in fact they will be never happy thus. The person for whom there is no love - is unfortunate and does not understand it, in fact for him love are money, and money never brought to nobody of the present happiness. The present happiness is when near to you there is a person whom you are confident which loves you and never will leave. The person to whom you trust also which can always listen and understand you on which you can rely in any situation. I think, that the present attitudes begin with simple friendship between two people. You know, now I write to you the letter and I understand, that at us it is a lot of general, in fact you write to me letters which very much mention my soul. It is very pleasant for me to read your letters and I always with impatience wait for your new letter and I re-read it not once and when I come home constantly I think of your words, in fact you write such words which I always dreamed to hear from the man. In your letters I meet heat and it is very pleasant for me. I would like to ask you how you imagine to yourself second half - the person with whom you will be on - to the present is happy and for the sake of which will do all? What you see the love? I hope already soon to receive your new letter. Victoria
Letter 9

Greetings the my dear friend Sander. Thanks for your new letter. I am glad to receive news from you. How your affairs? How at you mood? I hope, that at you everything is all right. I'm fine, in fact today fine weather, shines the sun and I have received your new letter. Today, when I left a house has met the girlfriend who did not see some years. Our city not such big but why that I did not see her already very much for a long time. It was very interesting to me to talk with not, in fact we did not see so for a long time. We still together studied at one school, she for two years was more senior than me and constantly helped me in all. I considered its wise and very clever and always tried to imitate it and to do all how she advises me. She in many respects has helped me with a life. Now, when we have met through such long time, it in a life had big changes. There was much all bad and good. We very for a long time talked. At me on - to the big account anything new did not occur for this time, and at it has taken place much only. As soon as we have met, she at once has asked me how are you doing, whether I have left in marriage. I have told to it, that yet have not found the love and destiny. I as have told to it, that have got acquainted with you, that you like me and that I did not expect, that a meeting of such kind and understanding person. She has told to me, that it had serious attitudes with the man, but it has deceived her. She met it and all over again all was good, but after a while, it began where - that constantly to vanish. It spoke it, that at him what that affairs on work and to it is necessary to be late late on work and possible, that it should remain to spend the night there. She at once began to suspect that it deceives its and one day of her the girlfriend has called and has told, that sees this young man with what that the woman. My girlfriend at once has gone to that place and when she has seen them together very much was upset. She did not begin to lift scandal, and has simply approached to it and has asked what for it so severely deceives her. It started to be justified and speak, that loves her, but it was already late. This person then many times tried to return all back, but my girlfriend never any more will not believe it, in fact it so has strongly deceived her. Me the history has very much touched it, in fact I never could think, that the person can so to deceive close. It is very difficult for me to understand it, in fact I think, people never should deceive each other and always should speak the truth what she bitter would not be, in fact all sooner or later is learned. I simply wanted to tell to you, that now we with you are copied also you very much like me. I began to get used from you and I do not want to begin and get new acquaintances to men, in fact I value ours with you friendship. I want to ask you, whether there are at you still girls to whom you write letters? In fact I think that it not fairly. People should communicate with each other and take pleasure from dialogue, and the present pleasure when you write or speak by words with all the heart, with all my heart. I very much am afraid, that will pass what that time and I shall not become interesting to you because at you other woman will appear. Then I shall stay one and hardly I shall believe whom that once again. Though I think, that you write to me with all the heart, in fact I see in your letters warmly and an openness. I shall wait for your new letter. Your girlfriend Victoria
Letter 10

Greetings my dear Sander. I am glad to see your new letter. As it is good, that you have written to me this letter. To me it became much easier, when I have read it. Dear Sander I want to risk, in fact you at me one. But I shall precisely answer you this question in the following letter. It that I dreamed to hear from the man. Thanks that is fair with me and you understand me, in fact now really it is not easy to find such person in whom you are completely confident and ready to have with it family, but it comes in due course, in fact when people learn about each other when they discuss together problems which interest them they start to understand more, whether there is at them that that general. I think, that at us with you is much in common and more than that, I think, that to me have very much carried, that I have got acquainted with you, in fact that that has prompted me to write the letter to you. I think, that it was knowingly. I am pleased very much with our friendship and our dialogue. You write to me beautiful letters which very much like me. Sometimes, when I am one and I think of you as you now live, that do, of what think …. I thought of how we far apart and me to become a little sadly, in fact if we lived beside could meet every day. To walk in the evening along the street and to talk about different things, together to carry out the days off, it would be simply healthy!!!! I want to communicate with you more, in fact when I come in the Internet of cafe very much I am glad when I see the new letter from you. It is very interesting to me to read your letters and always when I stop to write the letter to you, I look your photos and I leave home. To me so it is easy and joyful on soul of that I have such friend!!!!! I stop to write to you the letter with hope tomorrow to receive the new letter from you. Victoria
Letter 11

Greetings my dear friend Sander. Thanks you for your letter, me was It is very pleasant to read it. Today when I have come to Internet - cafe and I have seen your letter very much was delighted, it is very pleasant for me to learn about To you new and to share with you all that that occured to me. Me Very much pleases that that we with you can correspond and learn the friend It is better than the friend. You very pleasant person and are pleasant to me with you To communicate. At me today very good mood, in the morning when I was On work I observed of children which carefree played in a court yard, When I observed of them I have reflected as it would be fine if at Me were my own children. Sometimes I dream of that that sometime I will have the happy and amicable family, the loving husband and remarkable Which children I shall bring up with loved. During these moments I present As we shall play together with them, about that what will be my children and still Much. I can lead a lot of time dreaming about it, but unfortunately All this only dreams and when I again come back in a reality to me It becomes a little sad because at me all it is not present, but I I think that sometime my dreams I will come true and aspire to this. Many My girlfriends are already married and have children, I am very glad for them as They already have families and live happily. They to me frequently complain of that That at them cares of children connected to education, but I now was a lot of Them always I support and I help them whenever possible to look after them. I I think what to have children and strong family it is fine. The my dear friend I hope that I not too have tired you with my letter: and you are fast You will write to me. I with impatience shall wait for your letter. Yours Victoria
Letter 12

Greetings my lovely Sander. I so am glad to see the new letter from you. I not I understand, that to me occurs, but every day I all more and More I need in your letters, in news from you. It is pleasant to me To read that you write to me and I any more I do not find a place, when you not You write to me. I all think of you, that you do in given more The moment, whether you think of me and than you are engaged all the day. To me All is interestingly absolutely!!!!! For that time which we communicated with you, I have learned about you much all and I want to tell to you, that all More I start to think of you. I think of you each free minute and When I am on work I wait for hour when at last that will be possible to me To go and write to you the letter. I very much would like to write to you more, In fact we can communicate only so, but I cannot do it, in fact It is necessary to go still home, to prepare to eat and go to bed, that since morning Again to go for work. Earlier, when I was not familiar with you, with Works I went home and spent time there, but now at me you have appeared And I very much like to communicate with you!!!! I very much like that You write to me and each time your words cheer me up and Force to trust in the future and in the present love. Your letters very much Are important for me, in fact in them - you support me, and I very much It is grateful to you for it. I did not speak long time to the girlfriends about That I correspond with the man from other country, in fact the some people not Understand it and think, that all this is frivolous, but I know, that ours Letters are to each other frank and open and with everyone your new The letter I all more and feel it more!!!! I want to trust, that ours With you the meeting is only business of time and we necessarily shall meet, In fact I dream to see you in a reality. Mîé road Sander I shall be To wait the new warm letter from you. Yours Victoria
Letter 13

Greetings my dear Sander I have again come to the Internet of cafe, that To receive your letter and with pleasure to write to you the new letter. Yes my dear Sander it is my dream to visit abroad. I for the life never was outside the city. It would be very wonderful, if I have arrived to you. I shall take holiday what to arrive to you, but I cannot arrive itself at to you, at me the small salary, she suffices what to live month. You know, today at night I saw you in the dream. To me has dreamed. That We with you together go on seacoast, and around only sand and water. The sun already sits and around there is no person. It was so Perfectly so it is real and so it is romantic. I felt like most Happy on the ground and if then I knew, that it only dream, That I probably would not like to wake up. We went on coast keeping for Hands also talked about what that. Smooth waves tenderly concerned ours Legs... It was so perfectly and so really, that when I have woken up and Has opened eyes, to me it became a little sad that it was all Only dream. It was the finest dream in my life and I think, that you Has very much affected me, in fact till now to me never dreamed such Romantic dreams. I would give all for once again to go through that Instant of happiness. As it is a pity, that we met you only in mine Dream, in fact it so is healthy!!! Recently I in increasing frequency Began to think of ours with you to a meeting, in fact in letters it is impossible To transfer all feelings and emotions!!! I shall wait your new letter. Yours Victoria
Letter 14

Dear Sander I have read your letter. It very much was pleasant to me. Mine Sander I want to arrive to you and to be with you, I want a meeting with you. My dear Sander I tomorrow shall go to a tourist bureau what to learn as I can arrive to you and full details of my arrival. You have very much liked me also I want to arrive to you. Dear Sander I asked the chief when I will have holiday. I will have holiday on June, 15 and to end in a month. I think, that we should meet you in the beginning of my holiday. To me it is lonely in this city, it is boring to me to be one far from you. Now you are not present near to me, but I know, you feel my warming love to you. I am grateful to destiny, that she has reduced us with you, and that she has presented me of you. You my unique and unique love. More nobody is necessary for me, you are necessary for me, and only you. I never and shall give nobody you, I always shall be with you, both in mountain and in pleasure. We soon shall together. You very remarkable person to like me with you to correspond, but it would be better if we have met you. I shall wait for your letter. Yours Victoria
Letter 15

Greetings my loved. I have read your letter. Dear Sander you very much like me I want, that I would arrive to you. I for a long time thought above this decision. Nevertheless I want to arrive to you, I dreamed of it. Dear we can meet you? I very much want it. I did not trust, that when be I can visit your country. Dear Sander I spoke you, that at me holiday on June, 15 and I think, that I should arrive to you in the beginning of my holiday. Dear as you think? Mine Sander tomorrow I shall go to a tourist bureau what to learn as I can arrive to you. Dear Sander I am afraid, that I cannot pay completely my arrival. My salary is not so great, my salary hardly suffices what to live month, in fact I live one. I shall wait for your next letter with the big impatience. Yours Victoria
Letter 16

Dear Sander I have received your letter. I am glad, that you have written to me. My dear I it is very glad, that you do all for me, but in fact I should legalize papers here in Russia. I went to a tourist bureau. Asked as I can arrive to you. Dear Sander to me have told, that I can arrive to you by the plane. I need to legalize papers: the visa for a month, it is necessary to issue the passport for travel abroad, to buy tickets. Documents will be made out one week. I asked all. For all registration it is necessary for me 500 euro, for all documents which will be made out week. Dear Sander tickets will be the most simple way to order here in round of a bureau as it will be better. I can make all this for a week. Dear ticket to you costs 300 euro. It is necessary for me two tickets. If you will send me tickets through the company, it will be not reliable and for a long time. My lovely Sander I understand you, in fact all people have fears, but I can make documents much faster. Especially I can order tickets on the most convenient arrival time. It is necessary for me only 1100 euro. I want, that would send me this sum within the next few days, that I could legalize all papers as soon as possible. If you want, I shall go in bank what to learn as I can in the most best way to take away money!!! I love you and I want with you serious attitudes, in fact I would not began so simply to arrive to you, all for the sake of you. Certainly it is the big sum, but we should meet you. Mine Sander probably you will think, that I deceive you!!! But it is deep not so, I know, what not which people deceive people for the sake of money, but I absolutely other woman though and not rich but I want to find to myself love, instead of money. I am very well brought up in my family, I was brought up by father and mother. I when am not capable whom or to deceive. Dear Sander I can prove to you it if I shall arrive to you. You can be convinced, that I not such as all. I on loved you and I want to be with you. If you can write tomorrow to me, that you think I shall wait. Yours Victoria
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