Scam letter(s) from Linda Buli to Robert (USA)

Letter 1


I received your message and I am very glad. I want you to be serious about this relationship and promise me you will not disappoint me. I have something important at hand which I want to let you know which will bring our relationship closer. I have a girl friend that we went to school togather the late father was a king married to three wifes, these three women are not living happly and her own mother died after she gave birth to her since then those two women does not like the girl because her father the king loves her so much. These two women always in fight for the man's wealth even the house properties the man left for her they took it away from her, My girl friend explain every thing to me that I should help her look for someone who will help her to claim her money the late father deposited on her behalf before they took it away from her the sum of $22 million in one of the Storage Firm in Europe as the only survivied daugther after the death of her two step sisters who died in a car accident because the king does not have male son, the other women does not know that the king deposited such amount of money in Europe for the daugther that is why she want me to look for somebody that will be honest capable in this matter. The peron will represent her with all the details in order to claim the money and transfer it into his account so that she will use the money to continue her life. She really need this to be done as soon as possible that is why I should let you know immediately despite that we never meet before and I am the only person she trusted she want me to do this for her she will be willing to give us 20% of the total sum for the assistance. This is a very good opportunity for you and me if you can assist this girl I will be so much happy so that she can not go and look for another person I don't know when I will get this kind of opportunity in my whole life again. I am only fighting for our own interest. Please I want to know more about you, what you do for a living and also tell me how capable you are in handling this matter before I will let her know so send me your picture as well and your telephone number. I wait to hear from you. Thanks and God Bless.
Letter 2

Hai My Sweetheart,

I really find out that you are in love and you have stolening my heart from me let me say I have falling in love as well I promise to live with you as husband and wife we need to help my girl friend Princess she is a very good friend of mine she use to help me when we were in the school in those days because I am from a poor family, the princess father is a rich King before he died since after the death the enemies wants to **** her and take away her heritage and I can not allow that to happen they have taken every thing she has here in Africa is only that money in Belgium so that was why I want you to assist us in a way you can the reward from Princess will go to you and me please do this because of me what we need from you is a little financial assistance to get the legal papers here from the ministry of Justice to claim the heritage in Belgium as soon as we get the legal papers then I and Princess will fly to Belgium for the claim of the money, I want you to be as the receiver of the fund when the money is released it will be transfered into your account or Diplomat will bring the money as a doplomatic package then you will help to invest the money by buying properties the 20% of the money will be for us then we can invest the money and buy our own house and plan to have children this is very good opportunity so trust me we will be going to the Justice tomorrow to know exactly how much they will need to issue us the clearance we need, so keep this within you and promise that you will never disappoint me I love you. Bye.
Letter 3

Hai My Love,

How are you today? I hope you're fine I received your mail and hard all you said about yourself I am very interested I believe age does not matter in love and true love is what we are talking about I so much believe in trust and true love is not that I am in a hurry to look for a man, I lost my parents two years ego I am from a responsible family ever since I Iost my parent I have been trying to take good care of myself without the help of any man through out my secondary school time even before I entered to a university, today I am in my first year in the university as a medical student at this point in time the situation of my country is too hard that is why I decided to look for a man who will lovely help me in my studies and also promise to marry me and take care of my education and my life till I finish schooling, this time around I have not paid for this present semester for my studies including my accomodations, some times I find this to be a problem to me it is very hard to change my wears and under wears as a lady I love cleaness all the time every man here in my country wants to take you to the bed before they can be able to help you while I am not the type that was why I am looking for a man with true love I took a decision that the first man that will make love with me must surely be my husband and also that man will take care of me and my responsiblities as an orphan people say I am too beautiful because when they come to me and find out that I am not the type that can go to bed with them then, they find their way out because must of this people are not ready to settle down with any woman they only believe that taking you to the bed make love with you give you money and go their way they believe that money is love but money is not every thing, if you are truely in love and serious with me what I need is who to take care of me and my education. Two of my friends married through internet today they are living peacefully with their husband with their kids I pray to God to open a way for me. I strongly believe that after schooling I will get a job and become some one in my life have kids for my husband. I love so much travelling discovery new places if I have they opportunity so I will be so glad to come to meet you in your country during holidays I would like if you wishes me to change my school to your country so that I can be closer to you and takes your advice at all time. Please I will be so glad if you can accept my condition and come for love. I wait to hear from you. With Lots of Kisses.
Letter 4

Hai Robert,

I received your mail and I believed you received mine yesterday I sent you my two pictures because of the love I find in you what I want is true love as Iam talking to you know I have a big problem with my studies and accomodation I need to pay $400 USD like as I said yesterday that is why I am looking for a man who will take care of my resposiblities and marry me if I did not pay this money by next week I will not have my exams all the test so if you are really in love with me I need you to send me this $400 I think I did explain every thing to you yesterday you can still go back to my last mail and comfirm what I am saying love is not by mouth. I believe if you can take care of my education you are my fully lover I told you yesterday that I am an orphan you did not mentioned any thing about my education I sent you two pictures and you are asking me another more pictures I want to know if pictures is love? what do you need again is it ***** pictures? or is it you own way of getting closer to someone don't you help a girl in you are in love with? bear it in mind that you are the only man I am corresponding with no other person I am in in a deep problem now bring me out of shame remember that you have never sent me your own picture not even one of them even telephone I asked you you have not sent it to me and you want me to believe that you are a true lover. But remember not every body in the internet is a fool I am doing this because two of my friends got married succefully through internet and they are living happlily with their kids so if you are not coming for this stop writing to me immediately and moreover you have not mentioned anything concerning love or do you want to use my picture for some other thing!!!! So I am expecting the money for my studies and I want to hear love stories from you. With Lots of Kisses.
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