Romance scam letter(s) from Alla Butenina to Richard (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Rick!!!
I was very much surprised and pleased, when have received your letter. I also did not think, that will respond on my letter. It was for me full unexpectedness. I also did not think, that it is possible so easily and simply to write the letter and to receive the answer to him. I am very glad, that it has taken place. You may think, what I have decided to write to you the letter simply because it was interesting you to me will answer whether or not?! No, do not think so, it at all so. Simply I am pleasantly surprised, I am pleased. I did not think, that it is all seriously. That I can write to you the letter, and you to answer me him. I liked your structure. And I have thought: and why also is not present? Why and to not write to you the letter? I know, that girls get acquainted in such a way.
You know, if it is fair, to me it is a little bit terrible. I at all do not know what to write to you. I the sociable person. But I still never thus did not communicate. I at all do not know, that it will be interesting to you to know about me. That I can write to you. Now I am in Internet - cafe. People which around of me, distract slightly. I in Internet - cafe of all in second time. First time was then when I have written to you the letter. I own English slightly. But I do not know this language in perfection. Therefore, that you would understand me I use the electronic translator. It seems to me, as this translator is not perfect. But I hope that we will not have problems in dialogue. Probably, to you who will be interesting to learn how many to me now years, I on a nationality where I live. At me the destiny developed not in the image most favorable for me. I was born on Ukraine. My father was the militarian. At Soviet Union of my father have directed to Latvia. We there lived about five years. Then again some time we lived on Ukraine. Now on Ukraine at me I live the uncle and the aunt, cousins and cousins. By the end of the eightieth years of my father have sent to Russia. Have sent in the most deaf city. Then Soviet Union was disorganized, and we have remained to live in Russia: mum, daddy and I. I on a nationality Russian. Now I till now live in Russia, near city Kazan. In this city I do not have anybody from relatives. I do not know, where my native land.
Now to me of 26 years. I was born May,1 1980 years. You may see my appearance in a photo which I send you. I do not have harmful habits.
I like to go in for sports at leisure. I like to carry out a lot of time for a nature. I think, that is necessary to watch over the health. I do not love alcoholic drinks, I can not transfer a smell of alcohol. I have one familiar. She on a kind very provisional citizen, she works as the teacher at school. But when she will drink, she becomes very ridiculous. She told about herself to me such history. Some times in succession she the tipsy went home on the same route. And all time seemed to her that in one place she meets the hedgehog. She thought, that she is exact hedgehogs. She kneeled and tried to catch these hedgehogs. So I for myself have drawn a conclusion, that sometimes it happens to observe from the party as drunk something try to make or tell more interestingly. But I do not condemn it. It seems to me, that it simply one of ways to relax.
I never was married. I never to nobody gave the love. I hope, that in such a way I can find that person who will be expensive to my heart.
I hope, that I am fast again can see your letter in the letter box.
Letter 2

Hi my new and very good friend Rick!!!
I am very glad that you again have written to me the letter. Now I understand that such constant dialogue with the person which is interesting to you. I did not know that this such last 3 years. I am very happy from that that you have become interested in me, that you continue to write to me letters, it is very important for me, because last time I was absolutely alone. I actually did not have dialogue with the person to which I am really interesting and nice. It is very pleasant for me that you understand me and sympathize me. But it is all in the past. All fears and horrors of that accident have remained in the past. I think that my parents would like that my life was happy, instead of passed in tears and long. I think that I any more should not recollect those tragical events of my life and to me it seems what better to forget all this and to proceed to a reality, to that life which I now live, to you.
I did not write to you in the last letters on that than I am engaged, where I work, that it is pleasant to me, that is not pleasant and is simple about myself. In life I very creative person, therefore I have decided to choose a trade of the children's tutor. I very much love the work. If you do not love that employment to which has devoted the life you with pleasure will not do(make) the work and she will be for you heavy burden. But I love the work and consequently my work is for me original rest. I never get tired at work even if I worked all the day without rest and a break for dinner. And so frequently it happens. I do not want to seem immodest, but my colleagues and my heads frequently praise me for my successes in work. My dream is that, I want to be good mum and the tutor. I want to have the private(individual) kindergarten. Simply from the childhood of me always learned, that it is necessary to trust in the dreams and they necessarily sometime become real.
And now I want to tell to you about in what I like to be engaged in free time from work. Sometimes I like to read, at me houses are the big library and sometimes when I come home in the evening from work, I take any novel from a shelf and I read her before dream. As I very much love music. If I am fair the music fan and I like many directions of music.
You know, at us in republic very many picturesque places for rest, and I frequently like to go in summertime on rest in these places with friends. Sometimes we gather the company and we leave from city on days off. I very much like to remain for night in tent am very romantically to meet dawn on a nature with the best friends. And these minutes I do not have not enough close loved person.
Today I shall finish the story on it. I shall continue to tell to you about myself and the outlooks on life in the following letter. Now I should go home. I necessarily shall come tomorrow in the Internet of cafe and I shall wait from you for the letter because you and your letters for me mean very much. Good-bye road!!! Your Anna.
Letter 3

Hi dear Rick!!!
Today I have again come in the Internet of cafe to read your letter. I was very glad to read your letter. Your letters always cheer up me because I understand that I am necessary for someone in this world. Dear I for a long time did not test such fine feeling - to be necessary to someone. After death of parents I long felt like lonely, but then I have understood that my life proceeds. That difficult minute of me my friends have supported. Lovely and at you it is a lot of friends? I think that in life there are no many fair, present, true friends. But always there are some person who will be about you a difficult minute. I have some girlfriends with whom I communicate many years. We are friends almost from the childhood. At us very strong relations, we constantly communicate and try to see as it is possible more often. Lovely I want that you have written to me about the friends, tell to me that you do when meet.
Dear I want to ask you a little. I want to know about you as much as possible, you to me are very interesting and nice. Write to me about the interests, about that as you will spend a free time. I am really interested in learning you as it is possible better. You are very interesting to me! I test very much a strange feeling when I see your letter. Each day I very much want to finish work more quickly and to come in the Internet of cafe, to answer your letter. Dear I ask you to write to me as it is possible more often, I very much worry when I do not see the letter from you. Your letters fill with pleasure all my day. I with impatience wait each your letter. If you can not write to me constantly or you will have any affairs inform me about it that I did not worry for you. Dear I want beforehand you to warn, that I may be can not write to you constantly the letter because I can be late at work or the Internet of cafe will be closed.
But I hope that it will not be for us with you, and for ours with you of relations a problem.
I hope that ours with you correspondence will be not simple dialogue under the Internet, and something big because I in my life very much do not have the person who will care of me and which will understand me. I want that we with you correspondence has developed into something the greater, I hope that in the future we can see in one fine day each other in real life. It will be the best day in my life, I hope that for you this day too will mean very much.
I want to ask you about that that you want from ours with you relations because I trust you in everything, and I open to you a way to my heart, I hope that you will not deceive me. I want that you too trusted me in everything, and spoke me about all that occurs in your life. I think that the best beginning for ours with you of relations will be good friendship on correspondence because the base of all relations is dialogue, trust and full mutual understanding. I hope that I do not ask from you very much, all this seems to me that not difficultly for you, I shall try that you always with interest read my letters to you, and are simple that ours with you dialogue never was for you burden.
Dear I hope that in your following letter you will tell to me a little more on yourself because actually it is very interesting to me to learn about you more and more and more. I shall wait your answer to me with huge impatience, and I want that you knew that your letters mean for me very much.
Good-bye lovely!!!! Forever yours Anna.
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