Letter(s) from Maria Nizovtseva to Glenn (USA)

Letter 1

Hello My dear Glenn! I so am glad to receive the letter from you. My dear! I today have received money from you. Thank for your help for me for reception of my visa. My Prince! Today I have already submitted all necessary documents to do can the visa. My Lovely! If you want, I can make so that the agency has sped up mine reception visas. They may make to me the visa for three days. You want it??? You want, that I might in three days go to Moscow and buy the ticket up to your country??? You want it??? My Prince! Today I to learn how many there is a ticket up to your country. To me have told, that the ticket will cost 1385 dollars. It is very expensive. You can help me that I might buy the ticket??? You can send me this money to the ticket, my Prince???
My love I love you and only you my love. My love I wants to speak you, that only you my unique love and that, only you my love and my tenderness. My love again when I to rise today, I again to think of you and only about you my love. I to think and dream. My love, I almost any more about what can not think, I to think only of arrival you. My love I wants to be with you and to love you. My love I wants to speak you, that when I to rise early in the morning to me in a window the beam of light has penetrated and I to recollect as I to speak you in the letter, about a beam of light and as I shall come to you in this beam of light. My love I to think, that this beam today light has woken me and I had following ideas, about this beam of light. My love I wants to tell you that this beam to personify me and as I too to think that a beam of my soul wakened all around. My love I wants to be with you and to feel this beam of light near to you and to enjoy with you minutes together. My love I all to think of you and about the dreams yesterday because as soon as I to recollect this dream, I at once to speak you about this dream. My love I to see the big and light sky and that particles of this beam were in my opinion reflected in distances. My love I to think as it is dream was in me and it was pleasant for me to speak you, about this dream. My love I all to think about this dream and I want to tell to you, about all this. When I go in the Internet of cafe I might not to recollect this dream. But suddenly, when I to penetrate and open a mail in my ideas was carried by, this dream.
My love I at once to recollect this all and now, I to tell to you. My love I to try to transfer all ideas, about this dream. I to see the sky and I again as though to fly somewhere to a distance. I to fly and fly by all this way. And I to think what to be in any mysterious country. I again to fly and think of you. I to dream the grandfather. This grandfather was with a stick. I to think that it to be a staff. My love it to me that did not speak, it has simply smiled to me. My love then I as though again to rise in the sky and to fly again somewhere. My love I to not think that so with the big speed I to overcome the big distance. Also has then watered a rain. I again to stop and observe this rain. My love I to think that I like to observe a rain, therefore I to stop. My love I long to stand under a rain and this rain did not get on me. And I again to stand under a rain and I liked it. My love I then to see a rainbow and I to observe it as though in a reality. My love I to see it and to me was so pleasantly to observe this small dream. Because it seemed to me that this dream has flown by quickly. My love I suddenly this instant to wake up, when I to go to be going to eat, I to overlook this dream. But when I to come in the Internet of cafe I again to recollect all this. My love I love you and only you my love. I want to speak you about our love and about that that I now to feel. I to feel to you the big happiness, love, tenderness, belief, hope, a kiss. My love I wants to transfer you all that I now to feel to you. I love you all gentle heart and all soul. Only you to read my letters and to speak with me. And I shall be very happy that I only with you. My love I wants to ask you you able to play cards? I somehow to recollect, how we with the girlfriend, in the childhood to play earlier, in the native court yard, in cards. My love I to recollect it. I to think that it to be a children's entertainment did not know earlier because earlier when we to be small we than to engage. But now when we big with you my love. We have domestic affairs. And I need to prepare to eat that is. But earlier when I to be small, we only and did, as played with the girlfriend. It was pleasant for us with it together. My love I to recollect that when my girlfriend to leave to itself in a village, and I to remain one in city. And me to be very lonely without it. And I all to wait when she will arrive to city and as we again shall begin to walk together and to play. My love she only could arrive in three months and I long waited for her and have almost become exhausted. My love now you understand as me now hardly without you. Also it was hard for me when my girlfriend was not with me. And now it is hard for me without you. I shall speak again to you that I to think of you and I shall wait from you for yours letters and only you my love.

P. S. My dear! I have made this photo specially for you. It was pleasant to you???